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3fmp and pyrazolam
So the two RCs I have used the most recently were 3fmp and pyrazolam.

I have ADHD and have been prescribed methylphenidate. I have found 3fmp to be much better that mph at helping with ADHD and with less side effects. It Doesnt cause as much anxiety and doesnt sometimes randomly make me depressed. It doesnt seem very euphoric to me though. Mabey becuase I have been using methylphenidate and am imune to the euphoric effects. The only thing I would say is that insufflated it can be a little addictive and I sometimes find myself doing it when I am feeling depressed.

I have found pyrazolam to be a good RC to get to sleep. I used this drug every day for 1 week to get to sleep and was still able to sleep (a little less well) without it. Also I find it can make me feel more refreshed the next morning. It seems different to other benzos in that it simply makes you feel tired rather than alters your conciousness.

I think these compounds would be good to study for medical purposes. Shame about the psychoactive substances bill.

What are other peoples experiences with these chems?
Pyrazolam: excellent. A really fantastic and worthwhile benzo. Should be a proper, prescribeible medicine.

3-f: excellent, then not so excellent, then trying to quit, then finally quitting and getting nauseated at the thought of another line of it.

Which will probably pass....but hopefully not before the ban comes in and it's suddenly a bit more expensive looking at it on the shelves of Europe.
Yeh I keep finding myself doing a little bit in the evenings but usually feel fine the next day. But then im the same with booze. Mabey its similar to people who cant go a day without coffee. If im in a good mood I usually find I can avoid it.

It may be different for me because I have also been taking methylphenidate but have massivly reduced the dose recently.

Do you recon it will still be possible to get it from europe then? I thought they were going to criminalize its import too.
(24-01-2016, 10:00 PM)A100 Wrote: Do you recon it will still be possible to get it from europe then? I thought they were going to criminalize its import too.

Wouldn't have the foggiest, my friend. Wouldn't have the foggiest.

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