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3-FPM - My extensive testing
Ive been dissaliusioned with the UK legal stim scene for ages.

ethylphenidate was sheer agony over a sesh without a great deal of fun for me, just complusive dosing and razor blades up the nose. MPA was only good as a drinking stim and the fact the comedown wasnt anything much. 2ai etc are a lot of utter nonsense,  in fact the ONLY stuff ive liked in this department since the big ban years back was 5mapb and 6apb. which were still very, very inconsistent in terms of effects. one time it would be mind blowing and triptastic, then the next completley underwhelming.

So,  after being pleasantly surprised initially by 3fpm i wanted to give it a proper low down on everything

I tried all sorts of doses via oral/nasal and vaping routes.

Snorting i usually eyeball around 50mg or so and re-dose quite frequently (every 30-60mins). Its not particularly fiendy this way weirdly, just you will tend to bosh it if you have it sitting there in front of you. It never quites reaches where i want it to through this ROA. Painful at times but nothing unmanigable. When it wears off, its not too bad though i once drank an unholy amount of 70cl vodka, + 3L of scrumpy cider after with many synth boid pipes and STILL never slept even though i didnt feel particularly bad comedown wise. any sort of benzo will kill it off though.

Oral is by FAR the best. ive tried doses from 100-200mg. anything less than 150mg oral is a bit of a waste for me. I have found 180-200mg oral to be very, very good.
Quick, energetic feel good come up followed by a sudden euphoric glow that kicked in around the hour mark. Think of those old e pills that had a bit of speed in them aswell as a medium (maybe 100mg) mdma amount. It felt clean, energetic, and euphoric in that exact way for a few hours before tapering off. Though i must warn, if you keep doing this all day you will feel nausecous eventually. Hornyness was present if not overwhelming through this ROA whereas it was non existant in any other way.

vaping ive heard great things of but ultimatley dissapointing, once i got a hit so strong it had me almost floored for a good hour but that was the exception not the rule. Plus not particularly pleasant if strong.

i m a tall guy with a lot of stim experience so keep that in mind.

I find the stuff to be decent for creating (im a musician) but not much horn/sex to it unless you orally dose large amounts. 

Also a g does not go far for me. 12 hours and its naearly done and dusted.

hope this helps, i cannot for the life of me understand why all vendors sell 75mg pellets. the pellets should be at least 100mg. as 75mg would do nothing really, and even double dunting wouldnt hit the right spot for me. weird.

Bigger doses doesn't mean it has to be dosed higher than that for most people. 75mg oral is plenty enough.. Seriously 3FPM has a ceiling effect where dosing higher doesn't increase the good effects, just the side effects. Oral 100-150mg would not feel better than 75mg for me personally. But thx for the report always good to see.

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