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2C-B-FLY > “Dipterology"
Perhaps scales being what they are I took nearer 21 than 22mg last time, maybe it would have a steep dose/response so took :
26mg 2c-b-fly at 11.20
Comes on slowly – could have a headache. Take 400mg Ibuprofen to make sure and have some Assam tea.
2.15 Body is feeling odd, hands numb, I am in it but not tripping somehow. Potter about with plants and so on. Feeling much more distinct from 2C-B.
2.35 Mrs Xoch needs to go out – am I ok? Er I think so – I seem to be tidying the kitchen…
They are sobbing and full of woe on the radio – then someone’s flying and there’s Lucifer and hell…decide to wash up – always soothing to me if no help to the poor wretches on the radio – curiosity takes the better of me – what am I catching bits of? “Visionary poet William Blake finds himself in modern day Lambeth” Good grief, who commissions this stuff?
 3.45 Mrs Xoch is back. It’s been pleasant thus far I’ve been floating back and forth but the 2C-B-FLY seems pretty damn flimsy and I’ve been starting to feel it’s bland and a bit of a flop.
4.20 (5hrs) There’s a bit of visual effect but it seems pretty generic and my heads still not right – it’s sort of a headache only it doesn’t really hurt; a lumpy could-have-a-headache sensation mostly in the front (assuming for now this is incidental) Am I having a good time? No. Am I having a bad time. No. I feel “ok”
Around 5 heads not too bad but also cold so some codeine in (readybrek used to be ‘central heating for kids’ but codeine also works) and make tea; forgotten about any visuals but then notice some vague movement – might be the codeine coming on.
Not much to add on long drawn out comedown.
About 8 (nearing 9hrs) suddenly feel speedier and not quiet right although not badly - a late spurt isn’t unusual; BP not too bad but heart rate rather low. Head not totally right although the codeine helped. Take another reading after an hour still the same but not too concerned and take 3mg diclazepam since I’ll need to wind down for bedtime. Heart rate returns to normal. 12hrs after ingestion still clearly stimmed in a gentle but persistent way despite diclazepam. 13hrs 1mg of etizolam hasn't allowed sleep, a second mg soon after and I nod off at around 14hrs.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

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