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6-APB pellets
trip report - 6-APB pellets.

Dose - 125mg
Redose - 125mg at t + 1.20
80 kg.
I occasionally take illegal substances at selected nights out - from a trusted source and know to be 100% pure.
Spin back 15 years and I would take any pill offered to me - but times have changed.

I wanted to find a legal alternative - unfortunately my timing in findin 6 apb might be a little off ;)

I bought some pellets from a well know vendor. They are green and smell of tcp. Each pellet is said to contain 125mg - but each one is a different size. I take the medium

sized one.
I should also add I performed an allegy test 5 days prior.

Setting: I wanted to test this product in a neutral setting before being out and also before recommending to friends.
So I'm at home. I have an empty stomach apart from a coffee and a couple of glasses of water. While out I would always enjoy a gin and tonic whilst waiting to come up - kind

of a ritual I have developed - but didn't do that today.
I plan to drink a bit of sweet tea and have a warm bath at some point. I've set some ambient/psyambient music as the accompaniment for the come up.

t:0 - I take one pellet and drink some water.
Part of the pleasure in travelling through a trip is the anticipation. I have a strong placebo effect and feel very stimilated by my own adrenalin release.

t +0.45 - I'm yawning and stretching - is this placebo?

t. +0.50 - Maybe the first effect? My hands are a liitle shakey and concentration is periodically marred.

t. +0.55 - Definitely above the baseline. At the moment I don't get an euphoric feelings.

t. +1.15 - not really feeling any 'magic'. Coming up but very smoothly. Minimal body load but unsteady on feet.

t. +1.20 - this feels close to peak. I'm not really where I would like to be so I redose with one more pellet

t. +1.40 - I feel quite contemplative now, but attention span is very short. I head to the garden to take some sun. I walk barefoot in the grass. I find the compound a little

frustrating - I expect it to go further in terms of emotional connection or feelings of well-being. Instead I feel very stabilised and lifted rather than euphoric.

t. +2.20 - second tablet has made itself known. A bit of eye wiggle. Walking/moving coordination is more severly effected than I expect. My legs feel very wobbly and there is

an overall feeling of weakness. I sway slightly when standing. May be an issue in a public venue - certainly in a club or bar with a mixed crowd. Some bruxism but not too bad

at all - normally this is a real issue for me. I feel in a good place - calm and enjoying where I am.

t+ 4.30 - Plateu. I cycle between journeying round the house, sitting in the garden, listening to music. I start to feel body warmth.

t. + 7 - the sweats. On what turns out to be a long slow slide downward. Body temp elevated - I measure 37.8.

t. + 9 - still not down? I start to become a little frustrated at this point. still a lot of sweating.

t. + 12 at baseline after a couple of glasses of wine.

In summary I would say I find this chemical interesting. The long lasting effects mean you could effectively dose earlier in the evening and not need to redose.
For me there were no visual effects. I felt lifted and sociable but not super-happy, magical or euphoric. However there was not the sudden drop in mood one gets at the t +5

hour mark with the usual chemical. The next day has proved to be plain sailing without the feeling of deep sadness and deep guilt I usually have to endure (these were greatly

eased with 5-HTP). I theorise that serotonin levels never quite reach the same level so the comedown and fallout are much easier.

I will use this chemical again, this time out and about but will select the venue carefully so I am around nice happy people whilst stumbling about.
Nice TR

No offence but there is no such thing as 100% pure illegals or even close unless you know the chemist and he is top notch, or you wash it yourself :)
ned - i just wanted a code to go and hav a look but yee hav ruined it now acting like scientolagists with the code...seriously yee say im a prick just take a step back there
Might want to also take a look at the rules :-)
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Noted. Missed the window to edit - you might want to remove the offending text. :)
Hey samb, you've got PM'ing disabled, so I might as well pop this on your TR thread...
Nice chatting with you in the shoutbox the other day - great to see you post a TR, too. Been wanting to ask whether you did any writing/painting/music-making on your session after you followed the bee about. *cool*
Anyway, have a good 'un, and plenty of 'um.
Once upon a time there were three bears. Now there are thousands. You be the judge.
Hey Hausshuhe, nice to speak to you too! Although i got lost in a period of diverse activity after we spoke. For some reason I imagined you in my mind's eye as a really happy swiss gentlman with an impressive moustache. I made a drawing of a odd bird pecking at a metallic box. I was sadly under-equiped. I have a little serotoni knnocking about and may get some of those crayola crayons to work with.
An hour into dropping two halves. Jaw getting tighter & feeling tense. I was expecting to feel nutted
Wow took a while but I am mashed. No major euphoria or horneyness but chilled enjoyness :-))

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