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5-MAPB 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)N methylpropan-2-amine
- 1g purchased from BB
- Colour - Light Tan.
- Consistency - Mostly fine powder with some small rocks.
- Smell - Like APB, not quite as pungent.

Ok, ended up dosing approx 200mg last night. 100mg at about 19.30 and then another 100mg at about 22:30. Both insuffated, which I won't be doing again as the powder is too fine and gets right in to airways and makes me gag.

Initial onset was very quick, about 20-25mins, but I can't help but think my initial dose should have been more like 125-140mg. Come up was quite strong, but seemed to level off quite quickly and your left with a nice euphoric buzz, although I didn't seem to get many rushes.

I went to bed about 3.30am and slept until about 7.30am. I can still feel the effects now. Pupils are still dilated slightly and I have slight visual disturbances around my peripheral vision, along with a slight trippy/spaced out feeling.

If I'm honest, at this moment I can't tell much difference between 5-MAPB and normal 5/6-APB. Maybe a slightly more pushy high, and it did seem a bit more interesting, but that also may be to do with the fact I have not had any APB product in at least 6 months, possibly more.

Next experiments will have a higher starting does, although not by too much.
Sampled a little of this today but its not going to be a true test because i have been up for 24 hours on other stimulants and only took this in the hope that it would get me through the rest of the day at work until i could sleep.

60mg Orally
Come up on this took 1 - 1.5hours and it creeps up on you slowly, just when i thought it wasn't working and was away to redose I suddenly started getting eye wobbles, and feeling really really good and awake again, so is definitely euphoric, but of a stim and this is stronger than your average apb, if i had stuck with the reports that i've read up until now i would have probably dosed in the 100/150 mark.

Be careful with this one kids, proper report coming friday.
Ordered 1g from BB at the weekend, was sent 1st class unrecorded Monday, got here Weds..comms, delivery & external packaging all to BB's usual high standards.

I was surprised when I opened the jiffy however, that the gram I'd ordered was in a huge baggy, loose in the envelope..none of the usual extra covering or bag & that it was labelled as 250mg, although I could see it was far more than that.
It was indeed slightly over a gram when I weighed it (I don't know how much by, because I couldn't be bothered to scrape the huge baggy at that point!!)

Appearance: very light beige, fine powder with a couple of harder lumps. Very strong odour, but not unpleasant or chemically in my mind & bizarrely, reminded me of slippery elm powder in smell and appearance! I didn't think it smelt APB,y like beanhead

Conditions: I'd had a good 6 or 7 hours sleep last night & eaten a v light breakfast & copious tea a couple of hours beforehand. No chemicals had been taken in nearly a week previous and no APBs for nearly 2 weeks.
I personally find these conditions ideal (apart from longer chem-free time) to get the most out of any drug, especially when taking for the first time. Unfortunately, I don't always have the sense to do that (hence why my 5-apb hcl TR is still floundering in drafts!)

0948: 20mg allergy test taken orally (dissolved in tonic & drunk)
1040: have decided the slight come-up feeling from the allergy test is a wind-up (though the no adverse effects is a bonus), so drink 50mg and feel more positive effects and start getting very distracted, have to drag myself away from the forum to try & actually experience my experience. I desperately try & think of the individual senses I am feeling to describe it, but my description gets stuck on 'off my face'. I start several tasks around the house, then wander off in the middle and forget about them.
1300: 100mg orally
1340: much stronger come-up, very strong but no nausea or over-intensity.
1450:decided to try out the effects in a social situation, wasn't too bad, was chattier than usual with people, but not inappropriately, as I have been guilty of on other substances on other occasions.
1725: Still feel quite out of it, but not in an out-of-control way, I reckon I could handle an unexpected visit from my mother & get away with it. Have decided to take a larger dose after posting this.

My conclusion so far: I enjoy this, very nice, but I'm at a loss as to exactly how to describe the effects beyond the usual & trying to compare it to other drugs, but it has a feel of several other things, both legal & not, although it is entirely legal!

My descriptions not v helpful I know, but I like it & give it an 8 out of 10....today!
This.....is real life
Last substance taken the preceding Sunday around 1am. Following successful sleep Sunday morning for a few hours and after no sleep the previous night i was never doing anything again...ever

No food eaten this evening, last meal all day breakfast in the greasy spoon (Thursday treat) luchtime.

Having settled into Thirsty Thursday (1 glass of wine at this point) we decided a little something might be nice, so having some of the 5-MAPB to hand it was decided a small amount on a school night would be ok. 60mg was weighed out and taken orally in gel caps. Quick up and down.....

19.35 allergy test dab, no adverse reactions so..
20.00 60mg down the hatch
20.50 slight warmth (ok sweaty arse) followed by trip to the royal throne indicating everything is on course for lift off.
21.00 eye wobbles and slight spangulation (stimulation) stomach gurgling and slight sickness along for the ride.
21.20 in a very lovely place music sounding good and the horn of the stim devil but no real urge to do anything about it except look at some lovely lady art on the computer. Quite intense small rushes/wooshes coming now. Really thirsty so drink squash, wine is virtually untouched and unwanted!? feeling of sickness still about and another trip to the loo, slightly unsteady on the feet! slight jaw clench with that sticky throat feeling.
22.00 Still enjoying even though the wooshes have subsided, but notice even though the two of us are in much the same place we are not conversing at all. Find using the internet not really a problem just the usual eye wobble focus issue (one eye closed problem solved). Lady art still fascinating, my companion raising an eyebrow or two from time to time, so add in some lady/man art! Manage some wine and water as my head is saying bed must come soon its a school night and i am super thirsty.
23.00 Still going strong nice wavy feeling, music still sounding good but have switched to football and other tv in a bid to banish the art as its a feeling that's going to lead nowhere due to the stim "melty man". stomach giving out some loud noises and really really thirsty with coldness now too.
00.00 to 03.00 Still enjoying the feeling surprised to still be going strong would have expected to have stop feeling spangled now. Another trip to the toilet and jaw clench still present but not bad. Still really thirsty and we manage two bottles of wine before bed with glasses of water also. Nothing is going to tame this thirst though!! Music back on and the singing has started (sorry blod) We also spend some time on the forum and keep an eye on the man/lady art even though the aforementioned "melty man" has total dominance now.
03.20 decide that its best to try to sleep as yawning a lot but guess that it might not happen. Put head on pillow and gone into very peaceful sleep very surprised.
06.50 Alarm goes off...erggg head for shower thinking wow still feel spangled! Shower reinvigorates the stim but not as full on as previous night. Nothing to eat for breakfast and the thirst still pervades..
07.30 in work and still stimmy tea just seems to feed it (so i have 5 strong cups lol), luckily (sarcasm alert) for me the world rings and wont leave me alone (go away!!!) but despite wondering how i will cope (wishing i was back in bed) i manage to sort out everyone's problems, i don't think anyone twigged i cant keep my eyes still and still have a little jaw clench.
10.00 Still feeling stimmy after adding another cuppa, it is break time after all!
11.00 Just starting to feel the effects wearing off, still not eaten yet but feeling a little peckish. Still have a little jaw clench and the thirst is still not going away....just realised as nobody has bothered me i have been writing this for the last hour LOL...ooops

Overall then it was far from a quick up and down! Tolerance obviously is not an issue as 60mg kept us going for quite some time. I am not sure how it would improve with heavier doses, but am going to research at a lower dose (probably weekend after this) to see what the effects are. Might be time to check what effects of stacking are also. All in a all then a nice stim that maybe drags on a little longer than expected on a school night!!

Excuse any grammatical errors or poor use of the queens, but I have written it and its going before i fuss over the report any more!!
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Good report mr b, I just came back to add some more of my experience...like you said...quick up, quick down...WRONG!!

After writing my TR yesterday I did another dose (150mg I think) at about 1730ish and didn't even think about getting any sleep.

Although I am quite customary to the odd allnighter, then off to work with a redose on various other stimulants, as the time grew closer, I realised this is not a drug that I can 'get away' with in terms of being able to complete tasks & appear normal.

There has also been something about this one, that although I was completely off my face, I got the feeling that there was something missing to give it substance.

This one, for me, crosses my personal control-freakery line
This.....is real life
So last night, 5-mapb...

Initial capped dose at 75mg *cool*
Predosed with 50mcg clonidine about 1hr previously. Coming up clearly by 60mins, rapidly moves to plateau of mild cosy euphoria. Stays around for 3 hours, before tailing. Seemed a pretty functional high (actually reminded me of 5-it a times) - underdosed for me. Prefer a messy high.

So dropped ~50mg redose (+4hrs). excited
Again, capped and downed with a nice cuppa. Takes about 20-30mins to show itself - whooshing past previous levels. Starts to get interesting now. Eye wobbles, barely able to focus at times (the old hand over one eye helped). Getting quite scatty now, but music's fantastic. Prettay, prettay, prettay good! Again, around 3 hours of this level of spongy feckupedness.

~50mg redose (+8hrs) excited
Talk of railing not being so bad, so give it a go. Yeah, not so bad - was expecting dusty gruesomeness. Stung a bit, but entirely workable. We have rapid lift off. Good music and chatting on IRC. :D
Quite sledgy/mongy at times - does lack a bit of push.

~75mg redose (+12hrs - 7amish). shock
Railed 75mg. Rapid lift again. Double-vision and scatty as fuck. Makes sorting skype a feckin' nightmare - but got their with some very kind help (you know who you are!). Not done the skyping stuff before (well, I was involved in a skype interview a few weeks back) - a bit old skool, and never got into IRC/MSN (or even facebook!). Anyway, once on skype, I notice I'm slurring to fuck (along with general spangledness and double vision (Mmm, two cans of irn bru) - well buggered. Kept some balance listening to coherent conversations, lol.

By 12pmish, well drained and wasted. Headache coming on - drop some xanax and ibuprofen and hit the sack - sleep comes very easily. Stayed out until around 5.30pm. Still feel fucked - a xanax and more ibuprofen will likely help (and a cuppa tea).

In the future, would not dose under 100mg to start. 75mg would be decent enough to act reasonable in public (e.g., good gig dose). Probably start at 100-120mg next time. Maybe 75mg if railing...

Overall, good fun. Aftereffects are not exactly glowing (sore head) - unsurprising given the redosing. Interested to try this again (but will likely be a while, sadly).
Ok I'm terrible at giving trip reports.

I prefer the powder snorted it hits almost instant and you don't seem to get a stin come down.

However the pellets take an hour to come up and you don't seem to get that nice high.

I would stick with the powder I definately don't get visual but the need to drink can be overwhelning.
Harm reduction at its finest.
Dont trust anything i say on a Friday or a Saturday - wait until Monday
I had a full trip report written out today,which I subsequently deleted. I can't face the nightmare of writing that again, so please excuse this shambolic summary.

Tried this on Monday night for the 1st time. Allergy test completed fine, so insuffulated a 10 mg line. Slight effects noted, happier mood,a little stimulation,slightly giggly.

Consumed 1000mg chelated magnesium and 50 mg bomb. First effects noted about 40 minutes in which built very gently and gradually to a peak about 2.5 hours to 3 hours after dosage. Very pleasant, lovely tactile sensitivity in body and occasional pleasant waves flowed through me, much empathy felt, strong desire to communicate though I did not find this chemical very stimulating at all. Heart rate never really seemed elevated,little to no bodyload. Sat on sofa and chatted and laughed with my flatmate about all sorts, all night. Was far more open than normal, and just enjoyed the conversation, and listening to music,which sounded superb. It was a very gentle high, like a cross between MDMA and apb,but nowhere as strong,stimulating and was only slightly euphoric. No gurn whatsoever, and little meow junior seemed fairly functional. Seemed fairly rationalish in thinking, and didn't particularly feel like moving off sofa.

A few hours later, when noticeably on the way down, redosed with 35 mg insufullated. This was repeated a few hours later. The two lines only served to slightly elevate above effects and extend duration.

Very gentle return to baseline, could have slept before effects had wore off, but was enjoying chilling out and chatting too much. Probably went to sleep approx 12 hours after 50mg dose. Fell asleep easily and had excellent sleep with wonderful dreams. Woke up feeling great after about 6-7 hours sleep. Noticeble afterglow the following evening,felt really good and was chatty and had lots of nice feelings of love and respect for people. No negative come down effects felt in the following days,other than a continued happiness. Have been tired last couple of days but that has more to do with working 14 hours shifts I'm fairly sure.

Overall I really enjoyed this, though it was far gentler than expected. I will try again, and will be trying a higher starter dose. I dosed 120mg across the entire night, but I am a fairly big dude at 6'2" and about 16 stone,and have a fairly strong constitution. I have to stress ymmv.
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I think Wave sums it up pretty well. Mrs Dino and I tried it for the first time on Saturday night. After an allergy test we railed one 50mg line each. Contrary to what others have stated I found this very easy to rail. Anyone who has railed B2 or the old moggy should find this a walk in the park.

Mrs Dino came up very quickly and seemed to enjoy it, but for me it took about 15 minutes with only mild results. Worrying it might be a 'creeper' I waited just over an hour until I took another 25mg bump. Still nothing earth shattering. In fact Spirit a few moths ago was a much more potent chemical. To cut a long story short between Saturday night and Sunday morning we managed to bosh the whole 500mg which I order. And at no stage was either of us 'spangled', as the kids say. This takes into the account that Mrs Dino is half my size.

Maybe bombing and, certainly larger does for me, is the way to go and I would certainly give it another a go to find out.

Both of us found that after the come up the effects plateaued quickly and dropped off very quickly as well.

I'm an old school wreck head who can recall the pills of the early 90's and I can say that at no stage of the session did 5-mapb resemble, or even come close to the effects of MDMA.
Got the light tanned powder from TKK.

friday night:
pre-drinking at my mate's

9.15pm: swallowed in a rizla 100mg of the chemical while drinking some cider. Had a light meal a couple of hours before.

9.45pm: slow come up with mood lift perceived. My mates were having a general conversation, i was just listening till i had the need to get into the conversation too. dilated pupils. dry mouth.

10.30pm: totally in a party mood, awake and with positive attitude. No nausea or head spinning like it happened to me sometimes with mdma or 5apb hcl. Cold hands as usual, bit of bruxism and jaw tension, nothing uncontrollable tho.

11pm: got into a club, techno/house night, im not a fan but it was awesome. peak reached.

i was drinking beer but it didnt seem to affect me. couldnt get drunk; opposite thing, I was feeling very lucid and focused on little details like the atmosphere and ppl behaviour.

3am: peak starts to decrease. less energy but still feeling good and dancing.

no wish to re-dose. i left the chemical at home anyway.

5am: everybody out. walked home under the rain for 20 minutes ish but it was weirdly pleasant.

6am: pint of water and went to bed. guess what? loads of residual stimulation so i had no sleep (also consider that i never find easy to fall asleep at this time as i get up at 7.30 during the week). legs spams, i experience the same with the other apbs and mdma. I decided not to take etizolam as i thought i wouldnt have made any difference.

stayed in bed till 10am feeling tired while my mind was still racing. got up and had a hot bath. didnt feel particularly tired during the day.

had two slices of pizza in the afternoon. wasnt very hungry.

Saturday night:
9.30pm: again 100mg bombed in a rizla.

10pm: left the flat and met a friend on the way. come up felt during the walking. went clubbing again, rock night this time. Effects and duration were definitely less present than the previous night. quick tolerance built.

went to sleep at 4.30am and slept deeply for 10 hours.

woke up very rested and satisfied. took a 5htp supplement just in case. rest of the day spent at home watching movies. pleasant sunday.

went to bed at around 1am but couldnt get any sleep for some reason. legs spasms still there. got up at 7.30 and went to work. im at my desk now, I dont feel particularly sleepy or tired, i dont even feel any sort of serotonin depletion. seems like a normal day.

house party tonite but i wont take anything but some beers as i want to save some brain juices for NYE.

i will see how i feel in next few days. planning to dose 150mg for nye. as usual, i won't re-dose during the night.

conclusion: maybe a bit stronger than 6-apb but definitely not psychedelic like 5-apb hcl. residual stimulation lasts as much as the above (nearly 24 hours in my case), eating is not easy.

take it easy with this stuff.
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