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4-ME-TMP, insufflated, 4 day report
A short summary of my first experience of 4-Me-TMP, insufflated and written up inspired by Magick's contrasting full oral report. Updated as appropriate
Vendor - Chemicalwire UK, Ordered 15th April 2015 , Arrived 16th (1st class). Went OOS within days
Appearance - Light very fluffy consistency, bright white, lines look larger than eph
Test Subject Background - preference for dissos, entactogens, psychostims, psychs, stims, sedatives, opes in that order. Medium (all ROAs except IV) use of most except straight stims (light intermittent experimentation) and opes (occasional bad periods led to use from codeine to fent) during my life. Despite this, poor diet and being overweight, smoking a pack a day for 20 years up until 2 months ago, alcohol use occasionally turning to alcoholic, major organs seem fine from lower abdominal ultrasound, ECG and bloods. Just need to save up for an ultrasound of the top half, lungs and heart. Oh, and cholesterol is normal, light hypotension as my BP is slightly low but not an issue. Looking towards the 4-ME-TMP, I'm experienced with eph and slightly with 3,4CTMP, but never tried Ritalin. eph will be my primary comparison I expect.
Test Subject Situation: This will be my first 'stim' in at least four weeks - I've had nothing at all with adrenal effects, but have had significant exposure to psychostims with some dopaminergic effects and heavy use of sedatives (highly gaba active chemicals) in prior weeks - I'd estimate the cumulative dopamine/noradrenaline aspect over the month was equivalent to at most a single line of an average mainstream stim or less. SERT would be hard to judge and would be higher, but less relevant for this.
Immediate presentation - limited food during the run up day, caffeinated and sugary drinks during the day, but forgot to hydrate after dosing, dumb, but I'm out of touch.  
ROA - Two rails lightly chopped (even though this probably wasn't needed),  insufflated immediately after each other
Dose (Part 1)
t+0:00 53mg 4-Me-Tmp insufflated
5 through 10 seconds - mild and decreasing chemical burn culminating in some snot I was content to leave for a while in case it contained active molecules. C.f. immediate (0 secs) moderate physical burn with eph. I rarely found eph worse than medium pain, and that was after many doses, but this was even better. Sucking the spatula clean later after a few doses, my lips did go slightly tingly, I couldn't swear there was not a light anasthetic cut but I've no evidence for that and I may be malligning the product. It was a light tingle from ~5-10mg...
Situation: Home, alone, surfing. Reading, didn't even feel the need to put music or TV on.
t+0:10 light euphoria.
t+0:20 light stim,
t+0:30 light bruxism for some reason, not unenjoyable if you're in a physically active task
t+0:45 through t+65 increasing stimulation slightly to light-medium
       e.g. stimulated and social pull enough to dig out an irc client and go on #nutrientsoup for the first time in maybe a month, certainly since getting internet back which admittedly was yesterday :p
t+2:30 to 4:00 gradually noticed vaso presence then increase, mainly torso rather than extremities (something I'm prone to)
t+4:30 vaso dropping naturally, no abdominal worries
t+10:00 still awake without any other stimulants or sedatives, but experience tells me I'd have been able to sleep sedative assisted by t+3:00 and without sedatives by t+5:00 (factor in it had been a long day for me, estimate a further hour to each prediction for a normal day).
Part 2, starting again at baseline
t+10:00 52mg 4-ME-TMP further railed.
experience had no notable differences from above, except slightly shorter durations, fine circa t+3:30 rather than 4:30 for example
No Sleep..
My Girls arrived for part of the day, between their half term holidaying with fam in Ireland and back to their mums later today, so I was busy playing, unpacking when I could, etc. As usual didn't feel any ill effects from lacking a nights sleep.
Part 3
No sleep, minimal food, but started to drink soft drinks. Have had ~1litre caffeinated soft drinks, plus some smoothie, unquantified I'm afraid ;) recently, so in better shape. Had a good time playing and looking after the girls, forcing myself to say Hi to the neighbours, remembering to write their names down even (yay!!!) plus 20 mins sunbathing in the heat.
Restarting the games as the kids have returned to their mum.
t+22:00 23mg further 4-ME-TMP railed, "righty" (right nostril) was ~75% blocked and could do no more
t+22:30 27mg further 4-ME-TMP railed, which I'd got sidetracked from.
Part 4
Chasing the mild stimulation., kind of at the stage where it's hard to make any further headway with a light stim like this, at this dose/ROA anyway.
t+25 60mg railed, "righty" is in slightly better form. The buzz is now gone after 2 to 2.5 hours, but I'm avoiding redosing at that rate, been there on other chems and know it's likelyu to lead to bad tings.
Part 5
Feeling good, not euporic or great but in fine physical form and feeling OK-ish mentally/emotionally.
Slightly mental impact as evidenced by three attempts needed to code/build some software which shouldn't have needed more than two attempts.. Could  be lack of nutrition or sleep as much as direct effect of the stim.
t+27:30 - 60mg additional 4-ME-TMP
Spent a long time on IRC and shoutbox this weekend. May search for where I packed my stereo for the house move, hook it up and listen to some choons. Or see if anyone's audiocasting via one of the options.
t+28 - consistently I'd call this very light euphoria by now, each time lighter than before. Starting to feel feel a little jittery mainly in my shoulders, sometimes forearms (so postural stress as oppossed to spine/CNS .I don't have a decent chair/desk yet in my new place, i'M pretty cramped up on an IKEA LAck coffee table most of the time :(
Sitting typing this left me feeling a bit stiff physically by night 2, stiff rather than jittery. Gonna add a muscle relaxant to see me through the night whether I stay up (probably) or hit the sack (unlikely).

#1 - t+28:55 - 150mg Pregabalin oral
#2 - t+38:30 - 1mg clonazolam sublingual, more to evaluate the effect I felt from clonazolam than that it was needed.
Various - occassional nicotine e-cigs but much less in quantity and crap than when I used to smoke 2-3 months ago, negligable nicotine stimulation compared to the past.
Part 6
t+33:30 - 60mg railed again, feeling good yet wary of pushing dose hard .to counteract the diminishing effects.

Ergo effects continued to have less and shorter impact, made less relevant by shoutbox, IRC et al which keep me increasingly entertained.
Mentally less sharp, noticably editing one of the wrong sections in this TR.
Part 7
t+39:15 - Increased to 80mg railed assuming the sublingual clonazolam will mitigate it slightly. Considered 100mg but decided no rush, which I think was the right choice.knowing my body's next behaviour.
t+42:15: medium stiffness and pain around the back, neck, upper spinal column
Intervention - Pregabalin 150mg oral as a muscle relaxant  and possible CNS depressant, Checked >12 hours previously used so an acceptable dosage.
Switch from caffeinated drinks to water, smoothies etc.
t+43:00 to 43:30 Some light mania begins and increases but never grows excessive, gets me out of my chair and bouncing gently around easilly avoiding CNS runaway etc.. Gentle movement plus meditation, stops me becoming spiderman all over the walls and ceiling. Check BP which remains low (I have mild hypotension normally which is consistent with this) and BPM not excessive.
Limited movement for ~43 hours, combined with limited hydration and negligable food or nutrition intake for ~60 hours was dumb, even if I've been able to live that liestyle before, leading to stiffness in the neck shoulders and brain stem. 
Luckilly I have had training and prior experience of CNS overstimulation in a medical settingso was able to keep an eye on it and it never went beyond light mania.
For those unaware that benzos, alpha blockers and beta blockers such as clonidine/propanol and alcohol can all combine as CNS depressents, and maybe that mix dealt with the overstimulation, but what happpens when the stimulation fades but the depressents are still active? organ or system failure are a real possibility. 

Once I'd calmed down, managed a full days work. Surprised that my vision was so normal, e.g. it often plays up with moire patters etc on the blinds/vents, not today. Stayed awake fine with just a few cans of Coke.

Part 8 (another night with 3x60mg)
Part 9 (final night, final 70mg)

TR Summary
I only bought this on impulse without even checking it's claims and/or any reports, which is something I've never done before.. For me, in terms of Adrenal, dopaminergic and noradrenal stimulation it seems similar to eph or better, Side effects on sinuses seemed better although I'm not the best one to test that as eph was alway good to me in that respect. It did dull my mental abilities slightly, but I was still 98% functional at day 4/5, as physically I felt less impacted, so I was able to work with only light impact. I didn't chase the dose so I don't know if I'd have been hitting side effects similar to other stims circa 4-5 days. I did feel I'd have happilly kept going for days further, limited benefit but that desire to keep going just like the otyher 'dates.... but my 500mg (which weighed in reality >700mg) ran out.

This is like 3,4-CTMP was suppossed to be - functional, with a little buzz/euphoria.

No problem staying awake during the day but needed 12 hours nightly sleep for 2-3 nights afterwards to catch up, managed this with minimal benzo support, less than I'd been using prior to starting this TR.


Chunks on the dangers of sessions missing. I wanted to post an honest single stim session TR but this one was a bit too underwhelming, as I kept it light and I was lucky not to have much at all.

Point out addiction

So Harm Reduction isn't just about allergy tests, vendor feedback, helping each other when needed managing the funtimes, especially if it's a new RC. We don't really know the actions and effects of many of these but being aware of CNS and our current thoughts on the effects of different drugs. Vasoconstriction and vasodilation have similar issues where there are a large range of RCs, drugs and other things that can affect it and help you manage it, but like before it's easy to see how management can go wrong when the initial problem ends leaving you with what still active?

Have you made the effort to listen to your subconscious today? 'Your sake' breakz are as amazing as line times or pin mins.

Nice report Mink thumbup
Updated Parts 2 onward, I'll add more later but I need a break from typing clickety click click click ;)

Updated parts 7 where I'd reached enough for the weekend. Interested in other experiences, as I was really worn out, and was pushing my physical endurance too far never mind my chemical endurance...

Newbie advice I need to relearn:
  • An allergy test should not mean you can go on to a full weekend session.
  • Exercise and frequent movement, especially when you've been sitting all week as well.
  • Giving up smoking isn't an excuse to give up movement...
  • Hydration means more often than every day or so, and food/nutrition more than every 2-3 days.
  • Critical - Don't combine CNS depressants such as alpha/beta blockers or benzodiazapines/similar with stimulants unless you have specific training or advice,

Have you made the effort to listen to your subconscious today? 'Your sake' breakz are as amazing as line times or pin mins.

Minky finished the TR, up to Part 10 with an overly long conclusion. I proof read it for him, it's OK, conveys the tedium of 4 days awake on a light stim. Should make the lack of sex and glamour clear, and discourage sessions which was the point.

Shame he closed the Chrome window by mistake before saving it. As his TR said, he was starting to have mild mental flakiness. TBH I know him and I don't think it's the drugs, just old age.
(22-04-2015, 10:07 PM)pussyvomit Wrote: Minky finished the TR, up to Part 10 with an overly long conclusion. I proof read it for him, it's OK, conveys the tedium of 4 days awake on a light stim. Should make the lack of sex and glamour clear, and discourage sessions which was the point.

Shame he closed the Chrome window by mistake before saving it. As his TR said, he was starting to have mild mental flakiness. TBH I know him and I don't think it's the drugs, just old age.

Oh pussyvomit, I remember you! I think you and Minky should go up the wooden hill to bedfordshire now, don't puke on the pillow
This.....is real life

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