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5F-PB22 accidental overdose
This is a trip report of an accidental overdose of 5F-PB22.

-Initial time of dosage was not recorded, and participant reported that they were not in a condition to be able to think clearly enough to remember to note down T+ times either.
-The strongest effects of the substance appear to have been between 15 - 60 minutes.
-Participant had taken 1mg (+/-0.1mg) of etizolam at an unknown time prior to the below report.
-Participant had ran out of tobacco and thus had decided to vaporize the substance on foil.
-The bag of 5F-PB22 had almost ran out and due to delayed onset the participant kept re-dosing believing that the ROA was not effective.
-Comments between (*) were made by the participant on the same day, after the effects had receded enough to allow them to re-analyse their experience more clearly.
-The report below is given 'as is' with spelling clarifications given in between square '[ ]' brackets as reported by the participant.


good job this shits only fucking 45 minit peak cus its fucking tripyy

i was tripping the fuck out i had conversaitons with myself , and like this big thing hapend and i cvcant [can't] remembat [remember] fuck./


I thought that I had peaked at this point and so I was giving up on doing a trip report as i didn't think there was anything note worthy to write, thats why you see 'end', but it was far from it that was just the beginning. At this point my arms seemd kind of disconnected - not mine, like i was looking at someone elses, but i could still control them. The above and below comments describe a sort of 'minds eye' version of, less hallucinatory but more vivid scenareo's being ran internally - like influencing things to see the outcome, you are in control of the events. Between the above and below statement i was having this scenaro. but at some points i was getting lost in the simulation and it was like talking to a group of people in the room, but did periodically remind myself that its just in my head and brought myself back to a verry 'spaced' out reality.

oh man i [was] expecting a reaply fomt [from] like a spaship [spaceship] with an enemy of, lur [like?] the enemh [enemy] and like were [we're] winning ??? i cant remember....

who the fuck is my rical, ???

its really dissasociative

Thoughts were flying around and I couldn't remember clearly what had happened, strong short term memory loss and flying thoughts being the reason why the above is short and quite incomprehensible, but it gives a pretty clear indication of my mind state at the time.

Between here i lied down and had wierd visions where at points it was like i was seeing another version of the world, through a different lense. Hallucinations, as events not in my control in comparison with the 'internal scenareo' being ran described previously. Between the above and below statement i was lying down and remember seeing like my perspective was further back - ie. like my eyes further into my head. There was a strong 'woah im fucked' feeling which was quite overpowering - the etizolam probably hellped alot during this experience. It was at this point i think i started to count, as it was the only thing that i could do which would keep my mind occupied on something else. Then i remember switching in and out of the other world and feeling the intoxicating feeling of the insanity - it was enticing, so much so i was a little afraid of it. I remember a kind of psychotic laugh. Luckily(?) from my years of self control, and denying myself things, i was able to come back, I think if i just allowed myself to let go of counting - which was the only think that was keeping me rooted into real 'reality' I feel like i would have come 'back' a different person - if i came 'back' at all (ie entered into the other reality for good).

have to keep coujonting [counting] numbers no matter what 66 was hardist but then goes down byu 100 ur bacvkl [back] to norma,. [normal]

now i understsand schizophrenia and metal illnes -it is verry much a real reality i have seen through their eyes how they see the world... or their world.. time is 16:14 FUCKING HELL...1 hour that shit is mad. Kids be careful. the scene (visions/hallucinations w/e) from their world was flashing is like a fast whipper or hand flicker (like a brief black frame in a movie every so many mili seconds, kinda like when looking at a tv from the corner of your eye, that sort of speed)... side note, when first looked at time for

compoarison [comparison] thought it said 12, and wasnt supprised, thern saw it was 3 and was like wtf,,, 1 hour :O ...

it was like a narrow window into their world, and if i didnt hold on to numbers = this reality, i would just slip into another reality. I guess the feeling of the 'other world', id describe it as the sort of smugness ud get from watching your enemy dying in front of you or some shit

17:16 had some food

Note: is 'running scenareo's' in real time a symptiom of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) or? IE i just ran a scenareo of what i would do if someone had broken in and was holding a knife in his hand the other side of the room - how to gain control of the situation. triggerd from van outside doors closing - and random bang noises from downstairs.

the thought of what if this never ends popped into my mind, but i ignored it and kept counting
note: when counting always go forward, even if ur not sure go ahead of what u think, not lower.

I kept counting forward as i didnt want to over think anything, like checking what i already said, oh yeah i was speaking out loud the numbers by the way, like a sort of feedback with reality. I didnt overthink as I was just trying to focus on one thing.

when i started counting when i got to about 11 i remember hearing the numbers elongate (time dilation?) when i was slipping in and out of the 'other world'


END note (made by participant several days after the event, and included by the experimenter as a note of interest/insight): At the time i really felt convinced of the alternative realitys existance, and thought (my prejudice?) it was what some sort of psycotic person could see the world like, tahts why i put about now understanding mental illness etc, however in retrospect it was probably that i was just a little shaken up with the difficult experience, and afterall it was drug induced and i now simply accept it as that (a difficult/bad trip).
Glad you got through that. I just dont feel right with these latest gen of noids apart from plain akb-48.hope others learn from your experience
I understand the running scenarios you speak of, as I do this when certain things happen (doorbell rings, run through real-time simulation of how to fend off a doorstep attacker), but unfortunately I can't give any insight as to whether this is the mark of a nutjob or not.

Thank you for the report, stay safe. Perhaps wait a little longer next time (if there is a next time) between redosing but.. I think you probably figured that one out yourself.
The message above may be nonsensical as the author of it is a unicorn. It can be hard to type with hooves.

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