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4f-mph & 3fpm trip report
At 14:50 I swallowed a 15mg pellet of 4f-mph. I have extensive experience with stimulants and quite a high tolerance. I haven't had any real stimulant of such recently (bar some MDMA? does it count as a stimulant? three weeks ago) since the first weekend of September when I binged on 3fpm at a festival. 

4pm The slight tingling sensation of a new chemical being absorbed in my body is present, need to go to the bathroom is strong (sorry!) I go at least three times.

4.20 I feel slightly unsure of what to do with myself, sometimes when on stimulants I become quite insular and tend to look inwards. My boyfriend tries to engage me in conversation but I ask for my own space. I'm definitely aware of being slightly stimulated but thats it. I decide to insufflate what I eyeballed to be about 20mg of 3fpm and I pop half of 1mg etizolam to quell any jitters/anxiety.

4.42 I feel slightly more stimulated, mild mood lift but only ever so slightly. My attention seems quite scattered. I have several ideas of what to engage in right now, i.e. making music, calling a friend or doing a mix on my decks but then i'm unsure if i want to focus on any of those things. I have heightened enjoyment of listening to a song i've been working on..desire to redose is there.
Thanks for the report, nice one x
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