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25b and Alcohol - Contact With Another Being
So I stupidly last night decided to take about 400-600ug of 25b after I had quite a few shots of rum in the last hours. I was already smashed when I took the tab, and figured it would be a jolly old time... boy was I wrong.

My mind told me that I had enjoyed the 600ug before, while sober nonetheless, but it was a fun and enlightening experience. I figured the fact that I was drunk would bring out even more of the good qualities somehow, this obviously did not happen. What did happen, however, was an unsettling, nearly terrifying, psychedelic trip; the likes of which I could've never imagined.

So everything started quite harmless, the come up was not unlike that of my first trip that was about 3.5 weeks ago. I first put on some music on my computer while browsing the internet, with the tab in my mouth at this point for about 30 minutes. I started getting some threshold effects, light distortions and some waviness to objects I was looking at. I swallowed my saliva at this point and decided to keep holding the tab on my gums for the hell of it.

I now decided that I wanted to so something to keep my mind off the come up, so I wanted to play some battlefield 3 for a little bit, as I had done this on 25c prior and it was pretty damn fun. Unfortunately, perhaps by fate's hand, the game was not letting me connect to any servers and I gave up on trying to get it working. Now it had been about 45 minutes since ingestion and I realized the trip was taking hold quickly, headspace was growing even more so than I had experienced during my first trip (probably due to the alcohol), with visuals creeping up to match.

I went to lie down in my bed at this point to relax and try to put something on TV to keep my mind occupied. At this point I would say that I was tripping already as hard as I had peaked on my first experience, while trying to find something comforting on TV. Realizing that TV sucks and there was too much going on, I went with my fail-safe (or so I thought) and tried to listen to music. I realized that I had put my headphones away in my backpack so I had to get up and get them, as well as my phone, since my ipod was still in my car and didn't want to make the journey to get it. I can honestly say this is where the trip started to take on a mind of its own, and I was experiencing immense confusion and anxiety.

Knowing now that I probably shouldn't have even taken as high as a dose as I had, due to the fact that alcohol makes me super susceptible to increased effects on all substances. I started to worry a bit at this point that the trip was only going to get worse from here, and it had only been one hour since ingestion. I decided that I needed to stock up on water and try to relax with music as I had originally planned, but this was getting increasingly difficult by the minute. Visuals were overtaking reality, and just a simple trip downstairs to the kitchen was like walking through a time portal, and I had super magnified vision on anything that I tried to focus on. After some time I successfully made it up back to my bedroom, and decided that maybe I should try TV again since I had left it on, but it seemed anything I put on I had already somehow seen. So I went back to my original plan of music.

After some fumbling around on my phone, which I felt was trying to work against me getting music on, I finally was able to get Winamp to a drum and bass channel. This helped ease my mind a lot, but my body was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and I could feel my veins tightening, as well as my chest especially. It took me awhile to get lost in the music and just ride out the trip, but I kept being pulled back to an uneasy state of mind where it seemed the songs were narrating an interplay between good and evil. One side would take me on a ride into the darkest depths of my mind while the next would bring me back to a relative state of calm, but it was never anything I would describe as peaceful.

As the music played for what only seemed like 30 minutes, the CEVs kept getting more and more intense and I could see entities of the music in a vast soundscape that were all intertwined with eachother and played out a scene for each part of the song in my head. The OEVs were not too bad at this point, but I could see various subtle swirling colors of geometric prisms and shapes that expanded on to infinity, but I found it more comfortable to keep my eyes closed and try to relax.

Something happened after the ~30 minutes of listening to music, an ad or something came on and interrupted my listening, which was like a sharp kick back to a visual reality. That wasn't the only thing though, because the station just stopped playing completely after the ad, for no apparent reason. This started to freak me out a little bit and I was tripping so hard at this point it was almost hard to make sense of the physical realm of reality. The visuals had gotten so overpowering I didn't think I could move around if I wanted to. I almost started to panic at this point and decided I needed to talk to a sober person to bring me back to reality. I called up my good friend Kevin after not having him answer 2 times, I almost just accepted my fate. It felt like my consciousness was being pulled my my body and the more this was happening the tighter my chest would become and my limbs seemed to start to twitch. I was really in a bad way here and this is when I first felt the entity of darkness begin to creep over me, I almost thought I was about to die.

Lucky for me, I was able to pull myself back for a few minutes to give my friend a call one last time. I had it in my head that if he didn't pick up this time, I was not going to come out of this, the darkness was going to win. On nearly the last ring I hear the voice of Kevin and am immediately reassured. We shared a connection at that very point and I felt that just us talking had put the darkness to rest, for now at least.

So after talking to Kevin for what must of been an hour or so, I was still tripping harder and harder. We talked about all sorts of things, caught up a little bit, discussed life and what we had planned to do in the near future. This was the only point during the whole trip that I experienced immense euphoria, and it had me almost believe that this trip was gonna turn out all right after all. In case you are still reading, you must know that this is not at all what happened.

At first Kevin had been saying that he was feeling some of these immense emotions that I had been feeling (he was not on drugs), but when he started feeling these things, I felt the darkness creeping in on my end. The euphoria was more and more fleeting, and when I was feeling it he said he was feeling very confused and then the feelings would switch vice-versa. For some reason or another, this weird observation led us into talking about ghosts and the supernatural, this was the biggest fucking mistake of my life, this is truly where the shit hit the fan.

We started talking about how my house in the place that I used to live was haunted, and that it was the most terrifying place that Kevin had ever experienced. Truth be told, that place had an unsettling energy not unlike what I kept feeling creeping in at that moment. I jumped to the conclusion that the negative, dark feelings were that of this spirit that I feel has been following me my whole life. Now I don't know if you believe in that stuff, and for each their own, but this is where things start to get unexplainable.

Just the sheer mention of this spirit and the possible reasons why it's been tormenting me from time and time again caused the phone connection to start to cut out. Kevin was saying he couldn't hear and and I was breaking up, even though the connection had been solid the whole conversation and I hadn't moved a bit. What was even more terrifying was the fact that when the connection was having this unexplained disconnect I heard fragments of a different voice coming through, and it sounded menacing. I couldn't make out what it was trying to say, but I felt its presence around me more than I ever had before. I quite literally feel this evil energy go inside and out of me, and every time that it was inside of me it cause my whole body to vibrate. Kevin couldn't hear me during this time even though I was trying to call out to him and make some sense of this. When I finally felt my mind had overpowered its presence, the spirit seemed to leave for a little bit and Kevin and I began to have a clear conversation again about what had just happened, trying to make some sort of sense of it.

This was short-lived, however, as when the spirits energy had left me, Kevin said that was starting to feel extremely uneasy and almost like "someone was watching him". He was outside walking around during the talk, so this was especially weird. When he was feeling the presence I had begun to feel a relative state of calm. Any time we had tried to describe how this was even possible, the feeling would come through ten-fold almost as if it was invading my mind, and making me think like some sort of madman. The spirit knew that we knew it was there, and I don't feel it liked it.

This went on for maybe 20 minutes more before we decided we couldn't do it anymore, we had to disconnect and go our own ways. Any mention of the spirit and we would anger it, but yet we could not describe it. So we finally hang up the phone and I am thoroughly freaked the fuck out at this point, and anytime I try to rest my mind the feeling starts to invade again. I was not necessarily feeling the full presence of the spirit anymore, but the energy that it had left was lingering. Visuals were starting to take on a more menacing tone, and my thoughts were racing and nonsensical. Any thoughts of the event that had just occurred only made it worse, and I decided I needed more human contact or this thing was going to get the best of me.

I called my girlfriend for reassurance but she was tired and trying to sleep, I didn't want to bother her and I couldn't tell her about the preceding events, so I hung up with her as well.

At this point I decided to get more water and something to eat, which was a real challenge as it was nearly impossible to stop this impending feeling of dread. Being out of my room did help a little bit, but my mind had only had little time to recover from the trauma. I knew I had to go back and face whatever it was, so I did it. I laid back in bed and decided now I was going to listen to some more music.

The CEVs that were provided this time around were getting increasingly more menacing. I saw malformed people dying in their own filth, in a pit of other half alive people that were being engulfed by this sludge, but looked disgustingly content. Occasionally I would be able to escape these maddening visuals, but I could also feel the being/spirit existing within my thoughts constantly trying to drag me further down. The musical soundscape from earlier had taken on a more unsettling form, and I had literally been dragged downwards below the soundscape to see that it only gets darker and more indescribable.

The bodily discomfort was growing, it hurt to take deep breaths and I felt like my life was slipping away. I had to remember to breathe sometimes and every time I replenished my oxygen the dark being would be pushed away for just a bit, but eventually gain an upper hand again. This happened in decreasing degrees for the next 2-3 hours, which Id say were the worst 2-3 continuous hours I may have ever had in my life, having to constantly reassure myself that I would be fine in time, and I wasn't going to die.

I'm still awake from the trip tonight as I write this report, after having to to work this afternoon for 5 hours while still tripping, but luckily not as bad. Haven't slept in 33 hours and I feel that if I had last night, I may not be here posting this report today.

My chest is still kind of tight, but it seems to be getting progressively better. The visuals subsided about 5 hours ago, as far as I can tell, but I'm still getting some minor distortions here and there. The headspace is still lingering slightly, but it is more focused and I don't feel the same level of darkness I had been feeling before. I still have a general feeling of uneasiness about me, and it makes me question doing nbomes ever again.

I do know that I made a mistake, and I probably never should have mixed alcohol with nbomes in the first place. I have a definite new found respect for nbomes and now know they are not something to be taken lightly. I can't even begin to explain some of the things that happened last night in words, but I tried my best in order to sway those from repeating the same mistake.

Be smart, be safe, and stay alive. Thank you.
Hey man,

I read all that twice.. sounds to me like a you went through a classic bad trip with exponentially rising circular thoughts that took over. With your inexperience of tripping and using spirits beforehand, and being alone, it's a likely suspect. Those would all be standard ingredients of a bad one.

I've had similar with LSD and alcohol (drinking beforehand) but also the same with no alcohol so I don't think there's necessarily a dangerous chemical interaction between the two at moderate doses, more I suspect that alcohol has its own effect on our state of mind, and when combined with a hallucinogen that's taking hold can create all sorts of thinking/feeling that basically equates to a bad trip. I could be wrong but I don't get the impression you were close to death (many of us have felt like we were during a trip), more like hitting the zone that's quite common with psychs where we start thinking about sinister things and then end up feeling like it. Being on your own can amplify that, and things not working as they should will also play a part in taking us down a bad road.

You're still here, which is good, and you've learned to respect potent chemicals, which is also good. It's a shame you went through that but in the long run it'll be a positive experience.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it, can't have been easy writing them all down.

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Wow, that was a long read, but entertaining, like camp fire ghost stories. Might help to not trip alone next time, especially in that spooky ass house you live in. I'm not much of a believer in the paranormal, but think I'd move after a trip like that. I've had some menacing visuals in tris when I was a lot younger. A friend taught me a trick that's always worked to get rid of them. It's probably mostly through the power of suggestion. I close my eyes and amidst all the bad imagery and twisted thoughts I look for a light. Somewhere in the mess it will be there usually very small, and usualy it's bright green or light blue. Once it's found I "will" it to grow and as this bright dot grows bigger it pushes the bad out and cleanses what was there. It's always worked for me but when it was first suggested I was pretty fucked up so that might be part of the reason it works so well for me.
Nice report Delir1um.
My posts here are ludicrous manifestations of my vivid imagination. Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those  characters by telling their story.
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Bad trips are very unnerving to say the least...sorry you had a bad one Delir1um.. I've had a few over the years but as daytrippa said you'll probably gain alot from it in the long run..if anything having bad trips showed me that I always come back to reality and to take and respect each trip separately..if I ever feel even slightly dark nowadays I know I'll make it through it,which will always make me feel better immediately!!! it can be torture while it lasts though,specially with time distortions....I once spent many eternities in what can only be described as a fractal hell on dmt,It was like I was being smacked with a cosmic sledge hammer a thousand times a millisecond..I truly thought I'd gone to far that time and that I would never come back to anything resembling reality...but 15 minutes later I was back...freaked and confused,but made it back all the same!!! since that I reckon I could handle just about anything and Im very glad I got to experience it!!!

I like your idea of finding the light and willing it to grow Knothing, will have to remember that one if me or anybody is having a rough trip..if anything its a great distraction!!!
There's No Such Thing As Madness, Only Different Degree's Of Sanity...
has there been any paranormal shit happen in yer house when yer sober before? sounds like too strong a trip for lowish dose unless the blotter contained a lot more than was meant to. 25B is normally more visual than headfuck for me
I know a lot of what happened was all in my head, sure, but I still can't explain the fact that at the very moment we began discussing the spirit the phone connection began going all wonky AND I heard that fragment of a menacing voice begin to come through. I was able to handle the trip pretty well before that point, until the negative energy began to take over anyways.

I've had paranormal experiences plenty of times while stone sober, and I've even seen an apparition. This, however, was the first time its happened while tripping, and it was a million times scarier.

I have past experience with the classic psychedelics, and I've tripped harder the first time I did LSD than I did this time around. I knew how bad things could get, but never to this level.
Sounds like quite an experience!!! A head full of psych's and sinister energy...think I would have gotten itchy feet and headed for the door!!!
There's No Such Thing As Madness, Only Different Degree's Of Sanity...
I'm in agreement Dimitri. I never seen any ghost or shit, (had an some kind of experience with other beings in a DMT trip, but it wasn't sinister, so not scary) but the second I encounter something like what Deler1um described, I'm not sticking around to see what it wants. "Fuck you ghost I'm gone!"

Can't believe your still in that house Delir1um, you are more courageous than I. Whether it was just you tripping or something was really there, it's obvious it was real enough for you, so yea you got balls man.
My posts here are ludicrous manifestations of my vivid imagination. Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those  characters by telling their story.
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fuck i would have shit myself

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