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3fpm mdai doseage help
Said she was thinking of 150mg and little mdai just worried this be too big starting dose but was thinking about this sort of doseage myself as taking orally if initial 50mg doesn't hit the spot
MDAI has a fairly slow onset as you've mentioned already, and also can change quite quickly once you add the stimulant, so give it a while before deciding to add more. Stuff like going outside for a bit of fresh air or something can make it feel like it has suddenly kicked in even if you feel like it has shown itself already.

100mg MDAI works well as a starter for me, with up to 50mg stim then maybe half of those doses again between 1 and 2 hours later. Just don't go chasing an MDMA equivalent and enjoy what it has to offer in its own right, which is pretty damn nice in my opinion (I describe it to people as akin to MDxx but without the, as I find it, uncomfortable rush and overstim at the start. Like one long afterglow)
(11-02-2016, 11:32 PM)Jonnyhal Wrote: Chilled out she is looking at 50mg of 3-fpm which is a good dose.

Your right though 150mg would be over the top for 3-fpm alone.

Thanks guys, I was guessing 100 mg as the branded product I was using contained 47% 3fpm and I took 210mg of it , felt it a bit but I was drinking too.

I should point out I take 20mg citalopram daily so not sure the mdai would eork well with this. 

Perhaps I will start with 50mg of mdai and then if and when I feel that then 100mg of the stim 3fpm.
You shouldn't mix MDAI with citalopram or other SSRI antidepressants, at best you'll not feel it, at worst you could be at risk of serotonin syndrome (unpleasant & possibly deadly).
Thanks that's decision made for me then! No mdai.
Just going to try 100mg of the 3fpm.

Thanks x
As Passiflora has said, please do not take MDAI whist on Citalopram or any other serotonin reuptake inhibitor. The potential for serotonin syndrome is very dangerous and could prove to be fatal.

Be safe and stay with the 3-FPM alone. To be honest, when I combined 3-FPM and MDAI, it wasn't all that, in fact I hated it. Would never try that again.

Taking doses of 3-FPM at 150mg a time is not wise and possibly dangerous so don't do that! When I used to have a sensible session with it, I would start off with 50mg, then re-dose around 1.5-2 hours later with a 25mg bump, I re-dosed like that around 5 times throughout the session. Don't try and push the boundaries with 3-F, I have found myself in a world of shit when I pushed and pushed and didn't respect the chem, not a road you'd want to go down, it's a nasty place, so be sensible and respect what you're taking.

If you're having problems with your love Python rising to the occasion when using stims for sexy time, RC analogues of viagra have proved to be useful when me and my partner have had sexy stim time.

He used a chemical that we purchased called Acetildenafil, a few UK vendors stock it in powder or pellet form. Be aware that the pellets contain 100mg of the chem and that is too high of a dose to take in one go. If you purchase them, you'd need to split the pellet into 4 pieces and start low by taking one piece, then work your way up, only re-dosing if necessary. You shouldn't take more than one quartered pellet during your sesh.

The powdered form of Acetildenafil is your best bet as you can accurately measure the amount of mg and use accordingly. If you decide to use it, start off by performing an allergy test with around 1mg and gauge any possible side effects. Dose wise with powder, you would want to start with 25mg, 30mg max. After 2-3 hours, see how things stand and decide whether you need a redose - 20mg, 25mg max.

You can't go wrong with the old trusty Acetildenafil, more effective than generic Viagra in our experience. Be safe and always start low and slow as with any chem. Never take Viagra or its analogues with poppers, or room odourisers as they are marketed. Very dangerous!

Anyway, let me know how you get on if you decide to try it.

Stay safe x
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