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32mg 2C-B-FLY “A fly in the ointment"
I may come back with some amendments tomorrow but here’s my report:

11.15 Swallow maybe 31 or 32mg of 2C-B-FLY which starts to assert itself in maybe 45 minutes.
From 1-2.5hr basically not much and loaf about, pick  up an instrument and half heartedly play here and there. Listen to an mp3 or 2. Keep feeling very cold.  Fractional visual change, no mood lift – at times a little pessimistic in a calm okay sort of manner; latterly a bit lighter. Body weirdness here and there.
Tongue going weird, put on a pot for Mrs Xochs home arrival. Body oddness.
2.35 sitting in the sun – what is this actually doing? Slight shifting in the head and the body awareness which is un-threatening,easy but with which I am not, perhaps paradoxically, entirely at ease with.
Chat to MrSecurity online who suggests it’s really just a bodybuzz – which seems to be the long and short of it.
3.10 “Bodybuzz”, well as such I guess it’s fairly smooth although my temperature regulations totally shot. It’s become increasingly evident its reasonably warm, bordering hot, in the sun in the garden/conservatory. But I can’t shake the cold feeling. Perhaps if you have a naturally sunnier or more social demure than I this might be pleasant; I can’t see a place for it. The only thing I could think of would be a festival where you need to be totally functional. But then the sensory paybacks are so stunningly small as to why bother? It’s barely psychedelic; can’t see it’s really any more ‘mind manifesting’ than many substances from opiates to lyrica. Weed potentially would blow this away psychedelically in it’s way. I basically feel very nearly straight.
3.30 Odd feelings return, racy, hands numb, heavy chest then it eases but I am calm. This happens on and off.
3.50 Bit of visual movement but like the colour enhancement it is modest.
Then again the washes of mild unease keep coming back. Maybe it’s like an acid dopamine rush but without the stunning embroadening dynamics beforehand.
I am calm and rational but the oddness keeps returning, getting stronger towards the 5hr point where I am starting to wonder quite what it’s doing to me; heads less clear. Couple of twinges or jolts; probably ok but decide with the unknowns I’ll raise the seizure threshold just in case and take 0.5mg Etizolam at 4.20 (5hrs) – probably not needed; I think I could probably take yet a larger dose  (this was for the most part very mild) although I have no wish to and those effects were probably on the cusp of going but frankly not risking shit on a drug this crumby.  Set about my trip report thus far.  At some point next-doors Jack Russell gets into the garden and our part Bengal cat chases it to and fro;(sadly I miss this) before patrolling security firm-esque round her dominion
6.00 It’s time for tea before we take the dogs out (it’s cooled by now) mild movement in my vision; mostly ignorable. Stimulated body, relatively smooth edged perhaps but still nothing I would seek; it’s still potentially irritating.
7.00 Things look quite nice out (dog walk) but heads not very clear and the stimulations getting a bit grating. And just waiting for the benzos I took before leaving kick in.
8.00 Feeling less rattled and at 8.25 take another benzo and things smoothing out nice


This drug has had overwhelmingly positive reviews so hardly needed a ringing endorsement from me and it won’t get one. I’ve given it a fair shake; four goes 16mg, 22mg, 26mg and now 31-32mg: For all the complex chemistry to get here there really isn’t much beyond a mild, bordered on bland edge of trippiness and a “bodybuzz” that I don’t find that pleasing; smooth with rough edges. Certainly not worth wasting a reasonably lengthy 15 hours or so on.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
That sounds horribly disappointing. I have noted you've had idiosyncratic responses with a few chems though.
There have been a few things I’m not esp, sensitive to; a couple of psyches and clonazolam and a few I am very - notably the dreaded phenibut. 2C-B-AN barely had any effect at 100mg. Most responses are more or less normal I think other than where depression or aspergers effects results - not prone to social interaction for example. Yeah a bit disappointed but this stuff is full on pointless; stupidly weak except for all the body weirdness. can’t see any point raising the dose further; felt absolutely exhausted today - maybe the benzos but that’s not normal - anyway food and bed - I am shattered. might try bk-2-c-b again - that totally shone compared to this; and barely longer. Most liked FLY - got to be a few don’t rate it.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Have you ever tried 2cb or a non bk 2c (2c-c,2c-i etc) chemical before? Did you have any favorable reaction to them?
love the world and it will love you back. chin
Yeah 2C-B was awesome stuff. The 2Cs I liked the most were B,C,D,E and 2CT-2. 2CT-21 was recreational. 2C-P and 2-CT-4 quite good. 2CT-7 bit speedly. Didn’t like 2C-I much at all; bit plastic and very speedy. It’s probably fair to say I prefer tryptamines-lysergamides to PEAs on the whole. Thinking of getting a bit of bk-2C-B since it was at least pleasant/fun and trippy - I tried to remain sanguine about 2C-B-FLY (and this was to see if it was worth getting some pre ban) but I’ve totalled about 60hrs on this crap hoping it would get better and my conclusion is it sucks. If you want a mild sub-trippy bodybuzz 5MeO-DALT leaves this in the dust and that never bore endless repeats
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
I couldn't help but feel this stuff was shilled to death and it`s the first 2c drug I decided not to buy.

Especially at £210 per gram.

It was out before and reported as mediocre at best and yet to read this board you would think at times it was on a par with 2cb itself which is the best rc I ever had the good fortune to aquire.

It`s little wonder that 2-cb was one of the `magical half dozen`

Xochipilli has simply provided an honest report
My experiences with this particular substance have varied. My first trip on the 10mg yellow pills from LL was very euphoric and mildly visual. It seemed as if it greatly depended on what I was doing to define the effects. For example listening to music was nice and stimulating but doing simple chores and making food felt quite dull. My second trip at 20mg was quite similar to your trip but I had a much more visual experience. The headpsace at this dosage felt very weird and my temperature kept changing, didn't like the latter trip at all.
Isn't keeping it really quiet until last minute, offering no free samples for in exchange for reviews, the chemical appearing suddenly without warning and no crazy hype train pretty much the exact opposite of shilling? This has some that like and respond well and some that don't like it. Just like everything, there's the fans and there's opposition to just about everything in life.
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It took LL a longtime and money to make it - he said lets hope it’s a good as the hype (don’t like that the word hype but words to that effect) - there was no shilling and he is an upstanding vendor - what usually happens - rather than shilling is people get way excited and count chickens before they hatch - how many threads have reached 10 pages with little else but “oo I’m excitied”; I was too each offering could be good enough to have it’s place. “Hype” more often than not is just people getting too excited before the event.
Even though this didn’t do anything good I kept going hoping it might blossom; it was clear this might not be top league but might be fun-enjoyable as a milder less edifying psychedelic. To me it’s turned out to be about the worst 2C drug going (not tried nbomes - although they are at least psychedelic sounding if dangerous) but Neilj is right people just vary in response and taste. It’s gained a bit of a mythic status and maybe has a honeymoon period, I don’t know but it’s clear a lot of people simply like it. I wasn’t expecting major fireworks off it but even as a going out without confusion or socialising, music whatever even though it’s performed extremely poorly compared to a low dose of almost anything for me and a few others. I’m sad about that but I am not envisioning any conspiracy; you can’t please all the people all the time. If you find it a mild pleasurable state “bodybuzz” good luck to you really.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Very mild still didn't stop me buying 40 odd pellets. I ev necked it on a few occasions I like the mild pleasant body feel and get Minuit visuals. I will try 40mg next time but my tolerance maybe be building every fort night I ev tried 20mg maybe 3times and tried 30mg this weekend and was quite happy and mildly trippy also had 2mg of pyrozam , not sure what else to combo with this to keep the fly part the most maybe 50mg and skip 40. Has anybody tried high doses ?

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