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33 mg 2cb-fly and 250mcg 1p ETH LAD the next day
Couldnt sleep sat night, so a got a brillant idea (?) around 5 am to try the 2cb fly.
Measured out 33 mg, and I wout go into the pros and cons of dosing at that dose.

Hit me after an hour, I went to get smokes and a few beers and felt it kicking in just as arriving home.
Sort of a rushy, stimmy come up. In 1-2 hrs settled down into a good body feeling and a desire to giggle.
started getting seriuos visuals.. they were lovely, went out for a few smokes and outside looked ten times better than my room.
Wanted to go a walk(lovely morning) but also didnt want to bump into people that would know I was high, so didnt go the walk.

Sat listening to music for a few hours, the time flew. Lay down about 13.00pm and slept no prob.
never really felt much comedown.
All in all a spendid trip(?)

Sunday night could sleepnt again and got thinking it there was cross toralacne b/t 2CB FLY and !p ETH LAD. So I dosed2,5 tabs if for nothing more that to see if there was cross toralnce.

I could felf it hitting with around ten minutes and built from there, as it was keeping in stronger, i got the munchies and had duck noodles and dthen a toasted sandwich.
Visually were becoing stronder and i felt a bit fed up.. like a wanted a beer, or J, or something. I went out for a walk and the roads looked unbevialbe, hard to expain but the hallucination develops to awsome levels
I have to say the visaullys were crystal clear and Im not just repeating what others had said
...would loved to walk the strests for a couple of hours but it was cold and rainy... I have to say the outdoor visually were better than in my room.

Slowly came down, sweet comedown, head felt clear, didnt feel like i'll been on cid at all. went into town and down some things before heading home and getting some sleep

Overal both the 2BC fLY and 1p ETH LAD were excenent
Thanks for the report. I should add for anyone thinking of trying 2c-b-FLY, 33mg is a very high dose. I'd suggest 10-20mg for a first time. I personally found 15mg very strong.
What Wingley said!  2.5 tabs of 1P-ETH-LAD is a hefty dose too.  I suspect there was some cross tolerance but you just obliterated it by taking more 1P than would have been needed otherwise.

I wonder whether 1P-LSD would have been equally successful.  I have some 1P-ETH-LAD but not a large amount and I'd probably want to use that separately without the after-effects of other drugs clouding the experience.  1P-LSD however I have plenty of.

Thanks for the TR, something for me to keep in mind at the next festy I go to.  Being able to trip properly two days in a row would be good indeed  excited

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