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Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone ever sampled this? I only ever saw it on one vendors site years ago and I believe it was a free sample ie spend £xxx amount get 100mg.

Well, that just became an excuse to buy all sorts of sh#*, god knows what.

Anyway, this being before I really understood HR or even that it was a thing I never had it tested or even reagent tested.

25-30mg snorted produced the most amazing visuals I've ever had, I watched the books on my bookcase all begin to glow and slowly slide off the shelves and start switching places with each other. It was like all my stuff was coming out from where it was stored, floating around the room before packing themselves away again. All the while I sat and watched feeling completely sober and just amazed at it all. Think it lasted about 20-30mins before fading off.

My question is, what other drugs cause these kinds of visuals? If any? I've tripped on a lotta different psychs of various classes (trypts, 2cs, mescaline, lysergamides, n-bomes) n never had anything like this. 

Oh and I can find very little online about it which makes me wonder about the authenticity, you woulda thought people would have been loving something like this!

Hi, I've never tried 4-AC0-DALT and rarely ever got anything too visual out of 5-MEO-DALT. 

What I do recall as being extremely visual, with the same ROI , duration and dose as the one that you mention is 5-MEO-MALT. A 20-30 mg rail could produce a half hour in H R Giger world, with melting clocks, elongating fingers and sorcerer's apprentice style vortices of everyday objects. Like many tryptamines, its effects were of relatively short duration and didn't produce that kind of over-long nagging questioning of consensus reality which comes with some similarly active substances as they wear off.

There's an extremely interesting book called The Psilocybin Solution which looks deeply into what tryptamines are and what they do, should you be interested in following this particular rabbit down its hole.
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Cheers for the info on the book, I shall be diving into that rabbit hole head first. Just call me Alice!


Who the fu*# is Alice?


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