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A big thanks...!
hey guys, 

as some of you may know I just joined up a while back and maybe I was a little bit of a prick with my first few posts and replies etc. 

so here I am with a bit of humble pie to say "thanks and also sorry for being a twat" 

reason I'd like to say thanks for is that now I've stated smoking Damiana I've cut my tabbaco consumption way way down.....I actually feel better for it 

I'd never have had found about it if I'd not had joined.........i'd still have been going around with "yellow fingaz" ...feel really good about it. Think i maybe smoke like what 3 or 4 rolled cigs a day compared too like what I don't know maybe 30 to 40.

Also found out some amazing stuff reading on here (using acetone to make a mix) and adding mint to it to make a nice smoke :P 

I've read a shed load on the new laws and the way that it wasn't and hasn't even been thought through etc. the emails back and forth to said people have been an awesome read.

I've read a few sad posts as well, and some amazing ones (I'll be doing a review on what it was like back in the day with nm-2201) :) 

So yeah there we go....thanks again......

Just gonna have a little vape of this CBD oil and read a few more posts. 

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
I don't remember you being a prick, but I've been too shamefully absent to really be aware. Regardless of that, humble pie, gratitude & insight go a long way to counteracting dickish behaviour in my book, so fair play  thumbup
This.....is real life

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