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3,4-CTMP trip report (10mg, oral)
To mark the last day before the TCDO, I thought I'd better test some 3,4-CTMP and determine whether I wanted to buy any more.

10mg of 3,4-ctmp ingested at 0827, on an empty stomach and no sleep. Feel fairly exhausted.

Tea is consumed at 0920, but to little effect, and by 0927 I'm actually thinking about going to bed, the stim is not yet making itself obvious at all. I set an alarm for 11am, some two and a half hours after dosing. Despite how exhausted I felt, and despite my assumption that I would fall asleep rapidly, I remained steadfastly awake, which was I suppose to be expected having taken a stimulant. Not alert, functional, stimulated, anxious or unusually bothered by any side effects, just awake and relaxing in bed. I rested for two hours, then got up again at about 1140, some three hours after dosing.

My verdict so far is there is some discernible stimulant effect, but that it is not sufficient at this dose to compensate for a substantial sleep deficit, even allowing three hours for onset. I am more awake than I might otherwise be, but not obviously more energised or motivated. A slight chemical taste in the mouth is noted, similar to other *phenidates, and a mild feeling of nausea at around 12 midday onwards. Some increase in sweating is noted and the feelings of nausea, while not extreme, are more notable than with ethylphenidate. I also feel slightly dehydrated. Tea is consumed, and a mental note made to follow it up with some water.

So far, the negative effects are far less than some reports had led me to believe, but the positive effects are, at best, vaguely akin to the other phenidates, with a slower onset. I do not regard the experience so far as being worth a premium over, say, methiopropamine - but then I’ve felt the same way to varying extents about ethyl, methyl and isopropylphenidate as well; this is purely subjective.

After four hours, this trial at 10mg has answered my question about whether I want to pick up more 3,4-CTMP before the impending ban, and the answer is “no”. Which is as well to know, I was all geared up to talking myself into spending £63 on another 100 pellets just because they’re cheap, but I seem to find them qualitatively inferior to a 55mg dose of MPA, both in terms of the stimulation gained over the first four hours and of the side-effect profile. I can imagine them being more useful when taken from a better starting point, maybe, but they’re not, in my estimation, worth a further purchase.

After five hours, I’m showered and dressed and the effects seem to be waning somewhat; there is some residual “wakefulness”, for want of a better word, which is not pushy or asserting itself in my consciousness, but probably an improvement on where I would be without. Mild body load and nausea are still present, but diminished as compared with an hour ago, helped by tea and cannabis. Arguably this may be vaguely useful by virtue of duration (I’d have had to redose with MPA by now), and the residual effects at going on six hours are not greatly unpleasant and do not require a benzodiazepene, not at this stage at least. I wouldn’t rule out taking it again in the future under better circumstances, but I remain content with the decision not to stock up on it.

Six hours in, I’m pondering going out but wondering if a crash might still happen from here; I’ve had effectively no sleep, and am probably more propped up on the 3,4-CTMP than I care to admit. I could imagine things going downhill over the next 2-4 hours and I’m not willing to redose or mix further stims, as tempting as it might become. My inclination is to go ahead and live with any consequences, which are not expected to be severe. Am carrying etizolam if I need it, but not expecting to.

Transpires I didn’t go out, and after 7 hours I’m feeling like it’s mostly worn off, I’m quite tired and could still cheerfully go to bed, but don’t. After 11 hours, 7.25pm, nothing further to report; to all intents and purposes, I believe it’s gone. There was no massive comedown or residual stim noted.

Trip report ends at T+11h because, unrelated to the 3,4-CTMP, but as a consequence of not having slept last night and taking an evening at home, I’m planning on a respectable hypnotic dose of flubromazepam and an early night.
Overall verdict is I don’t like it and I don’t hate it, but it’s tarred with the same brush as the other phenidates. The long duration is nice (as compared with eph) and it was nowhere near as bad (or good) at 10mg as reports had led me to believe. (N.B. Subject is male, 70kg - your mileage may vary). I didn’t find it worth what it costs, even at fire sale prices.
The residual I have got off most stims is so drawn out I've not been tempted by 3,4-CTMP
I was tempted to pick up 500mg of iso before than ban since it sounds a slight improvement on EPH but didn't bother. Probably decide it's half arsed after one go so probably not even worth the sale price on a sample.
Don't know if you tried 3F-PM but it sounds that like you, for me MPA is about as good as it gets; a few hours work with long but not too painful residuals and no particular crash following.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Interesting report, thanks.  I found 10mg more or less ineffective myself (60kg male), 15mg perhaps similar to your experience, and the one time I tried 20mg, it caught me by surprise and made me a rambling speedy gobshite.  So much for the accepted wisdom of CTMP being purely functional!  This was volumetric dosing (75mg in 450ml) so hopefully reasonably accurate doses.

I'm not a huge fan of it but it has its uses - I find MPA and EPH a bit too fun and moreish for functional purposes.  After agonising over whether I really needed to hoard more of this stuff, I ordered 4g (2x2g) from purechemicals.net yesterday.  Unfortunately they only sent 1x2g, but that should be enough for my needs until the TCDO expires anyway, I hate having to flush perfectly good chemicals because the law says I must.  PC instantly refunded the difference once I emailed them, so kudos to them for that!
Total bollocks, functional it may be at 10mg but anything but at 20+ mg. Two days had me believing there were IRA snipers outside but it felt potent and enough which i can never get to on EPH. Glad they left MPA alone, probably the only UK legal stim i would now buy apart from 2-AI.

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