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4-AcO-DMT: Notes, experiences, thoughts
Hey all, I don't usually post threads but to celebrate the universe's tradition of change I thought I'd give it a go. Long one sorry I tried to keep it entertaining and otherwise valuable though skim it if you like, hope it helps.

Let me start by saying how interesting shoutbox can be, thanks all who contribute. Getting real conversation out of the internet seems to be a challenge these days – apparently it’s for wanking, basically? 95% of people go on chat roulette to press the 'Next' button – ls it that much fun? Maybe a vagina would improve the comms a bit. But thanks to all those who've kept the substance here, and apologies if I've driven any of you half insane. But hey, the glass is half full right, and you probably feel a bit more fucked up now that the first half is gone so let's be positive here.

The star of the show - 4-aco-dmt (DA NA!). In Summary it’s pretty fantastic, has plenty to it but perhaps a little challenging?
General notes

Recommend Psychonaut Wiki as a good place for an introduction to a substance - https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/4-AcO-DMT - i’ll just add what isn’t so much covered their.

Oral: slow onset, goes through stages (nice), opiate like calm at first. 5 hours ish

Nasal/plugged: I haven't done much snorting but hear it's much of a much. Fast! Straight through layers and to where you aimed at like passing the scenery after getting in a large catapult. 3 hours ish. 

IV: people say it’s the best end of. Injecting something that isn’t prepared to a professional standard? Cappilaries are one cell thick, anything insoluble may block them… non-injection ROAs basically require that substance dissolves or doesn’t enter the blood. But hey it’s your body.

1 week cross tolerance, no lethal overdose that i've heard of - seems non-toxic, prodrug of psilocin makes me think fairly safe, or very. full blown psychedelic so usual stuff (set/setting. don't take it and go to the pub first time, like lot's of people i've known...). no hangover/come down. It's lovely, treat her right buy her some mg scales.


All doses are personal. I know someone who needs half what I would take, despite taking 3x more lysergamides than I would. Also, experiences are personal, likely to differ between trippers, of course.

1)     <7mg: Stoning, aphrodisiac, not very psychedelic. Opiate like perhaps. Dull, easy. A nice wank though
2)     7-15mg: light psychedelic, maybe superficial – it’s own character, maybe a bit like shrooms. Very glossy and polished OEVS I found. It consistently makes everything look cute, like a virtual model village. Nice to pass through, maybe not a lot of substance.
3)     15-30mg: True hallucinations, CEV carton shows, very charismatic – a lot of signature moves that may recur, maybe very unique at times. Surprisingly frenetic mental videos unlike anything else I’ve had – unique. Perhaps still aphrodisiac up to 20-25mg? Good in bright rooms poor in dim.
4)     30-50mg: Visionary, maybe dissociative – travel through the oceans of the soul, profound realisations and encounters. Potentially very meaningful. Perhaps also very exciting , recreational – it has a full hand, it can go a lot of places. it's strong, about mushroom power.
General aspects

A lot of different tricks up it’s sleeves – more 3 dimensional than shrooms I think, more behaviours more character even. Not too much like shrooms though, despite being a pro-drug of psilocin. Maybe more like DMT? Signature characteristics like ornate recurring patterns and critter like characters make me think of DMT. Also messagey, cryptic, like it has something to say but it’s up to you to interpret it – a lot of nn-DMT encounters describe such things. Potential to be hyper frenetic, like DMT … it’s got DMT in the title. I think it may be like DMT.

Maybe, demanding. Appreciate it, approach with good set and setting. Good tunes could help. But IMO well worth it, and not to be feared. Great in so many respects, but maybe for delving, psychotherapeutic/spiritual type applications? A chat with yourself?

trials: 10mg, 20mg, 20mg with 3g syrian rue

10mg, oral: Mild OEVS - initial stoned calm sensation, glossy and highly rendered OEVS, rather technological adode-photo-shop cleaness to them. Promising, but superficial and underwhelming.

20mg, oral: Now i'm tripping. It's underwhelming. I close my eyes and see a detailed recurring pattern-type mesh with a wild humanoid creature clinging to it, raising it's head to bear fangs and roar at me. Sorry, not engaging/strong enough to draw me in, I return to the OEVS. Pink and dark green neon hallucinations appearing out of the beams - their surfaces are like aztec symbols crossed with a magazine montage, with hidden words amidst them. but it's not strong enough and I can't engage. The mind wanders and I become a little chaotic and awkward - you're in or you’re out, no half-measures or bad trip it is. It's like a relationship, the bond must be established and that requires a certain level of positivety to be reached and at this dose I don’t think it can happen. It's a bit of a bad trip, not strong enough to be 'bad' though really.
20mg with syrian rue (3g), oral: Syrian Rue, supposed to double potency and increase the ‘ancient wisdom effect’, maybe more intricate hallucinations. 3g crushed and cut up, steeped in hot water, drank 30 minutes before 20mg oral, in a capsule. 
Identical strength to 20mg alone - maybe slight ancient wisdom +1 effect from rue. I close my eyes and lay back on bed, and immediately a Mexican lady grabs me by the hand and starts to run through the dusty south-American streets of the flavella, down an alley onto another into a house through the corridors into a room where clouds hang in the air in the form of words. They are statements about myself. But something's wrong here - is it that the room is made out of clowns? They stop posing as walls revealing me to be in a boundless black space, reach out with their extensible arms and dissipate the words with a swish of their hands. Where the heck am I? i'm in my head. I open my eyes... the things I think are true about me are just clouds in my mind that could be blown away... clouds block the sunshine, don't they?
The rest of the trip... still too weak, I couldn't engage with it became awkward, frustrating. That journey was cool, the rest not so great. I resolve to keep trials pure from now on, should have gone for 40mg.
Real doses

48mg plugged: I'm bored of lesser doses and kept playing with the idea of a proper dose - I felt I could handle three or four times the power of the 20mg doses, but don't want to be gung ho. Linear response curve … as I understand it. Don’t really want an overdose, but I do want a solid dose though. 50 sounds sensible then, but... it's a big leap into the unknown. But perhaps I’ve been lightfooting too much. I decide to be less conservative (first 1p was 200ug and great) and weighed for 50 it comes out at 48 – let’s call that fate. I plugged with water and syringe.

Wow, that comes on fast. 2 minutes and detailed Indian type patterns in the carpet, I can’t even feel anything. Then I do, it’s an intense vibration. Oral onset is characterised by opiate like stone. Plugging is different then. Good, I prefer crazy to calm, calm is kind of creepy. The onset is so rapid it’s crazy, I’m stunned. I lie down but adopt a rigid plank position on the bed, wide eyed starring at the ceiling. Lots of OEVs, a spacey toy town feel to everything  The OEVS appear to take place as separate scenarios or moving pictures in several different places of the room at once, like many TVs tuned to different stations. Seemingly out of nowhere – I’m glad to be pretty fucked up, and hope for more – strong physical jitters come over me, an anxiety I can’t resolve. Cool, personal work on psychs is interesting, let’s convert the negative into positive – but I can’t, nothing I do makes a difference. Suddenly the room turns golden, and all the different hallucinations synchronise and the room is a single unified psychedelic scene. And the anxiety is gone. I thought a positive, compelling experience had transformed my tension, but maybe it was the psychedelic representation of an idea - that chaos, lack of harmony creates stress whilst harmony, good relations, solidarity resolves it. Glad to be calm again I watch intense bizarre morphing artworks behind my eyes – detailed recurring-pattern illustrated cartoon critters and the such. The tension returns. What have I learnt? Good beats bad like rock paper scissors, so I focus on the positive. A little man is dancing in my beam, he’s cool let’s pay attention to him. A magnification hallucination takes place and I travel into the beam – the more I look at him the more I see, I think information is being generated as I look for it. I travel further and further into the beam and am in the beam with him when the magnification stops – he is talking to my telepathically, and explaining that my tension is my mental behaviour. I’m doing it, it’s not being done to me. I realise it has ceased and I am calm, performing breathing exercises – I didn’t try realise I was, just so involved in the beam I slipped into it. A big arrow is pointing at my head. I’m in my head, all in your head. This little blue guy, talking to me telepathically – Is it me? It took me away from myself, amybe I lost self consciousness, maybe I was worrying about myself and err.. I (?) stopped that, took my mind somewhere else (into the beam) before saying (with an arrow)… all in your head, man. This is deep, I like it.

This trip was absolutely fucking fantastic. I’ve done shrooms a couple of hundred times, acid maybe 20, 2C-B 5 or more times, 2C-E…. I’ve begged a god I didn’t really believe in to let 200ug of acid last forever, cried tears of joy on shrooms a few times. Communications with higher beings (archetypes of the subconscious? Who knows…), spectacular beauty, all that and this is one of the best. Cinemix cinematic classical radio station was being good that night, very captivating – I delved delving the internal tunnels of the soul, voyaging from one fantasy bought to life to the next, like a psychedelic dissociative. A sphere of light, drawn out into a string, turned to face me so I saw it as a sphere again, but can look into the tube. A sphere of mind travels a time line and, with retrospect, can sum up it’s experiences and understand, more mature perhaps. We’ve got to go through it all to understand… many epiphanies summarising the significance of life and mind, teaching me how to think what could be. Such strong feelings, an animal type dragon spirit is awakened – time for dragon noises (Weird looks from the neighbours happened the next day). This is almost ecstatic, I feel enamoured, pumped full of emotions – I can imagine this is how bombshell female teenagers coming of age might feel, I’m very much alive, if not excessively. I writhe, claw the closet tear the bed sheets by accident. People need to experience this, personal satisfaction at height is the purpose we would share in common if we knew this, this is unifying. No, not negativity or poodling along, slave to all the work you imagine is required and oppressed by your fears and lack of vision of fantasticality, your own worst enemy with – they should know. Great stuff but one small concern – I’ve been tripping like 8 hours, it was meant to last 3. Shit. Am I the guy who never came down? I manage to read my watch. 2.5 hours. Time dilation it is then.

On the way down it was very entactogenic and aphrodisiacal, very animocious. Sex is great, I’m not sure you could ride it’s peak but if you could, with a significant other in the heat of passion that would perhaps be unthinkably great.

47mg plugged

To fathom hell or sore angelic. This is surely one of the great psychedelics, deserving a place in the hall of fame with lysergamides, mushrooms, DMT and other chemical legends. But what it is to fall from height…
I staggered teh administration, one third every three minutes. Less crazy and abrupt, wouldn't bother in the future - i'm used to getting fucked up it doesn't threaten me. I race through the early stages – it has phases, plateaus – initially comically cute and shiny, like a highly rendered and polished lego computer game. Then there is a speaker, frenetic and commanding, instructing me to be like this or like that no yes rapid adjustments to achieve the right mentality. Relax, pay attention, no as you like it not as you are told… I remember this from last time, but didn’t recollect it after the trip. There’s more to this than I realised, and it may be systematic and consistent. Very interesting.

I close my eyes and a fully formed, vivid and clear water fountain sculpture of sorts levitates on it’s side in the black void. Water pours into the top buckets which fill and pivot, depositing their contents into the next bucket which repeats… the water flows from the sculpture into invisible channels that lead to a 3d hexagon. Lots of 3d water hexagons fill the space and  drift up and down. A flurry of light, a little fairy, sparkles into life in each and develops into a cute little child character, like a sim – a black girl with a polkadot dress and bunched afro pony tails, waving their arms and drifting at play in their own little bubbles. It’s captivating, so clear and solid. I’m sold. Me. Where am I in this? Pinned to the ceiling like a light bulb. Why? I’m being shown this, but kept out of it. Am I likely to interfere? I look to myself and see a great green reptilian eye, red-lipped iris and slit pupil. I’m evil, it seems. But this is part of the craziness I egg it on haha comeonnnnn yeah, hassisisis, evilllllll hahahaha…. A great football fish rises towards me and the teeth enclose me. Now I’m having an OBE, floating above a multi-storey block of flats – high rise. Not the Ritz. Back to my body – I’m in one of it’s corridors, keen to continue. Show me more! I’m having a good time… The invisible presence leads me along the corridor to a room, and in I go. Lots of MC escher type dog faces and fish faces are interlocked, gaping and a little woeful, to form 3d doedecahedron type things, drifting up and down. They surround me, clamber towards me like mindless zombies going gaping at me, box me into the corner. And that’s it…. OK cool, where’s the journey going next? Nowhere. The spirit has gone. Bouncing, gaping dog fish. OK then. … fuck this, I’m coming up for air. I open my eyes, my room is alive. It’s not pictures on the wall, the pictures go through the walls – cartoon space men in a big slidey elevator thing roll up to me and bloack my way. Nope! …This is becoming a theme. You don’t want me around?

What the fuck was that all about! Fantastically cryptic. I thought about it a lot. The water ran sideways and took me under… in the mind the laws of physics don’t apply. Physics = causality, no? stuff happens for a reason. It’s induced. I make decisions, I’m not a tool – unless you go with the whole no-free will thing. And in the mind the baby souls are put into the basic physical forms then develop. Water is a key ingredient. But… I’m the bad guy??? Oh. Err. Then … urban decay. The hexagons have grown up, and they are pointless woefull creatures that block me. Back to my psychedelic room, the beings I dragged up out of my mind are blocking me too. I ask, ‘where are my keys?’ My subconcious mind get’s back to me in it's own time, but it’s in another room I don’t see it’s workings. What’s going on in their? A trip? I don’t see it, most the time. Makes me think of labyrinth, where the magic monsters hide cos your no fun all wound up about bad things and dealing with the maze. It’s fucking interesting.

I close my eyes again – I think I’m 30 minutes in or something. Crazy curios, arty things, weird cartoon critters and  - SHABAM! A door is hurled open and smashes me to the ground. Like a car crash victim I lay wondering what hit me and would have asked but the master, emerged from the door like a parent entering a play room, silences me - Shh! He knows what I will say as I think to say it. He’s aged, small and mole like, aristocratic – a dwarf Mozart perhaps, and he’s not taking any of my shit. He’s the demanding genius type – OK, by all appearances this guy is 'an adept', so you talk I’ll listen. The curling gold leaves on the doors are immaculate enough to suggest great things are at work here. He’s busy - I don’t know what he’s doing... thinking? The room darkens, all disappears. Where am I? Somewhere, flames are gradually licking up a dim torch shadowy figure, crouched on all fours, humanoid but featureless, is being revealed. Feverishly he whispers, clambers, claws, hyperactively moving, moving, moving, for no apparent reason, nothing pretty or interesting happening that I can see… what is this, madness? Why do you do this? You’re not making anything better now are you? I wanted to shake him and demand ‘WHY? WHY? WHY???’, but knew the answer: He didn’t know. There were more of them. Many. Please! They Begged, PLEASE! They called at the gates. Whispering, chanting. They knew of above, and that they did not know how to get there. They were lost. These problems manifest in a thousand cruel evils, the brilliant potential of the spirit reduced to meanness and poverty, insanity and undesirability. Stunted men who had lost the battle with themselves, and I was one. Often, I think about the people I’ve had difficulty with – my father, any one of those motherfucking assholes at school, colleagues… pick one. I got hit, and social phobic disorder and all the rest, according to me it's fucked and I got it bad - some 'friends', colleagues, some monster on the uni corridor chuck two liters of vegetable oil over the kitchen, fills the grill with plastic bags, turns it on and and goes to bed. No it’s not far out, I’ve seen it many times and worse… I hate these bastards, I want to fucking smash them frequently enough. Really. But in reality? It’ll be the other way round. It consumes my mind… but I don’t have the answers. They are lost – work is helping people, money buys work (only), makes the world go round. They just fuck each other about likes it’s nothing and mental health is the price… decades of loss and torcher. Then they live in that hell. They know not what they do, it’s a small deal life right? Education is required here, not hate. What a bastard I am, banished from within by the higher ones for my vicious detestation of these ‘animals’, but it was it my fault? I didn’t see it like that. Don’t blame me! But Devil cries, Devil cares. Tears poured down my face.

I surfaced to escape this hell, let’s try my luck above. I opened my eyes – the room was more shape than room. I think 4-ACO gives great bright-room OEVs and is a very CEV/visionary psych, but dim in the dark, unlike the neon mushroom. A lot going on but so dim it’s not worth looking at. If I turned the lights on this might be ok, but getting out of bed and turning my dark room into something bright and wakeful is more than I can bear, I want to recooperate in the dark wrapped in blankets. Bad trip now - I try to turn it around so many ways but no joy. Defeated, I give in – I’ll be miserable then, fuck it. I’m very high – it’s a suicidal move, almost. This is giving up heaven for hell. But as soon as I relinquish control the trip reverts to amazing – a change in tone, brilliant open space and motion unthinkable to the negative mind. It can be whatever you can imagine it to be. The most magical thing imaginable is the imagination… it’s magic that denies magic, often enough. But I don’t care, I’m beat, I gave up when I lost the will to live so fuck your amazingness I choose despair. 1mg of flam I’ve had enough.

Well, I’ve said a lot – I never read much at length on the net, if you’ve got this far I guess you do, but I won’t go on. I had a few more encounters around 40mg, lights on (delving into the mind is top, so bed is good - maybe mood lighting would help? keep some light invovled), and had some very cathartic yet positive therapy session type things. I talked to ‘masters’ and lots was said.  I think this one is quite demanding, you need to appreciate what it offers or it be intolerant. It attacks my issues and makes me face them, it ‘deals’ with me. 2C-B is just pretty stuff to me, so I hate it. Contentless … this could to be too deep at times, but after that first solid dose I couldn’t doubt it’s value, but it really requires good set. I got a bit scared of it and decided to dose lower, and had a surprisingly good, untroubled trip at 30mg plugged. Plateau 4 seems to be where it can get rocky for me, plateau 2 is a little superficial. Plateau 3, Real OEVs and CEV journeys, not so much visionary transportation, is easier going and still amazing, but you may need to accept simple artworks as the big attraction, not a meeting with an inner alien who’s going to revolutionise your life. But it’s great at that level, really awesome arts their. As a psychedelic dissociative this can be profound and life changing, or brutal perhaps. I didn’t mention, it was incredibly recreational as well as deep at best… it covered all bases virtually.

Fuck yeah. 4-Aco-Dmt! Or is it the psychedelic or the self that needs worshipping here? Whatever, it can be amazing :D
This was in stimulants - moved it to Psychedelic trip reports for ya
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
(27-02-2017, 10:36 PM)Xochipilli Wrote: This was in stimulants - moved it to Psychedelic trip reports for ya

Ah, thanks for that. Funnily enough, stimulants account for the length of the post
That's the shit right there. I knew it would be good when I read "This trip was absolutely fucking fantastic".

Yeah. I enjoyed and award a point, may it be some small reward.
(01-03-2017, 02:23 AM)2Corinth13:1 Wrote: That's the shit right there. I knew it would be good when I read "This trip was absolutely fucking fantastic".

Yeah. I enjoyed and award a point, may it be some small reward.

Thanks man, it's always good to know somebody enjoyed what you had to offer. as for the point... yesssss, powerrrrrrr...... MwahAhaHahA

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