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6-APB hcl TR
6apb-hcl Trip Report: Timeline of a lesson learned (and an enjoyable experience)

In addition to writing this as a report, it also consists of both my own & OBF's previous forum posts, correspondence between us, and my own words to friends on facebook whilst testing it.
I don't cover myself in much glory at all, to be honest, but I'm not going to cut out the bits that make me look like a twat; I'm just trying to recount as honestly as I can, an accurate account from the OBF sample offer onward.

23rd March
6-APB hcl Has Arrived!
Exclusive Launch @ http://www.officialbenzofury.com
As opposed to profiting from the initial launch of this most eagerly awaited research chemical, we have decided to gift the 1st batch of 6-APB hcl to the research community for FREE! by way of application
6-APB hcl is available on site now

From OBF website: Priortity Will Go To:

Customers Who Currently Use Our Shop / Have Bought From Us Previously
Researchers Who Have / Who Will Review Us Honestly On Suitable Forums
Researchers Who Are Well Placed & Will Spread News Of This New Compund ie:
Forum Admin & Regular Posters, Those With Large Facebook Followings, Those Who Post Links etc
Research Institutions
& Any Other Good Candidates You Can Think Of!

23rd March: Tralala to OBF: Hi, I think I should have a sample because: 1)I ordered thousands of BF's from you back in the day (too scared to look at order history & see how many) 2)I remembered my log-in details after all this time. 3)I'm a mod on UKCR and promise to write a TR Cheers!
(I did actually pluck up the courage to count up the orders at a later date, and it was actually nearer 500!)

27th March (tralala forum post): I emailed them this morning asking if it was going to be sent out today as my available testing time is limited and also enquiring if the sample size rumours are true, and had a reply tonight confirming this:
'We will send you postage fee back to you right away, as requested, as samples are 100mg (which is 15mg more than is to be found in the 5apb hcl pellets, with this being a far superior compound)
Amounts of 75-100mg have proven to me more than adequate for our advanced research group, whom I would say collectively and individually are amongst some of the most experienced researchers in the industry'

I'm out of the testers den for now

28th March: Excert from email sent from tralala to OBF:

It may have sounded greedy rejecting the 100mg sample & I know it's a lot stronger being hcl, but I was worried that my chem tolerance at the moment may negate a proper test, & the possibility of not being able to titrate up as required, wouldn't provide an accurate experience & report.
I personally think that giving fewer people a larger amount, would give you a higher proportion of accurate, positive reports (though time will tell if I'm completely wrong!)
I know the ideal testing conditions are obviously to have not taken any chemicals for a little while, plus other factors & I do worry that test results may be influenced by the fact that from reading about, people who, in my opinion, would have given you the most honest and accurate TR,s, me (of course!!), **** & ***** off the top of my head, have dropped out.
This is a bit of a sweeping generalisation, & I'm sure many of the testers will test in ideal conditions, but many are also massive caners, with the accompanying high tolerance, and it would be a shame if the high tolerance of testers influences their experience & their report.
Another factor for me, was also today being the only day available for me to test until next week, due to family & work commitments (another reason I tend to stick to what I know & trust!), and would never take a sample unless I could test & report fairly soon after receiving...another reason why I haven't asked for samples before.
No doubt, if this chem receives glowing reports (& I really hope it does), I shall be first in the queue to buy some!

29th March (Tralala forum post): Not sure if samples have actually been sent out in time for today/saturday though, as I gave up my sample, concerned that 100mg would not be enough for me to conduct a thorough test.
In OBF's defence, I used to use them a lot, and I mean A LOT in 2010 & 2011, and always received a good, personal service from them (that sounds a bit prostitutey, but I mean they always replied quickly to any queries I had, and if there was a problem or fuck-up they held their hands up & sorted it out).
As I'd barely used them in the last couple of years, it was only signing into my account again & reading all the messages back and forth earlier today, that reminded me that they were always decent and personable to deal with.
I do however think that this sample offer has been a well-intentioned but ill thought-out shambles......my personal opinion (which I have shared with obf) is that they would be far more likely to receive accurate feedback if a lot fewer samples had been made available but at a much more generous 250mg weight, and to people who are more or less guaranteed to test responsibly and thoroughly, then write an honest and accurate report.
I don't doubt that the full effects of this substance can be experienced by taking less than 100mg in ideal conditions, unfortunately everyone is different & many testers won't have had the opportunity or time to create those conditions, or get their tolerances down!
I think it's highly unlikely that OBF will risk their business to scam a load of reporting-back forum members out of £5.90 a time and I'm pretty confident you'll get your money back Princess....but if you don't, I'll eat my hat! (and go quite red)

3rd April (tralala post on forum):
Well, the plot thickens!!
Five minutes ago, I received a special delivery packet containing a clear baggy loose inside with '6APB HCL 100mg' written on it, then the amount has been crossed out and changed to '125mg'.
I'm presuming this has come from OBF, though very surprised as I'd asked them to withdraw my sample offer.
Of course I'm going to test it now it's in my mitts, once I've confirmed it IS from obf....not sure about today though...

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT how I would recommend testing a new substance.

My desired and intended conditions for testing this substance were to not have consumed any other chemicals in the previous week or so at least; to be well-rested & have had a good night's sleep the night before, to have eaten a light meal a few hours before, & to have not drunk any alcohol that day.

When the sample arrived on Wednesday morning, I had already taken stimulants on Monday, stayed up all night, taken more stimulants (including 5-mapb) on Tuesday and slept only 3 hours that night.
I was just about to take more stimulants on Wednesday morning to see me through the day, as I had to remain awake, when the sample I had rejected and was not expecting, arrived.
I had drunk a couple of glasses of wine a few hours before & had eaten a light breakfast immediately before the first dose.

Although a sensible tester would have left it well alone and tested a week or so later, sense had taken leave of me a couple of days previously, and I was also aware that my binge was going to end on Friday, ready for a commitment-free weekend of sleep & recuperation and the intention of a drug-free week or two following that.

Although the packet said 125mg on it (having had 100mg crossed out underneath), it actually contained 180mg.
When I queried with OBF that the sample had come from them as there was nothing to indicate this in the packaging, and I had withdrawn my sample request, they confirmed this and said they'd added a 'bit extra' for me.
Whilst I appreciated this gesture, I replied that I hoped the extra was given to all samplers, as I wouldn't want the fact that I was a mod on the forum to mean I received preferential treatment.
On reading a TR from another sampler last night however, who reported receiving a bag with '125mg' written on it, who just consumed the whole lot in one go without weighing it, I now sincerely hope that wasn't the case.

I split the sample into 3 portions, one of 35mg, one 65mg and one 80mg.

A 1mg allergy test was undertaken at 1100 with no adverse reactions.
(I do wish someone had corrected me with all those early TR,s I wrote, doing 'allergy tests' with 20-40mg of the chemical!
No wonder I had such a horrible time when I 'allergy tested' 40mg of 'Explorers'!)

1230: The 35mg measurement was dissolved and drunk in a couple of inches of Coke Zero.
1430: Although I felt more alert and stimulated, I couldn't feel anything more prominent than that, so drank the 65mg measurement dissolved in Coke.
1530: I could feel very strong effects from the chemical. I had spent the whole time since the first dose, sitting on the floor glued to my laptop, obsessively cruising the forum & facebook, and feeling completely unable to tear myself away.
My vision was very wobbly (enjoyably so) and I enjoyed how I was feeling, but as I think I've said before about 5-mapb, it didn't have much depth to it.

Annoyingly, although I'm not bad at describing feelings and events usually, I'm really rubbish at describing how drugs make me feel, and am quite envious of some of the beautifully described TR,s. on the forum.
Whilst I was glued to my laptop throughout the entire afternoon, I was chatting to two friends on facebook, so my comments to them may enlighten a little more.

I'm not going to correct all my awful drug-addled, fat-fingered, wobbly-eyed, cap locked/unlocked bad typing, but I have erased the kisses and obviously only reported my side of the conversations!
The purple writing was me talking to a female friend & the black, to a male friend.
Oh, and I'm not Scottish, it's just quicker to type in other accents sometimes....

1236: ''kk, just drunk the 35mg one...dissolved fine..had a raisin n cinnamon muffin w ith butter n honey on just before, so will probs absorb slow, usually would hVE LIGHT BREK a few hours before test, but not eATEN much over last coupla days & was STARVING!!''

1326: ''an hour in n no discernible effects as yet''
1414: ''65mg going down hatch now'

1438: ''totally not idea testing conditons at all, but after allergy, did 35mg two hours ago, no discernable effects part from sligt stim, so just drunk 65mg...xxx jury's still oot at the mo''

1501:''uipdate: quite off me tits noo!''

1502: ''ooh i'm quite off me tits the noo''

1551: ''still glued to lappy trawling! x off me face ..need to get up & 'explore' what i'm feeling maaaan!!''

1613: ''STILL Off me tits in a nice way..not over stimmy..getting ridiculouisyl stuck in repetive behavoiur!! zz''

1619: ''s'ok...par for course innit...just feeling guilty bout not sending work emAIL, & usualy stalky stuck net!!''

1636: ''i've logged off the forum!! now i can go brush my teeth!!''

1655: ''& face AND moisturised n bit of mascara (realised in the nick of time my wild-eyed/haired red faced appesrance may be offputting to guestds! i'vwe even just tidied up & makin din now like a good little housewifeee''

1701:''yer...quite tempted top do last dose..in for as penny & all that!''
its mad how i can still totally eat on 6apb..not for the hunger, but for the textures!! & the TASTE! its quite novel ...may be more to do with tolerance & not eaten much for past cpipla days thoo ''

1720: ''yer...may drop last dose''

1800: By this point, I felt like I'd had enough (100mg in total) to really 'experience' a complete 'trip' of this substance, and I would have been more than happy in normal circumstances, to have left it there.
These were not normal circumstances however; I was in the middle of a binge, I had two of my best friends arriving shortly for the evening, & I'm a greedy fucker.
I therefore drank the remainder of the sample (85mg) at this point.
I continued to enjoy the experience and managed to stay separated from my laptop, be sociable with my friends, had a howling laugh of a time and didn't have any of the 'weirdo' paranoid, introverted moments, that I am prone to at times, both on and off drugs.

I didn't experience a stronger come-up with the bigger dose, and indeed both come-ups were very subtle in approach, with a sudden realisation that I was very strongly affected.

0110: ''yeh really liked it, but not setting the world on fire or owt!i like the fact it seems a lot gentler & less stimmy than some of the other apbs, but still think i prefer 5-mapb''

0400: Slept with the aid of a couple of glasses of wine.


I really enjoyed this substance and will definitely buy it if it is favourably comparable in price to other ABB hcls, and as I said above, did feel gentler and less 'stimmy' than some.

I have however learned my lesson from the one and only time I have requested a sample, and will not be requesting them as a mod again, and probably not at all to be honest.
I know someone has to test & report back, but I will probably return to my usual practice of reading TR, buying substance, write TR myself when I can.
This.....is real life

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