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4f-mph long term affects
I've been through about 5g with daily use over the last couple of weeks. I've noticed so balance issues but nothing major.

I've previously been on 3-f binges daily over a month and found the ill effects more profound although perhaps some haven't become apparent yet and it must be said as the protagonist in ones own binge some adverse effects are not as a apparent to yourself as those around you.
Using any drug thats a dopamine relaser or reuptake inhibitor will quickly lead to a downgrade in your dopamine neurons.
Leads to depression and lethargy as well as reinforcing dependence.

I appreciate how easy the cycle of daily use is to fall into, but for everones sake keep these substances as a treat, once a week at the very most.... the path to destruction is paved with good intentions ahhaaha

regards, a halfway 3fpm/acohol addict / mostly normal man

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