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thought i'd post here in case others needed the info re: benzons in my 4me-tmp review i did in the other thread. in short - yesterday, awesome, long lastime. today, not so much. copy and paste of yesterdays notes so "today" = yesterday of course.


10 hours ago (This post was last modified: Less than 1 minute ago by skeyer.)
i did a half assed review of this last night but today i used it after brekky around 8:30 (usual line split into 2). what's weird about this stuff is that there's no burn at all. just a nasty taste a minute or 2 later. there's none of that 3-fpm "kick" either.

i feel normal but over next few minutes i feel a tad warmer (might be me though - as well as a little stomach upset cos i'm on medication) and i'm slowly awake. and now i have ADD. seriously. i was out all day on train, in hospital ( :( ) and wasn't until 5pm or so that the 1st line wore off enough to make me yawn. since coming back home i've cleared the grout/grease/whatever off my microwave, completely cleared my george formean grill and all sorts. it wears off slowly too with no nasty comedown.

the only downside (besides being banned!!) is that i guess the half life is longer? i had a mare of a time getting to sleep last night even with benzos. kept waking. took more benzos tonight (and had less of this stuff) so hoping a nice clear calm sleep with mad dreams.

i'd prefer 3-fpm to quick bursts of energy (but hate that damn burn) but for a calm wakefullness (similar to modafinil) with a hint of ADD to actually get stff done without being annoyed by it (chores, studying, shopping with the wife) then (if it were still legal) i'll get this stuff,

p.s sorry to hear about the paypal freeze. maybe add bitcoins as a payment method? just need a wallet and a live exchange rate showing. paypal can't touch your shit then either.

p.p.s - wonder what's the next thing out :o
ok one downside to this stuff (not that it matters much anymore i guess) - yesterday morning was great, but i took a bunch on benzons to help me sleep last night and i'm still feeling them/groggy even after taking a bigger line of 4me-tmp than i did yest morning. 3-fpm deffo doesn't have this problem.

minus that though i liked the stuff :)


anyhoo, hope that info helps someone out - not that many people will be left to actually try this stuff now :(

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