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5CL-adb-a aka. (MDMB-4en-PINACA) review.
Batch: clumpy yellow powder
Total amount: 1g
Price: ~22€

•100mg MDMB-4en per 10ml 50vg/50 pg (10mg/ml nicsalt)
•Drag 2 with TFV12 T12 coil 0.12 ohm at 110watts (low airflow)

This noid is definitely 2x more potent than 5-adb. Duration is around 1:30h when 5f-adb lasts just 30min. One medium puff from my device and I’m good to go! It’s more stimulating than 5f-adb at low doses and has predictable dissociative effects at higher doses. It’s probably going to last me about 3 months.

USE with caution!

we focus on exporting of Research Chemicals,especiallly Cannabinoids and Stimulants 

as sourcing agent for current customers ,we are also energetic to develpe new competitive chemicals for exportation.


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