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5-MAPB/100mg- InExperienced- Nearly there....
SUBSTANCE: (1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine) Aka- 5 MAPB

APPEARANCE: Light Tan with an almost slightly light orange tint


5pm: Bombed 100mg of 5-MAPB in a rizla. And so it begins.....

5:20pm: Can't be sure if this is placebo, but my legs are starting to feel slightly rubbery akin to a 5/6 APB comeup. My vision also has an almost soft overlay about it, and the residual tiredness from the previous night out had faded. Also worthy of note is the fact I haven't eaten since lunch about 5 hours ago.

5:30pm: Wow! This substance seems to climb a fair bit quicker than 5APB, as considerable lightness in my limbs is present, and touch feels awesome. At this moment in time, I'm dancing around to status quo (yes, I know I'm old and sad) with a massive grin across my face. My pupils are also fairly dilated now, and the music whilst sounding fantastic, also has a distant feel about it. To expand, those familiar with the APB's may know that upon the comeup, it can seem if you are trapped in a 'no-man's land' between slightly off baseline, and effects having taken force. With MAPB, this is present to degree, although it isn't as pronounced. I would go as far to say that at this point, MAPB has a subtle methylone-esque about it.

5:50 - 6pm: The rushes of euphoria have become more intense as the hour mark approaches, with scalp tingles being bought the the fore during a head massage that I asked my Girlfriend to give me. Needless to say, it was Godlike, as the already great bodyhigh of 5-APB is improved with MAPB to where it is ALMOST on par with MDMA; so close to the point that if I had been given this in a blind trial between MDMA at 5-MAPB, at this point in time, I would be assuming its MDMA I had been given.

6:20pm: This is where MAPB and APB begin to show their differences. A forewarning, MAPB is quite stimulating, and the heart rate increase is on par with good ol' dose of MDMA, if not more so, so those of you who found 5APB to stimmy, this may not be for you. Empathy wise, its there, but we aren't talking 'go and hug everything type empathy. Whilst I felt compelled to talk openly to my significant other, and felt very close to her throughout this experience, the empathy seems quite forced in comparison to MDMA, and I would go as far to say this substance won't make you break down barriers with your arch nemesis.

6:30 - 8pm: Yes I know this is a large time gap, but as akin with the APB's, time dilation kicked in quite badly, therefore making accurate time keeping a bit of a challenge. Already peaking, the tactile enhancement still remained orgasmic, but the jaw clenching was fairly bad, despite dosing 200mg of magnesium prior to dropping. Once thing is for certain, the serotonin activity with MAPB is huge, as I found that during the peak, I was drowned in what I can only describe as a sense of perfect contemplation with the world, and a grin so wide that my face actually began to hurt. On a positive note, the sense of being floored was minimal compared to 5-APB, and instead I was overcome with endless energy to dance and move, which was a welcome change to the monged out state which 5-APB can produce.

8:30pm: To my surprise, I'm still going fairly strongly, with perhaps the only exception that the empathy has diminished slightly. However, one aspect I would point out is the issue that throughout the experience, the vasoconstriction has been fairly strong despite moving about frequently. Considering I get near zero vasoconstriction on MDMA and 5/6APB, I considered this a major negative of the substance. Whilst the vaso wasn't dangerous in any way, I found that it was a considerable enough concern which stayed in the back of my mind throughout.

9pm: The effects had lessened to a slightly more noticeable degree now. All I can really say here is: 'more of the same, but less'. Furthermore, MAPB begins showing a few similarities to Methylone, as the experience begins to to creep into lingering residual stim territory with some remaining tactile enhancement and empathy.

11pm: By now, the empathy had faded completely, and I was left with some of body high remaining and a sense of contemplation. This would of been great if it hadn't been for the stimulation which insisted on poking its head out until the very end; a bit like Methylone at this point.

12pm: Settled down to sleep at this point. Can't be sure at what point I drifted off, although I do know I tossed and turned for a fair bit. I felt quite exhausted mentally at the end of this experience, most likely to the massive serotonin activity ( I would probably dose 80-90mg next time).

Overall, I would say that 5-MAPB is a midde-step between 5APB and MDMA. We are definitely getting closer to achieving a 'MDMA replica' experience, and I'm sure once 6-MAPB is released, a combination of these two compounds would equal or even surpass MDMA. There are moments where MAPB is virtually identical to MDMA, but then just as you think its heading in that direction, it takes a detour to Methylone-residual stim-vaso shitheap. For now, I would say that MAPB isn't worth using as a DOC, as it is simply more the 5APB that some know and love, with added tactile enhancement, stimulation and vasoconstriction, and that we will have to wait for its 6 variant to appear before we witness something special.


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