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[Image: 200px-5-MeO-DALT.svg.png]


CAS number

Shulgin Index Vol.1 Notes
(with 10 mg. orally) "I am looking at everything through someone's open friendly eyes, not mine. I would like to go through life like this if others saw me as OK. I am 10 feet tall, my pulse is 72 but uneven, and light-headed is a better describer of where I am than psychedelicized."

(with 16 mg. orally) "The music was fabulous, as was the sex and neither of us had a problem with orgasm. But there was a total lack of imagery -- less than I would normally have to the music when unstoned, so there might have been an actual suppression. I was pretty much baseline by the third hour."

(with 20 mg. orally) "It's coming on strongly in 15 minutes, and at the half hour point I am at a +++ with eyes closed -- but nothing with them open! No hang-over."

Well this is probably my favorite chemical of the moment. 23mg gave me similar to the results as stated above, a definite ++ (or +++ at a push).
Higher doses (40mg upward) seem to make it feel uncomfortable and severely diminish the experience.

I would seriously recommend you use a vendor such as BRC for this. I've had 5-MeO-DALT from DiscoFood in the past and even at 80mg smoked that was ineffective.
About 5 mg's of Polatzo's vaped, back in the day, did the trick. But my alien friend said it was like an empty trip that didn't go anywhere, had no meaning. He thought oral was a rather wierd feeling. Kinda like a very, very weak shroom dose without the fun, just the "wierdness".
Was potent stuff, mind. Not weak crud like disco. Just not great.
I enjoyed it a lot. There isn't really a visual element, but it's a real body-high.
That's true. I'm sure it would be great in combo's. I remember Polatzo raving to me about an 80/20 mdai/dalt combo mix!
Personally wouldn't mix it with anything. But that could be an alright mix.
adding 20mg just before the peak of an aMT trip could potentially be very enjoyable though.
40mg of this piggybacked on 175mg of 6-APB was niiiiiiiiice. :)
This sounds very interesting. Very cheap too, even at BRC.

Is this something that could be taken on a night out in a social environment/club is it too intense?
Not intense at all. Very short duration though, would probably have to redose if you were clubbing
Is it fairly responsive to redosing?

Quite excited about this one if so. For nights out I prefer something without imagery for fear of ending up looking like a lanky deer in headlights.
I don't know. Never been inclined to redose midway or soon after

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