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Following a tiring shift at work, got some sleep and woke in a decidedly grumpy mood. But was eager to try out this new substance. Around 7.30pm dosed 1x 1mg strawberry printed blotter 25b-nbome from AJ, buccal. My girlfriend had gone to sleep, so with headphones on played some chilled lounge music.

After 30 mins holding the blotter in began feeling first effects. Kind of electricity running through me, body high increasing. Soon enough begin having mild alteration of sight. By the 1hr mark was experiencing increasing visuals.

Generic vinyl floor pattern transforms into moving shadow shapes reminiscent of an MC Escher interconnecting lizard artwork. Wood grain door pattern inverted and highlighted shadows before falling onto the floor with great detail.

Colours around all objects acquired something similar to wearing old school 3d glasses, primary colours edging all sides of objects. My purple woolen rug took on a life of its own which had an inaudible essence of crawling. The weave moving as the colours grow and merge.

The normally dull brown curtains take on an oil paining glaze, whilst equally appearing to distort across a 3D wireframe lattice. Pastel shades would run from top to bottom in greens and reds.

A pencil sketch print of Paris took on utter perfection in 3d form. The dimensions of the structures took form, as if one could reach in and take hold of them. Sunset painting of Venice from San Marco in oranges and purples would cycle from day to night, whilst the water strokes would give the impression of flow. Utterly hypnotic!

Visible tracers from my hands, and smoke from my cigarette seemingly standing still for moments. Time accelerating and slowing at its own leisure. On a few occasions when visual effect were most apparent, the whole room came alive with colours intensified and shadows moving, inverting with the lighter shades.

While going to the toilet began to see splashes and drips forming all around me. On the beige tiles, the floor, the walls. When looking to the mirror I see my pupils somewhat dilated before seeing drips form on my face. Water really is incredible element to this trip. Soon after saw my vinyl floor ripple as if a stone were dropped into a still pool.

The most incredible aspect of the trip was the CEV's, I have never before witnessed such depth behind my own eyes. Infinite silver spheres dancing with neon glows in geometric patterns, fractals and shapes forming beautifully, feeling very much like one could get completely lost in the dream. At one point the image of a female form came into my mind, vivid fractal outlines with incredible turquoise and red colours cycling rapidly. Psychedelic boobs!

After approx 2hrs my girlfriend woke up. She jumped out from behind the door making a monster face and doing GRR noises. I laughed, and said "That's funny...but don't do it again' lol She looked like a cartoon character, facial expressions emphasised dramatically. I can't make sense when speaking, and reading irc is beyond challenging. Took me ages to comprehend simple conversations or sentences. This results in me spitting utter rubbish into irc that only myself and possibly other people tripping would comprehend...

Not a massive vaso issue during the night, at times felt like electrostatic charges running down my muscles, I can taste and smell the serotonin pouring off me. Kinda feel floaty when walking, sense of self location shifting slightly, sense of size and proportion and motion altered dramatically.

There were a couple of edgy moments, little uncomfortable, but was reassured by the controllable aspect of the trip, very easy to 'snap out of it' or 'let it go' at will. And occasional waves of blissful relaxation following those edgy, tense, stimmy moments.

At approx 11pm the trippy effects very rapidly level out and die off leaving a lush feeling something similar to like a mild MDxx buzz, or tail end of a 6-APB night. Mood is elevated and ability to converse restored. At this point decided to eat, was surprised to find my appetite hadn't been impaired! Munched my way through prawn cocktail crisps, toast, chocolate. Mmmmm! The buzz continued on for some hours before deciding to call it a night.

Hadn't tried them before, but took 1mg Etizolam in the early hours of the morning. Once kicked in felt light and floaty, bit giggly, almost tipsy like. A 2nd 1mg sent me to sleep within minutes.

Awoke later that morning feeling bright and refreshed, utterly fantastic! Looking forward to sampling again next week and possibly some of the other analogues in the future.

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