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2cb-fly 30 mg (3 x 10mg BB pellets)
Having carried out the allergy test on my first trial with this compound, I tried a full 10mg BB pellet. I found some change in headspaceace (drifting in the 'trip' vicinity) but by know stretch of the imagination did I reach that frame of mind. Physically and visually, effects for me personally were almost non existent.
Second attempt a few weeks later, 20 mg.  Same source, same pellets. Definitely an improvement, but for me personally I was left underwhelmed as I saw the potential was there but again for my body, it was another 'underdose' experience.

So, today, 3 x 10mg  pellets, again same source. Much much better. Really nice mdma-esque body high, pleasant OEVs from the 2 hour mark onwards. CEVs beautiful, but I believe this is a a much more subjective thing, and unless you batter yourself with a super high dose of psychedelic, CEVs are a very personal part of the trip which you can learn to control (imo) or simply let the potion do it'so work and see where it takes you. I tend to dabble in both when I trip. 
Anyways i'm 4 hours into my trip and things  are going great. No physical discomfort coming up as I noticed some people reporting. The come up is a fairly lengthy process, but I found it at no point uncomfortable. You can't really compare this to 1p, but visuals wise for me personally, today, i would put this around the 100-150ug mark assuming zero tolerance. But the visuals are definitely different and I can easily distinguish between the two.
I will write a conclusion later but this will probably just give my duration experiences and how the come down went.

As for now, i'm very much enjoying this trip. 

Conclusion: Six hours after taking the three pellets, I have some slight residual visuals, same goes for CEVs. Everything definitely winding down. I would say for my experience today, close to a 2 hour come up, peak for 3 hours, then a soft gradual comedown which could potentially linger for 3 hours more. But it is a very relaxed and gradual comedown. I must say that the period of time during the peak, it was bliss. The OEVs were quite slithery and snake like, which is interesting because the CEVs during the peak had a definite reptilian and ocean theme going on and it remained like that. I was seeing snakes and octopus entities, with beautiful colours and patterns, but all throughout it was as if at the bottom of my 'screen' snakes or at least the characteristic body movements of snakes were visible. Everyone is different, we all have our own wonderful brains. I hope my trip report was helpful to someone. Highly recommended and very interesting substance. 

Disclaimer: High dose, I went gradually up on dose over multiple occasions. Everyone reacts differently. Take caution, do your homework before you start with this relatively new compound. The same advice, of course, goes for any substance your are trying for the first time

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