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3-FPM - chronic high dosage use - stories, discussion, experiences, info... Anything!
(09-03-2018, 07:20 AM)niamh Wrote: I used phenidates for about three years, moving from ethylphenidate to 4-methylmethylphenidate to 4F-MPH. I didn't taper off, so much as run out and move through a series of increasingly shit stimulants until they weren't doing anything for me. And then I stopped and slept for a week. That was over a year ago. I've had brief periods of use in the time since, each time ending when I ran out and intentionally didn't get more. I don't have the self-control to use stimulants in a non-compulsive way - the only way I stop is by not having stimulants around to use.

You're not reckless, irresponsible or an idiot - stimulants are highly compulsive and anyone can end up in your situation because those behaviours are the exact behaviours that stimulant use induces in many people.

I really appreciate the kind words on this forum as opposed to certain forums who would merely bash someone for "being an idiot".

I started on stimulants over 10 years ago, but it was nothing more than a night out partying with cola or mdma every few months.

It wasn't until I was in my early 30's that I was diagnosed with adhd and prescribed concerta.

Long story short: Was diagnosed as a depressed alcoholic 5 years ago (I stay away from booze at least), then 3 years ago, that diagnosis was moved to ADHD.

I had not touched coke or mdma for about 3 years. As soon as I was prescribed methylphenidate, within a week I was hooked!

I would typically run through my prescribed 72mg/day in about 20-25 days and would either take a couple of days off (in misery) but for the most part: Grab some ethyl, isopropyl, 4f-methylphenidate or 3-fpm to supplement the rest of the month.

Once again, change of diagnosis: PTSD (which has symptoms that include substance/alcohol abuse, depression, inattention and many more to boot).

Well I surely could not be prescribed any addictive medication anymore (young, textbook smart, doctor logic.) So I took matters into my own hands.

Hell, I could even responsibly dose crystal methamphetamine for a period (10-20mg daily, oral only and would ensure to liquify the crystal as soon as I got it to avoid my compulsion to snort things). Basically I was attempting to replicate the dose range for the prescription drug desoxyn (Pharmeceutical D-meth as amp sulfate is very uncommon over here except in prescription form).

I did not get high off of it, if anything, it felt like I was sober for the first time. Scattered thoughts became organized according to importance and time sensitivity. Instead of thinking "I should do this", I would just "do" without question.

Needless to say, this was only sustainable for so long as my tolerance built, and the human condition only wanted this back...."Perhaps I would try just once to see what the high is like" I thought to myself. It was then that I recognized how the addiction creeps up on meth, but my brain was so switched on that I was able to catch it in time.

3-fpm though is the one stim that grabbed me by the balls the most. I love it, yet hate it at the same time. I even commented to a friend that I used meth to function and 3-fpm to get high (no longer use meth even for functional purposes, laws are far too strict on it and I don't want to goto jail).

Thank you all for your support. The plan will be to take some time off work to sleep after this bag runs out. After all, I have had my stim free time since being removed from medication - usually a week after a 3-fpm binge when I would feel good again. I would goto the gym and harvest a fair amount of dopamine naturally. Will be supplementing with L-tyrosine and turn to modafinil if I really feel like I can't get out of the funk for a long period.

Regardless, I can not have 3-fpm anymore because I like it too much.

(10-03-2018, 03:32 PM)magick Wrote: This may or may not be a popular suggestion, but if you really want to make aqueous solutions of stims go further, buy a box of disposable syringes and plug it. I don't think I've done so with 3f, but certainly with similarly 'rough' things on the snout. I tend to find stims a bit selflimiting sooner or later... the week off sounds good... fitting the 'rough' around deadlines is the rough bit.

Your doses aren't obscene... we once talked down a guy who was 9 grams into a 25g bag of 3-FPM after three days... that's heading for stim psychosis, or already there, so hardly a recommendation. I'd probably stick at about your sort of doses, but they're not off the charts. The happy end to that tale, after a lot of reluctance, he apparently managed to trade what he had left for half an ounce of good herb, which was perhaps the best example of stim binge harm reduction I've ever come across. :-)

I have "boofed" a few times. I did not seem to notice effect though. As far as I know I was doing it correctly (having boofed opiates a couple of times and is my preferred roa for 4-aco-dmt (holy shit, it becomes a different experience altogether and at half the dose of oral).

Perhaps I was expecting it to hit harder and I was already at my plateau. There is just something about that "punched in the nose" feeling that snorted 3-fpm gives me. I have grown to love this pain - as sadistic as that sounds.

Regardless, I will take your advice. Being as caustic as is, I can only imagine that strictly boofing will rot away my balloon knot, so rotating my roa sounds like a decent plan.
I can see it in my words, one of the big reasons I take way more than neccessary is because I seek out that "punch in the nose" feeling.

I guess one solution would be to dose orally, then tell a pissed off drunk bloke I got on with his ol' lady the other night and wait for a slug to the snout, haha.

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