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2C-B-Fly (8mg, plugged) + MDAI (120mg oral)
I've had quite a lot of experience with 2C-B-FLY and after a number of experience with it taken orally or insufflated, I tried plugging it and found that the effects profile was much more in line with what I was looking for - a full-on psychedelic with fast onset and a distinct personality that offers a different experience to other RC psychedelics (this isn't intended as a full retrospective on these trips, but briefly, I'd say that the headspace reminds me most of psilocybin). The come-up is really quite fast and for me the potency is increased significantly so I'd advise anyone who decides to experiment with this route of administration to start with very low doses and be prepared for a more accelerated and possibly dysphoric launch.

I've tried doses up to around 15mg which was fairly intense but enjoyble - bear in mind that I have a lot of experience with high doses of psychedelics and what I find enjoyably intense might be outside of the range of sensible dosing for others. The doses I'm reporting here should not be taken as suggestions or to mean that doing so is safe.

On this occasion, I was interested in seeing how 2C-B-FLY might work paired with MDAI. Combinations are inherently higher risk than using a drug alone and while the decision to try this out was spur of the moment, I did not do so without thinking through and managing the risks. These were some of the things I considered before deciding that the risk of the combination was relatively low for me and well within the level of risk I consider to be acceptable.
  • 2C-B-FLY has been around for a while at this point and while it's always possible to be surprised, there have been very few reports of dangerous interactions with other drugs;

  • MDAI has also seen extensive use and combinations with related compounds have been reported without any pattern of interactions being noted. There are known interactions that can cause serotonin syndrome, but this seemed very unlikely to be a concern with this particular combination. MDMA has a long history of being used in combination with 2C compounds and I'm aware of reports of people combining MDMA and 2C-B-FLY. MDAI is not MDMA, but is close enough that the MDMA/FLY reports are reassuring.

  • I've taken both these drugs individually on enough occasions to feel that I understand how they affect me when not in combination, so I knew that I would be able to identify unexpected and potentially harmful effects if they occurred.

  • The doses I decided to take were significantly lower than what I would consider to be a fully effective dose for myself for either chemical alone: If the combination increased the effects of either constituent I was confident I would be able to cope.

  • This ain't my first rodeo. I know that when things go wrong during a trip I cope well and am unlikely to panic because on the very few occasions when things have gone wrong during a trip I've coped well and haven't panicked.

I was also intending to get more used to living in my new flat, which is located in a much noisier and densely populated area than where I used to live and I'd been experiencing some fairly high levels of anxiety on top of the usual difficult feelings following the end of a long-term relationship (selling the house we'd bought together was the reason for moving). The anxiety was under control by this point. I'd had an isolated and brief episode of something not far from psychosis, which was really the turning point; in talking myself down I recognised how it had developed and what I needed to change to prevent that kind of anxiety from building up to that kind of level again. Part of dealing with it was being able to feel OK about doing the kinds of things I normally do - like tripping - without undue worry. This wasn't the first trip in the new flat and the previous ones had actually had positive outcomes, so I didn't consider it to be a risk, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend tripping under those circumstances to anyone else. Ultimately, I felt that this experience was much more likely to be a positive thing than to increase my anxiety or make a recurrence of the episode of near-psychosis any more probable.

I weighed out my doses ~8mg of 2C-B-Fly (+/-1mg; weighed relative to 10g so the measurement was in the middle of the scale's range - it can be tricky to get accurate measurements of amounts this small from the Gem20 scale I was using, but I'm pretty confident that this was reasonably accurate) and 120mg of MDAI measured in the same way and placed in a gelcap. Both chemicals were dosed at the same time.

Initial effects were (as expected) led by the 2C-B-Fly, with increased colour saturation and visual acuity noticeable within five minutes of dosing - effects continued to develop into a relatively mild psychedelic state over the next half hour, with the MDAI kicking in at some point after. Because I was already off baseline, it was hard to identify the onset - it simply meshed into the ongoing experience. But by two hours in a very empathogenic and introspective mindset had evolved - clearly the MDAI's work, but distinct from the mental states that MDAI results in. This was a light, gentle and very clear-minded state, very different though obviously related to the heavier and less transparent MDAI feeling. And also distinct from the externally focused I-love-the-entire-universe-and-the-universe-loves me feeling that I'd associate with 2C-B (with Fly echoing that, but to a reduced extent.

When people talk about MDMA's therapeutic capabilities, this must be what they mean. This wasn't pushy at all, but it was so easy to think about and talk about things that would normally be difficult and see myself clearly, but with love and understanding (and probably peace and respect, too), to acknowledge fears and not be afraid. I've been dealing with all this stuff anyway and I've had therapy before - I don't really have any doubts that I'll get through things. But with the empathogenic and introspective mindset it was effortless and probably short-circuited what would have taken much longer in everyday life. It was a very positive place to be and not a mental state that I think would have been accessible with either drug alone.

This is the best outcome you can find when combining drugs. You might find they mix poorly (or even dangerously), or that the effects of one distract from the other, so nothing is added by the second substance. They might mesh well with the effects of both happening at the same time without feeling like the effects are fighting to take you in different directions. Or as happened here, you might find that the result is more than additive - the two drugs working together can produce desirable effects that neither component would if taken without the other. In many ways this is why I like exploring these substances.

Effects stayed at a plateau for four or five hours and I was pretty much baseline again by ten hours after dosing, with the MDAI wearing off long before the trailing (though mild) effects of the 2C-B-Fly did. It was a really lovely and useful experience. I don't think, should I try this again, that I'd see any real need to increase the dose of either chemical.

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