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5-Methyl-MDA/100mg - Houston! We have lift-off!
Greetings all,
I thought I would write up this experience with 5-Methyl-MDA which took place a few months ago.

APPEARANCE:A fine white powder, reminiscent of crushed MDMA
DOSAGE:100mg Bombed

6pm: 100mg of 5-Methyl-MDA Bombed on an empty stomach. Haven't eaten since lunch at 1pm. Rather excited for this one, as I have waited ages to get it in stock.

6:15pm: Possibly placebo, but I'm starting to feel slighty 'stoned' (for lack of a better term), but at the same time, I can also feel a small bubble of energy building in my stomach, akin to the butterfly's sensation felt on MDMA.

6:25pm: Feelings of stimulation and relaxation are increasing, and with each beat of the psy-trance which blared from the speakers, I could feel the grin on my face stretching wider. A slight jaw clenching sensation becomes apparent as I notice the lights in the room appear surrounded by soft halo's. Moving my head from left to right, I notice the start of what appears to be tracers forming in my field of vision; life feels great right about now.

6:40pm: This is where shit gets real. What I can only describe as the sensation as being hit by a freight train, I am suddenly overcome with some of the most intense eye wiggles and rushes of euphoria I have experienced. I'm aware at this point, some of you will be thinking 'SR is a shill, and is exaggerating', but in all honestly, I have to give credit where its due, and state that if MDMA is the gold standard, 5MMDA is at its best on par, and at its worst, within a hairs width of MDMA, or more correctly MDA.

I would of loved to tell you about any MDA-esque visuals I was experiencing, but due to the intensity of the eye wiggles, I had to shut my eyes, and let myself drown in the pool of euphoria and complacement. An interesting point to note here was my conception of music, which altered volume depending if I was really tapping into the sense of euphoria, or just lying back and relaxing. Some CEV's were present, although I didn't really keep my eyes closed enough during the experience to observe them to any length.

6:50 - 7pm: Effects are still climbing, and at this point, I would like to state that anyone who has ever been a drooling wreck on high doses of MDMA can possibly emphasize with me now, as all I did at this point in the experience was lay on the floor making "ahhhh" noises and looking up at the ceiling admiring the swirling fractuals. Between the OEV's, I remember my other half entering the room, looking confused, and then leaving again. Interestingly, there was no real overwhelming empathy to others with this compound, and instead I felt quite happy bathing in my own euphoria.

7:30pm-9pm: Effects had reached a peak at this point, and to cut a very long experience slightly shorter, I essentially maintained by earlier state for a few hours, with a gradual loss of potency as the evening progressed. If anyone would like me to elaborate on this section of the TR some more, please feel free to say so. I'm just aware that my TR notes are very long, and a large chunk of the experience is simply me drooling with happiness and my jaw wrapped round my head.

9pm-10pm: Starting to mellow at this point, as the effects maintain a nice manageable level. Tactile enhancement and euphoria levels are still great, and there are some nice OEV's to keep my entertained (abeit very subtle). However, the experience is not overwhelming, and I feel confident enough to socialise with my still rather bemused other half.

10pm-11pm: Effects mellowing further now, and tiredness begins to creep over the horizon. Much like on pure MDMA, I have no trouble sleeping, and I feel that with a glass of wine and a joint, I shouldn't have any issues with this compound either. As I forgot to mention it earlier, 5MMDA isn't as stimulating as a high dose of MDMA (my heart rate never passed 100bpm, although I was rather passive for the experience. I assume with dancing, it would be a different story). There was also no sign of vasoconstriction issues, apart from the usual 'stim penis' which plaque's menSad and a slight bit of urine retention which resolved itself on the comedown.

12-1am: Decided I was ready for bed and would attempt sleep. I'm still feeling a nice glow at this point along with slight shimmering of my vision, but I'm confident sleep can be achieved. I can't be sure what time I fell asleep as is usually the case with me, but the insomnia was not on par with the APB's thankfully.

In conclusion, all I can say is that this is the compound which many RC researchers have been chasing for years. It is undoubtedly the closest you will get to MDMA/MDA without actually taking said compounds themselves. The only minor differences I can fanthom between 5MMDA and MDA is the fact that the visuals are nowhere near as enhanced as they would be on MDA, and the fact that for some, MDA can produce are much longer experience.

*As the legality on this compound is unknown, my statement regarding samples has been retracted* Happy


Is this UK legal? Any references? Silent Roller is not a shill but is also not 100% neutral to the best of my knowledge. As with any new/unresearched compound, please be very careful if you find this in your possession. Thanks for the report.
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In terms of UK legality, I'm not sure if the 'catch all clause' covers 5MMDA, as it is no more an MDA analogue than 6APB. I can't find any information on this matter either.
It would classed as a positional isomer of MDMA. I wouldn't be surprised if this was illegal.
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According to law its clearly substitute of MDA by alkyl substitution on aromatic ring unless im completely misreading the UK law.
This chem, will definitly stay in my top 10 to try list while untried at least and am surprised and amazed to hear that its finaly been put on the "market", if it is both what it's claimed to be and as carries the effects that might or might not have been dramatized a tad ever since this came out on USEnet. But I'd be probably getting my hopes up too much as usual.
I just want to check - do you mean something which was being sold as "5-Methyl-bk-MDEA" a few months back? I thought it was a full blown scam of someone selling mixed methylone (which is only legal on Neptune). Is there any analysis to show this is _actually_ ronseal?

pretty sure if legit or not - what you received was scheduled
Please don't copy any of the doses/combos I do - I'm immune to side effects
Sounds interesting although I am sure this is UK illegal.
This was not 5-Methyl-BK-MDA; this was the real deal. I won't be giving any further details due to the nature of this compound.

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