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For me, the bottom line is that AL-LAD is a great RC, but it feels like a real "drug" at high doses and so it's only enjoyable in smaller/regular doses. I couldn't use this to get the same experience I got with mushrooms, which I would so dearly love to see in a future RC, especially if it is as short lasting as this.


4-ACO-DMT was brilliant for this, unfortunately it has now been scheduled in the UK. It really was a wonderful RC, kind of like a cross between DMT and mushrooms but entirely different at the same time.

For me Hawaiian mushrooms were the best, very clear with beautiful visions and wonderful insight. However I found the Mexican and golden teacher strains to be quite hazy, like having a television or radio not quite tuned into the correct frequency.

4-ACO-DMT was beautifully clear, wonderfully pleasant at lower doses with incredibly detailed and intense visuals (both CEV and OEV) at higher doses. Great for sex (not so much at higher doses) and very similar to a 5gram dry mushroom trip.

But like I said, unfortunately scheduled now which rules it out for me, but highly recommended should you find yourself in a country where it is legal.

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