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5f-MDMB-2201, can't seem to get high
Hi noiders, A friend of mine who want to ask that questions below:

I'm new to synthetic roids and I have made a 1mg/ml solution of 5f-MDMB-2201 in PG. I have used a dabrig and a syringe with a needle to drip 0.2ml-0.3ml on the nail which should be around a normal dose (250mcg).

I do not seem to get any pronounced effects. I am a big-time THC concentrate addict so my tolerance is sky high. Do I need to up the dose or is the dabrig technique lacking?

UPDATE: I now vaped/smoked the noid without water in the dabrig and now I actually feel it. It's quite a strong head high and its more dissociative than weed. Maybe the water filters most of it out of the smoke. I took 0.2ml thats 400mcg in a 2mg/ml solution.

I have read about others using dabrigs for this successfully.

Thanks for the help!
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