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6-EAPB (140mg)
Just some notes I made during the experience so no masterpiece here.
Used 6-apb, 5-mapb, 5-eapb before this so no stranger to these chemicals
Dose: 140mg bombed in one.
Small meal eaten about 2 hours ago, in good mood and relaxed.

T.30-No signs yet, maybe slightly warmer, slight stomach rumble/pain. Nothing too bad. Slight stimulant effects maybe placebo

T.1.00- Hit around the 45 minute mark, slowly building, more stimulated, more energy, in better mood and music sounding great. Slight agitation/nervousness, probably because such a novel chemical. Still some nausea but similiar to other apb's.

T.1.30- nausea mostly gone, relaxed but stimulated, talking to some friends online so some increased sociability, not surprising kinda 6-apbish, don't feel like dancing or anything just chilling loving the music. Slight eye wiggles/trippyness

T.2.00- Come up and peak over, plateu is quite nice, very relaxed, smiling and still loving the music, even stuff I wouldn't usually listen to. Would say this would be better for a night in with friends than a night out partying, not much of a push.

T.3.00-Pupils massive, most likely were throughout just first time looking in mirror, have dry mouth and some mild nausea again, would advise fasting a bit longer than I did to avoid this. No teeth grinding or clenching though. Some more eye wiggles noted, not bouncing about like 5-mapb, just a little movement side to side when I am not expecting it.

T.4.00-Effects starting to fade out, still kinda stimmed, but definitely coming down. Some head tingles towards the end, Pupils still big.

T.4.30- Still some residual stim and hints that it may be still active but mostly gone

T.5.00- Well that's all folks. Basically back to base.

Will update tomorrow on hangover/afterglow.
Ok it felt like the trip was coming to an end but there was about another 2 hours of residual stim. Still couldn't sleep after that but I have insomnia sometimes so may not have been entirely the 6-EAPB. Even though I wanted to sleep I was still in a positive head space and worked through some stuff that had been on my mind. When I did get to sleep I woke up at least twice.
Woke up with about 5 hours sleep and feeling alright little grumpy that I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked but otherwise fine.
Have you tried 5-EAPB for a comparison? I found 5-EAPB to have faaaarrr too many side effects and much too heavy bruxism to consider worth it, grinding my teeth so hard that shit gave me a migraine.
I've only snorted 5-EAPB, there was some bruxism but nothing to bad for me personally. 5-EAPB did give me a slight headache but not sure if bruxism was the cause of it.

There was some jaw tension towards the end of the experience with 6-EAPB but I imagine all side effects may increase with dosage.

No other notable side effects I can think off other than feeling less than perfect today, but kinda expected that.
Worth a try then you reckon? 5-EAPB wasn't spectacular and it was nowhere close to my old all time favourite RC that was 5-MAPB. I think the current RC stims market is lacking and I never got around to trying 6-EAPB because of my experience with its brother.
I don't like to recommend anything tempz, but I would say this is alright, nothing special, which is my opinion on 5-EAPB as well they are ok, will use up the rest of mine but probably won't be buying more. I too love(d) 5-MAPB and neither of these compare to that. 6-EAPB does seem closer to 6-APB so if you enjoyed that this may be worth a try, but like I said nothing amazing.

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