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A normal day with 3,4-CTMP.

Setting- Saw a couple of days before that it was now available. Then I log on here and see that I was not alone to notice this ;) . Pure stimulants aren't really my thing,but I thought fuck it I'll give it a try.
Normal day,get the kids to school etc and wait for the postie. My package arrives as always. Having read the reports of others I weigh out 10mg,take 3mg and put the rest to one side. I know I can handle things but my only fear was that I didn't have anything to cool off any bad anxiety attack should it happen...

10.15 Take 3 mg orally. No foul taste,just an acidic kind of aftertaste,but not at all unpleasant.

10.35 I start feeling something,but not at all speedy,just a kind of "happy". I potter around and do my usual stuff.

11.00 This happy feeling is really quite nice and I'm starting to get the odd tingling in my spine and scalp and function 100%.I decide that it's ok to take the other 7mg,but that I should eat first,because I probably wont after. I stick a couple of boiled eggs on and "pop upstairs" to redose.

11.15 Oh fuck my eggs are hard. Would have pissed me off normally maybe,but there it didn't matter. While I was eating I even had the thought that if there was a god,and he did create heaven and earth on the first day,then on the second I'm pretty sure he created eggs (? I know,but it just tasted fantastic!).

11.40 Ok now I really feel this coming on strong but it is not like I usually feel with ethyphenidate,or mpa, or others. The only thing that I could compare it with was 2-Butyl-Lysergamide. A very slow,but certain come up and I started questioning myself exactly where this was going to go. No panic though. I felt great.

12.15 My eldest daughter comes home from college.I love having a bit of quality time with my kids,so we chatted about the morning etc. Then we got into a two hour discussion about allsorts and it was brilliant. I could actually forget that I'd taken anything and just felt like I imagine a normal "happy" person to be (this is not the norm for me).

14.15 My daughter goes to practice piano and I go up to my room to check for orders,emails etc. It's then that I realise that this is still coming up,and it still feels like LSB but without the mind spangle when you drift off.I'm thinking maybe a smoke would be a good idea but I decide not to.

17.00 All is pretty good. I function perfectly well and just come accross to others as being in a better mood than usual. I try and follow Feeds instructions for setting up my Radio podcast station,ask him for help a little and then I get to step three "follow the instructions given" and I go to pot. I'm ok in public,but in my own company I am fucking useless.

18.30 I'm getting pretty pissed off with this now and pretty much tell myself that what I feel as "coming up" is in fact the full effect for the dose I have taken. A redose is out of the question,but I check my stuff to see what could bring me down a bit. I have Etaqualone...save that for later, AMT....erm no I'm tired, Nbome.. pass, 5-meoDALT? Fuck that for a lark! STS_135? EAM? AM? UR? Salvia?..... It's a bit like having a fridge full of food, being hungry but not fancying anything that you have.

19.30 Not hungry,can't figure out this radio thing so I type this up to keep my mind occupied.

Now This stuff is still going strong and I am so fucking glad that I informed myself correctly before even ordering this because if I had done "a little line" of this (like one does ) I just don't know what it would do.

In my opinion I think this is great stuff and will please a lot of people,and despite the 30 or 35 quid price tag this is probably the cheapest RC out there all considering. I'll fill you in when this actually ends.....(it does not appear to be ready to end quite yet Oh Woe!)

One thing I didn't mention is the "loved up " feeling. I am single and alone but had I been with a woman then that would have been nice I reckon.Very.
Just to round this off I was well drained by this so took 100mg of etaqualone to try and help me sleep at 23.00 .Had a few trips down to "dye your ear" and felt pretty cold and nauseous,but I think this was hunger. Redosed another 100mg of etaqualone at 00.30 and finally drifted off for 3 hours.

I'm not in a rush to try this again.....'cept maybe if it's in female company...which brings me to the question does this stuff keep for years???? ;)
"I'm not in a rush to try this again.....'cept maybe if it's in female company...which brings me to the question does this stuff keep for years???? ;) "

I once threw out a packet of condoms which were past their sell-by date. Those rubbers last for years!
Nice report, sounds like an interesting substance. It also just popped up on one of my trusted vendor's site so it may be worth a try, especially considering the latest news on the nbome/apb ban :/
Had a few trips down to "dye your ear"

what do you mean by that?
(03-07-2013, 08:39 PM)Tizzy Wrote: Had a few trips down to "dye your ear"
what do you mean by that?

I think he means a 6-APB style colonic *rofl*

I'm looking for a functional stim, this sounds interesting in low enough doses. Was thinking of trying eph or maybe MPA, but might try this first.
If your looking for a functional stim you will need to dose very low if i was you eph or MPA might be a better bet.If you do decide on 3,4 start at 5 mg if your scales won't go that low go with one of the first two.
Changed my mind on the functional stim.I had 8 mg left in a bag and was bored, so bombed it thinking it would perk me up for a few hours.Result no sleep even after seven hours 50 mg of Diphenhydramine and 5 pyrazolam.I know pyraz are not that sedating but they usually help you drift off especially with the Diph.My friends noticed my bulging eyeballs and i thought god what must i have been like on 30 mg.I honestly think if you need a functional stim that won't keep you up all night it would have to be a lowish dose of MPA which usually wears off in 4-6 hours

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