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3 FPM Trip Report
Height: 5ft 3
Weight: 55/56kg
Age: 24

Experience: Started taking drugs in 2009, the first stimulant I ever had was Mepehdrone. I had a huge predilection towards it, dangerously so along with many other stims. Have taken Coke, MDMA, mescaline, acid, mushrooms, EPH, NRG, Methylone, MDPV, MPA, Diphedrine, MXP, Synthecaine, Ketamine and the list goes on....

12.50pm Insuflatted what I eyeballed to be around 60mg slight sting not too bad.

12:55 feel alert...wakeful, nice mood pep, no anxiety and I suffer from anxiety quite heavily. 

13.00 Tried to continue making music in ableton using the arrangement view, feel slightly too scattered to focus on arranging the track as I keep getting distracted. 

13.06 What is great about this is that I don't feel like i'm on a stimulant i.e. jittery, sweaty/jaw tension yet I have the pep and definite chattiness, nice mood lift and greater concentration.

N.B. I am taking this whilst my boyfriend's mother is in the house who is v neurotic (usually her presence whilst i'm on stimulants is enough to send me into a nervous frenzy but right now I'm totally fine). I have some etizolam to hand in case anxiety settles in so I'll let you know how the combination works.

13.16 desire to redose kicks, I decide to do another 50/60mg line and I pop an etizolam intas 

14.43 Still feel good just spent the last hour mixing records, I'm still learning to beat match but I felt on this my focus was way better and I was able to get more in time and also segway from deep house/acid into minimal tech house much more ease, felt my mind making far more connections between records. Just ate a banana as well as I realised I hadn't eaten all day yet. Usually hate eating on stims, although on this it was fine despite not really having an appetite. So far I'm really enjoying this, the etizolam went down well I assume and I feel pretty chilled as well. Will keep you guys posted.

17.47 I've probably had about two 50mg redose lines since I last posted. Have continued to enjoy this sim, chatting away to friends online, I was also pretty productive and wrote a cover letter for an internship. Was able to have a conversation with my boyfriends mum without her noticing anything unusual and without feeling any anxiety really. Going to do another mix and maybe go for a walk with my boyfriend who has just had around 70mg insufflated. 
Feeling slightly sweaty, define hyper focus and nice contentment. I imagine this could work well in a club as there's definite music appreciation but also stimulant energy that isn't too pronounced.

I imagine at a higher dosage it would feel more stimulanty and i'd feel maybe out of it/slight euphoria but i really like a stimulant that doesn't require high doses to feel the best of it's effects and doesn't immediately render you incapacitated.

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