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3-meo PCP
Joking aside, I hope your ok Geeza.

I can't find this vendor when I google it, it just brings me back here.??????
I found the website before.... they are not selling what they are offering though obviously.
Lowest of the low this type of vendor. :exclamation:
any source that do 3-meo ? good quality?

(03-06-2012, 07:52 AM)UGH1979 Wrote: I'd buy it again if it was cheaper, or had a decent dissociative effect, but at the BRC price it's just not worth it compared to what else I can legally buy.

What else u can legally buy? I mean dissociatives?

(12-05-2012, 09:48 PM)spankz Wrote: Yeah, well since I got into MXE (rip), I was looking into the meo-pcp chems. I've got a sample on the way from the states of 4-meo, as my last "sample" I recieved was duff.

Avoid *edit* their *edited illegal* total crap!

(17-05-2012, 01:26 AM)zlex Wrote: 50 mg on its way looking forward to researching this one
where from?

(17-05-2012, 03:14 AM)Knothing Wrote: I've heard best ROA is to shovel it up your arse, but I can understand if you don't like that idea. Intramuscular works well with these but I wouldn't advise anyone to try it that way. Nasally has been reported to work well.
I found another source for this, seems legit and has been around a long time. I haven't tried them yet but will be placing an order soon. It's now any of the big EU names though.
Can u share the source mate?
Try now I can't find it.
(03-06-2012, 07:52 AM)UGH1979 Wrote: I got 50mg of this from BRC about 8 months ago but was very underwhelmed by it. After reading many trip reports I decided 10mg was the dose I'd go for so a friend and I tried it. It was enjoyable but mild. Some OK euphoria coupled with the tiniest bit of dissociation. (Like I'd get off one small line of shit ket) About 4 hours later we took the rest so 15mg each, and it was more of the same. Enjoyable but very mild.

I'd buy it again if it was cheaper, or had a decent dissociative effect, but at the BRC price it's just not worth it compared to what else I can legally buy.

BRC isn't even selling it on the site.
This is the first post of this "member". He's making excuses for this rubbish not even being 3-meo-pcp at all, saying it's "enjoyable with OK euphoria like a small line of KET that he'd buy again if it weren't for the price". So he's saying don't buy it of BRC (who don't even sell it) but from vendors with better pricing. Who could that be?
NovelCODSHITE? Stuck with a big bag of poison you can't get rid of there you effing arsewipe?
glad geeza is fine :)
(06-07-2012, 02:39 AM)froggy007 Wrote: glad geeza is fine :)

^ Am fuming with 256 colours of anger but except for that not too bad...
[Image: Rainbow_Vomit_by_peoplperson.jpg]
goto warn others about it....
(06-07-2012, 02:33 AM)Geeza Wrote: BRC isn't even selling it on the site.

BRC are selling 3-meo-PCP on their site.
It's even in stock right now...

But anyway, I decided to try the last amount of this i had from novelRC last night after I'd been laying in bed for a minute
(5mg remained after flushing the bag then evaporating) and thought, due to geeza getting very bad results, I may as well try it a third time... play it out.

Decided to vape the 5mg, as more than double that dose on 2 occasions did sweet fuck all, and alas for the third time, there was nothing after 30 minutes, so i decided to turn in and get some sleep...

I still haven't slept, and I need to wash my sheets again, I don't think I've sweat that much in my life. No expected effects came, I just sweat, loads and loads... No unease, no dissociation, no stimulation, i felt lethargic the whole time and feel quite ill now.
Got a splitting headache and very bad stomach cramps right now.

Whatever it is, it's severely impure

Stay away from NovelRC's 3-meo-PCP.
If you have some, bin it or sent it somewhere for analysis (if viable)
I have been away and still have my sample which I said I would try and test for cyanide. Will try and do this at the weekend. Will not be sampling this product after recent reports.

Hope everyone's ok!

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