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3-FPM - chronic high dosage use - stories, discussion, experiences, info... Anything!
(25-03-2016, 10:35 PM)Browno Wrote:
(08-12-2015, 12:36 PM)Wilf Wrote:
With the main 3-FPM threads across the major drugs forums growing ever longer, making it harder to quickly find reliable information relating to specific aspects of this chem, I considered that having a place to collect info on something I suspect a lot of us might be wondering about could be useful... As well as having a personal interest of course, being a daily user myself - more on that later...!

I do know a similar thread already exists - unusual side effects of 3-FPM - the intent here is to complement that with a broader overview of the effects on subjects using substantial amounts of 3-FPM over considerably longer timescales than the occasional multi-day binge, or functional microdosing, eg. <100mg / 24hrs / divided doses.

  • To expand on the title of this thread, and maybe give some prompts towards the kind of information sought, the following might be useful:
  • "chronic high dosage use" - I was at first going to specify an arbitrary figure of (x) mg / day, maybe with a similarly arbitrary length of time spent using, but quickly realised how restrictive that would be. To keep things simple, just post if you use 3-F, feel that you use a lot, and have done constantly for some time...
  • Stories - What's your 3-F background? How long and how much? ROA's?* Dependent? In which way? What keeps you on it? Current dosage regimen, if any? Sleep / wake cycle? Mental health? Physical health? Socialisation? Binges, measured daily intake, or both?! Plans to quit, or don't you care enough just yet - especially valued would be withdrawal stories - symptoms, time in w/d and from what level of use; methods used and degrees of success; ways to alleviate symptoms, and any long term residuals, like the dreaded PAWS... How about your lifestyle and self care? Does it fit well, are you a functional user, or is 3-F your lifestyle?!
    Please remember these are just hints, not survey questions - got a story? Tell it! Chuck some funny crazy ones in there too - though I don't feel 3-F's that kind of a drug - except maybe the time I tried using C/lam to bring it down, and all that happened was that I went to the pub, blacked out, and woke up with an empty bank account and loads of RC order conf's filling up my email inbox.... Each one  just for 3-F and / or benzos...
  • Discussion - Considering any of the above, anything else relevant, anything irrelevant, attempted derailments, abuse, trolling, stim-fuelled walls of text with all the answers to all the troubles of all the world, anything and everything in between, also anything on the subject of long term 3-F use / abuse.
  • Experiences - As for "Stories" but with a wider scope - to put it simply, has your 3-F use ever got to the point where it's had an "external impact"? Your job, partner, children, home loss etc etc. Sounds dramatic, but at my worst, I distinctly remember thinking, while blowing big clouds, "this must be what it's like to be on H or Crack full time"... Could not leave the foil and lighter alone for more than ten minutes during a binge; thought about it constantly while out, racked up a line as soon as I got in; benzo use spiralled due to comedowns... Thankfully I'm single with no responsibilities at the moment, probably for the best...
  • Info - Of extreme value would be *any* quotable or pastable sources dealing with academic research on 3-F specifically, and / or Phenmetrazine at a pinch. Any case studies of P/met addiction would be awesome, found some myself but they're stuck behind shitty pay to view academic sites... Knowledge should be free!

*ROA's - notes on IV and rectal administration:

IV - Don't bother. There's a fine balance between mixing a solution that will have absolutely no effect and mixing one that will literally burn through your veins from the inside out, while simultaneously clotting blood on contact, also appearing to lyse blood cells with further mixing (verified through own research, in vitro), and other general circulatory madness. We're talking crokodil lite, with delayed effects from DVT's, stroke, pulmonary embolism, insta-kill... For a rush, if any, pretty much the same as vaping from foil (my preferred ROA) or snorting.

Similarly with Rectal - keep the concentration low, and if possible use normal saline as the diluent (0.9% w/v NaCl / H2O - or 9mg/ml salt water). As well as being a systemic vasoconstrictor, 3-F is also a very strong local v/c, when applied to mucuous membranes - explaining the harsh burn in the nose, as well as the ischemic colitis that will have you wearing a shitbag for the rest of your life if you mix your solution too strong...

Will post up my own stories and experience with 3-FPM a bit later...
Been abusing this since the rocket fuel that OBF sold last May I'm pretty sure it was crystal meth because it was so unbelievably good big massive crystals extremely potent none of this powdery crap or crystalline stuff that there passing off as glass/ crystal. I was duped by OBF I ordered 3 g of what I thought was 3f and in turned out to be some turbo nutter bastard analogue of methylphenidate think the packaging said ethylNAPindate. Never had anything as strong as that in all my life I took 15 5 mg diazepam to try and bring me down which didn't work anyway slightly sidetracked there. As for 3fpm the first 3-4 months was plain sailing lost loads of weight packed loads of muscle on was in terrific shape felt on top of the world, was using daily, then came got a batch of pure Chems direct and I think this was the beginning of the end constantly had the shits lost a lot of weight started to need strong benzos to kill the stim was popping flubros 1.25 every night and zops started to get some bad psychosis at this point I was doing half a g 2 a day at one point I had 250 g of the stuff all capsulised and ready to go, maintained my job no one really noticed untill November of last year after a trip to India people started saying I was slurring and constantly talking jibberish. Then came rock bottom overturned my car smashed into a tree after popping 3 10mg Vallies and about a 500mg 3 fpm after I had finished work. Signed off sick for three months said to myself this is it time to get clean lasted About a day next thing I get diagnosed with gastrointratous by GP I didn't tell him I was abusing 3f. This lasted 10 days and I lost 28lbs I'm certain it was amphetimines poisoning. Anyhow I'm waffling again my eyesight got worse as well blurry vision all the time. Iv always been a druggie but have never known anything quite so addictive as this. My route of admin has always been oral. I think since last May I have 14 days clean and I tallied up how much I have bought and it came to nearly 2 kilos. I know a lot of people are pissed about the ban but for me personally I  need it  so I can kick this stuff out of my life for good. Don't bother with phentermine it's either fake or too weak if you use a lot off 3f it won't touch you.

I had to give up 3-FPM for good as I could not control myself with it, the addiction had such a grip on me that I could not stop using and my health was being damaged. Because of it's crazy long half life, daily use allows it to build up in your system, so that after a few days use I found sleep impossible. One particularly bad binge of 6g over 2 days left me pretty psychotic.
The weird thing is I don't even think it's that good.
I gave up on it. Thanks to Elliot and Researchchemist...


It made my forgett my "never order anything from them again" and I spent all my money on 3,5g garbage..

It's a hard but working way to get sober!
About the guy mentioning that it increases inflammation alot more then other stims,i think this could be right as i have a wound on my thumb and it started huring a ton more on this stuff, i added in turmeric which has the extremely anti inflammatory curcumin in it, togheter with black pepper to potentiate curcumin it might inhibit inflammation enough to inhibit the side effects, that said someone mentioned gastric issues which me and my girlfriend both have, if its inflammation then turmeric should alleviate this a bit.

I do also take massive doses of 3fpm every 2 or 3 hours or so, mostly because this shit is soo weak in a way, its anoying.
I have not once managed to use 3-FPM without going on a 2/3 day sleepless binge, just porn and cleaning. 

I'm sad its going but I am also very glad.  

I just can't control myself on it, even things like illegal substances, I know when enough is enough. 

I just get obsessed and focused on one thing and can do it for hours...cough. Its fucking great but its also pretty bad when you come off and realise what you have done haha.
Ahhh... that would be "wankers regret"

nothing worse than coming down from an 18 hour stim wank
I don't think there's any skin left on mine. The fucking effort needed to get pass the floppy chem dick stage.
Hi guys. First post here but my experience with 3-FPM was enough to want to share it. All stupidity I know but...

I had some branded Phenzacaine OBF and had gently tried it a few times finding it a fairly pleasant but innocuous stim. I was under the impression that it was just 3-FPM and lidocaine but I may be wrong. Anyway, last Saturday after not a great nights sleep the night before I went a little more mad on it and it really brought me out. From tired and unwilling to go out I became the life and soul of the party. Hitting bigger doses i got bigger compulsions to redose with coke type wanting more downers in between. All good though and home at 2:30 asleep by 4:30. Probably about 1 gram of the branded product all in all.

Throughout the next 24 hour hours I mutated into a horrendous state, flu type symptoms, aches and pains then crushing anxiety, panic and all over shit-feeling. Not unlike a benzo withdrawal. These peaked persisted and peaked on the Tuesday with a major panic attack and are on,y just beginning to feel better now, six days later.

I know I was a bit of a twat for firstly using a branded mix with no good idea of contents and dose and secondly dosing far beyond what I had before but I think the point is, this stuff seems innocuous but then has real major effects that seem to vary hugely between person, dose and vendor.

Anyone else who's had similar I'd be pleased to know how long it's taken to get fully back to normal.
Hi Loopychef, were any benzos involved?

Personally, I truly believe the relatively diverse set of symptoms described as 'flu-like' caused by this chemical can be summed up in one word: immunotoxic.

There was 1mg etiz the night before. Got me four hours sleep after a shitty evening. Then I tried 0.5mg etiz on the Monday to try and relieve the symptoms but to no avail really.
Unlikely to be benzo wd then. 3FPM can hit hard after you think it's gone from your system,

I've never had that shit last beyond a fortnight. Plenty (like excessive pints of dilute juice with a half teaspoon of table salt added) of fluid. Balanced catch-up diet, exercise. Over in a week and pretty much reset. Unfortunately that's when the desire to RAR occurs.

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