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5F-AKB-48 trip report, 1:25 blend
Dose: 3.85mg (as 100mg of a blend containing 38.5mg/gm of 5F-AKB-48), combined with 400mg tobacco in a cigarette paper, smoked over the course of one hour.

T+0 Joint lit, one hit taken. No immediate rush, but some cerebral effect within first minute.

T+90sec Second hit taken, feel it immediately. Potent but still not euphoriant. Decide to sit for a minute.

T+6min Not taken a third hit yet. Feel a bit fucked.

T+7min Toilet break, no physical impairment to speak of.

T+10min Third hit taken. Some increase in effect felt over next minute.

T+13min Fourth hit taken. Approximately half the joint consumed, 2mg of active compound. This seems nicer than the few others I have tried.

T+17min Not unpleasant, but debating whether I want to take this any further. Dose range is 2mg to 5mg, I'm at the low end of that range and it's certainly active at this dose. So far, 1:25 feels like a reasonable strength for this application, i.e. rolling with one part blend to four parts tobacco.

T+22min No adverse effects are noted; what is felt is agreeable but not directly comparable with natural cannabis. Still dubious about taking it further, I feel just fine right now and am not sure whether I want to risk changing that.

T+26min Trip to the kitchen, Jaffa cakes ensue. No major impairment is noted. Effect seems to have reached a plateau for the dose taken, maybe diminished slightly.

T+30min Relit, two hits taken.

T+31min I can feel that.

T+33min In fact I am fairly fucked. No impairment when walking but I'm stucking foned. :-)

T+35min Another two hits taken. 

T+37min No great increase in effects.

T+38min Maybe there is, actually. Feel like I might have had enough, joint three quarters consumed so about 3mg.

T+40min I go to make a cup of tea; mild impairment is noted when walking and caution is taken, but the impairment is by no means extreme. 

T+45min Tea was made safely. Physically some aches and pains start to come back, most of them pre-dating this experiment. Mentally I feel more fucked, physically less so, relative to how I felt before. Don't even think of driving or operating heavy machinery on this stuff.

T+50min Ambivalent about whether to finish the joint or not, can't see it doing great harm but it feels superfluous in a way.
Still no tangible adverse effects noted.

T+55min Relit, another 2 hits taken. Feels tolerable at this pace.

T+57min Final three hits taken; the joint is consumed.

T+1 hour I'm fucked. Not disagreeable, but comparable with the aftermath of a long session on the illegal alternative. More fucked than you should get off one joint smoked over the course of an hour. Not sure I'd get further by repetition, though. Time for bed, finish write up tomorrow.


Very pleasant, got fairly stoned with no adverse effects noted. Slept 8 hours which is good by my standards, not sure I'd want to smoke this all day. Would be mildly more tempting to than with the other noids I've tried, best kept for high days and holidays. Still not as euphoric as what it claims to emulate, but better than some synthetics. Caution is required, it was pleasant enough to use again.

Strength of the blend was fine for careful use with tobacco; consuming 100mg of it in an hour was sufficient. I would not go stronger than 1:25 for 5F-AKB-48 blends, and would not use it at this strength undiluted. Note that the 1:25 blend was further diluted with four parts tobacco, so the strength of the overall smoking mixture is 1:125. Spearmint makes a nice substrate for this use; the taste was pleasant and the smoke was agreeable, causing no coughing or discomfort.

No adverse effects of any sort were observed at this dose; very slight constipation in the morning but physically and mentally I feel better than I have over the last few days. My only caveat about this blend is that I could cheerfully keep using it, which has the potential to be dangerous.

Further evaluation: 5F-AKB-48 session report

Following on from the above report (occurring about 18h later), compare and contrast with the following session report. Two subjects, male, mid 30s, 70kg (me) and female, early 20s, 50kg (friend), both habituated to the illegal stuff. Friend has also smoked commercial blends before, but not recently. In preparation, one gram of 1:25 mix (38.5mg/gm 5F-AKB-48) was weighed into 5 x 200mg bags for sensible dose control. The session started soon after 9pm.

First round: 200mg divided evenly into two joints (by eye), rolled with tobacco, consumed over the course of about half an hour. I feel similar effects to last night, less acute but I still feel somewhat stoned after the first joint. Friend reports that it hasn't done anything, which I find hard to believe.

Second round: same dosage again, about one hour after the first round. This is smoked cautiously over more like an hour; the effect is maintained but not enhanced by much; I feel less stoned than I did after one last night. I do not feel high but there is a marked improvement in my mood; I am unusually tolerant of noisy neighbours and trashy TV and am laughing out loud at parts of the Jonathan Ross show. Friend is relaxed - hasn't moved from the sofa - but she reports that it's still not doing a lot. More tea is made.

Third round: it's two hours after we started, two 100mg joints consumed, but neither of us is finding it anything like as potent as I did last night. After some discussion, we feel that doubling the dose is reasonable, and 2 x 200mg joints are rolled. This gives me some apprehension, but I figure I can always put it down. I consume half of mine, feel some minor resurgence of effect but am underwhelmed; my whole 200mg joint is consumed in half an hour, and does bugger all besides minor maintenance. Friend smokes half of hers and acknowledges that it's doing something, better than nothing, but she feels "relaxed" rather than fucked. As for that matter do I.

By this point, I have consumed 400mg of the blend, in three joints, over the course of two and a half hours. Friend has consumed 300mg and well on the way to 400mg. Neither of us has any negative effects to report, but I am less impressed than I was last night, and she would damn it with faint praise. Time for me to go home; she accepts one more 200mg joint for later on, which is the last of the gram.

Right on the back of finishing my joint, I travel home (three quick changes of bus and a short walk). No problems are noted, impairment is effectively nil, and it felt from somewhat before I left that this had gone as far as it would go; the third joint didn't do much, in spite of being double strength. Upon returning home, appetite is good and I cook and eat a pizza, but decide that I should not consume any more spice.


This qualifies my previous verdict. 1:25 is a good place to start (for 5F-AKB-48) and seems all right for non-tolerant individuals, including when sharing a gram between two over the course of a session. However, it quickly becomes underwhelming in a session, and may not be as potent as my first report suggests. My personal take on this is that tolerance is tolerance, and would occur equally if I made the blend at twice the strength, which I don't plan to do.

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