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Came upon some compounds, had suspicions that they could be NPS.
Sent them to WEDINOS for analysis, four compounds were referred for NMR.

Two of these have come back since (sample no. W006768 & W006776)
The second of which was been identified as 5C-AB-PINICA,
The 5-chloropentyl analogue of the better known 5F-AB-PINICA.

Little if any information is available online about 5C other than one vendor's speculation that it would probably be slightly less potent 5F. Any thoughts/comments?
Where's Me Jumper?
There's some discussion on Flashback https://www.flashback.org/t2854881

The chlorine on the end of the carbon chain doesn't look like a good idea to me since that looks reactive, so possibly carcinogenic.

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