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25b-NBOMe report (2mg)
1mg tab (of the strawberry 25b variety from AJ) taken at 2pm (buccal)
A second tab was taken (buccal) at 4.30pm which did little to the intensity but seemed to affect the duration as I was still getting visuals up until 12am midnight.

I awoke around 11am on wednesday and discovered an envelope containing 3 x 25b tabs from AJ Blotters (I must commend AJ on his use of paper envelopes over jiffy envelopes for tabs as it couldn't get more discrete than this). Inside was a single bag between a plain piece of paper.

Only other drugs consumed that day were 6mg of buprenorphine at 12pm, of which I am prescribed.

This is my second "proper" trip by the way, discounting other mild-trips that I wasted tabs on due to tolerance and impatience. It had been 2 weeks since my last NBOMe or psychedelic of any kind. (Read my previous 25b report here)
I spent the next few hours debating what time would be best to take the tab, as I'd already convinced myself I was taking them that day. The last time I took 25b was at 8pm and I spent most of the trip in my room during my room apart from a few cigarettes outside in the dark. I was curious to explore this substance during the daytime as it was a (relatively) nice, warm day, and I would have the house to myself for most of the afternoon.

I popped the first tab whole between my top lip and gum as far as it would go. I noticed the familiar numbing sensation within a few minutes, and left the tab there for the next 2 hours from what I can remember.

I put on some easy-going TV to distract myself. I started watching Daria a few days previously so queued up the next few episodes of that.
Within 40 minutes I noticed the initial change in headspace; anticipation and excitement coupled with clammy hands.

By the 1-hour mark the visuals became very apparent. The text on my screen started to jump out a little. The rigid shape of my desk started to bulge out, as did other objects, as if I was looking at them through a fish eye lense. This increased in intensity over the next hour, with every surface morphing and twisting. I looked at my douvet and noticed a particular aesthetic beauty in the creases and folds as they started to wiggle lightly. I was still watching Daria (though pausing occasionally to explore whatever distracted me), and became totally engrossed in one particular episode. I felt totally connected to all the characters, empathised with each of their struggles and followed the storyline with a genuine concern for the outcome. I laughed hysterically at every little joke and noticed a lot of witty lines I would have otherwise missed.
After that episode finished I sat in silence with my eyes closed for a few minutes. My window was open so I could hear the traffic far in the distance. For some reason I perceived this as if it was part of an MP3 track, waiting for the sound of traffic to slowly stop as the tune reached its inevitable end. When this didnt happen after about 5 minutes I eventually realised I was actually listening to the traffic. I giggled to myself slightly.

By about the 2 hour mark (4pm ish) I switched some music on, for the sake of convenience it was the same playlist of mostly DnB I had been listening to earlier that day. One tune that really struck me was this:

Like the TV episodes earlier, the tune seemed to play for ages. I was fixated on the clean production, the texture of the underlying bass and haunting vocals. I noticed a strange "echo" within the tune, I was hearing strange ambient sounds I hadn't noticed previously.
All the while I'm glancing round my room looking at what appears most interesting. A pattern on my wallpapered-ceiling seemed to geometrically fractalise around the light fitting into hundreds of repeating fish-shapes that seemed surrounded by some form of text, it reminded me of a t-shirt design I'd once seen. As I tried to focus on reading the text it only seemed to split down into smaller, more detailed shapes.

Around the 2 to 4h mark was when the effects felt most intense. Around 4pm my mother announced she was going out, I tried to keep conversation to a minimum as at that point it felt incredibly difficult. I felt uneasy when she asked me "what's wrong?" to which I replied "nothing". Only to be told I "look upset" and asked am I "alright"?. I reassured her I was fine while subconsciously worrying that my face might in fact be melting and morphing like hers was doing at the moment. After she left, the dog climbed onto my bed. He is a large greyhound and takes up most of my bed. I began stroking and scratching his head because the texture of his fur felt incredible and I took great joy in providing him with comfort and company. I felt ecstatic to be around him at this time, and strangely for the first time I saw him as a dog-like character as he looked at me with his big eyes and ears standing, rather than just the four-legged malting mammal I usually perceive him as. I noticed his whiskers in great detail and spent about 10 minutes talking to him as if he genuinely understood me.
[Image: DSC05830.jpg]

It was at this point - around 4.45pm - I decided to pop in a second tab and take the dog for a walk. Partly to see what nature had to offer me, but mostly because I knew how happy it would make the dog. It took me about 15-20 minutes to gather myself, as I'm normally like that anyway whenever I have to go out (double check everything) but this took longer because I kept being distracted by the fact I was tripping.
I decided to roll two cigarettes, a normal one, and another one with cannabinoid powder in. I threw on my jacket, shoes, and inserted my earphones. I suited the dog up in his lead/harness combo outfit, and walked down the road.

After leaving the house I selected a tune on my phone (above) as I thoroughly enjoyed this album from start to finish on my last trip, and I definitely preferred the sound of. Immediately I noticed how pleasant and welcoming the outdoors looked as I walked down my semi-suburban residential street of semi-detached houses. I had a huge grin plastered across my face. The constant morphing of objects was still very much apparent in the shapes of the houses, cars, fences and front-garden decor, but I was paying more attention to the music at the time. When I reached the end of my road I noticed the trees shimmer and wave about in synchronisation with the other trees that stood perfectly in line, parallel to the footpath I was about to walk down (when I saw a dog coming the opposite way and decided to take a different route before my dog noticed and started getting aggressive/excited - have to keep him away from other dogs on walks because he barks and pulls like his life depended on it).

I walked down a different street, still with a huge grin on my face and feeling of total contentment. Spotted a few other dogs on the way and my dog reacted as expected, but I was totally unphased by him pulling in the opposite direction as I was still in a trance listening to Zero 7 in my earphones. It was around this point I smoked the cannaboid-cigarette. I immediately noticed how pleasurable it was to smoke slowly, savouring each breath and watching as the smoke whirled upwards like dancers (excuse the cliché) and slowly dissipated into the wind and was carried away.

The walk carried on mostly the same. I didn't notice any effect from the cannaboids, so sparked up another, normal cigarette and enjoyed smoking that. I walked through an industrial estate and saw a few people, presumably on their smoke break at work, looking miserable so I made an effort to smile at them in an attempt to spread my own good mood and hopefully brighten their day. I saw a guy in a suit running like he was trying to make a bus. I moved out of his way with my dog and felt a real sympathy as I'd been in that situation myself. I smiled at him and said "good luck!". He smiled back and thought nothing of it.

As I walked across the grass it seemed to shimmer in perfect uniform from the wind, I likened it to a legion of Roman soldiers who all march in perfect synchronism down to their very footsteps. I caught myself shouting out loud at the dog as he defecated on some flowers "Why have you gotta desecrate the first beautiful thing you see by having a shit on it!?" - afterwards I realised I said this quite loud, but didn't care who else had heard me say it. The dog was clearly exhausted as he panted and made little effort to pull towards other dogs he saw in the distance.
I walked past a a field, in which was group of young lads (about 10) playing football (I normally hate football) and I just felt a sense of warmth wash over me, with an appreciation for their friendship, being within the company of others with likeminded interests, and the general warm atmosphere of the day that inspires such events to take place.

At that moment I felt a sense of clarity and noticed the path in front of me seem to almost 'light up' as it revealed itself (I assume this was down to the way the light reflected off the tarmac) but at the time it felt like a profound metaphor the 'right path' to revealing itself to me in wake of my new found positive outlook.

By the time I arrived back home, so had everyone else. I had worked up a bit of sweat from the walk (I seemed to be gone 30 minutes though it felt like hours) so I went to my room and got changed. I was overjoyed to find that the latest episode (4) of Game of Thrones had finished downloading in 720p so immediately put that on and watched it. It was just under an hour of very intense television. The visuals were still apparent if I paid attention but I was fixated on the TV at this point. I noticed every detail, I could read the intentions of every character in their tone, body language and so-forth. Every line seemed to be delivered with such impact.

By the time I'd finished Game of Thrones my mother had finished cooking dinner. It was some kind of fish pie, I heard her mention it earlier that day and it sounded appetising apart from the parsley sauce.
I tried to eat it but couldn't manage. My appetite felt slightly inhibited by the 25b's stimulating nature but I tried to eat what I could. After the short interlude that Game of Thrones provided I once again realised I was still very much tripping, I couldn't help but watch as the contents of my plate morphed around one another and the mashed potato began to form geometric patterns, I tried to eat a few piece of fish but could not distinguish any of the food. This was about 6pm, I remember watching BBC News while eating dinner. This made it quite uncomfortable, the news seemed very surreal at the time (something about sailing, thank god it was nothing serious) and I had difficulty communicating with my parents without laughing suddenly or staring profusely at the most inane things (like my dinner). This was the only part of the experience I found difficult, communicating with my parents while seemingly trying to appear straight-headed. It wasn't difficult, but required a lot of effort.

I eventually returned to my own comfortable space in my room and alternated between streaming episodes of Daria and listening to music while chatting on IRC. The rest of the evening carried on this way for the most part, smoking a cannabinoid-cigarette every few hours. At one point I got impatient so carelessly chucked a rather large amount of powder into the cigarette I was rolling and smoked it quite quickly before sitting back at my computer and watching more TV. Within about 5 minutes the television show seemed overwhelming so I paused it then had a huge urge to lie flat on my bed, which I did.
At that point I noticed the patterns on my ceiling again, but - presumably from too much cannabinoid - they took on a more menacing shape. I began thinking in a negative way, which in summary went a bit like this:
"what would I do if I started having a panic attack?"
"what happens if I can't get out of this thought loop"
"I'm bringing this on myself, I need a distraction"
This whole near-miss I wholly attribute to smoking too many cannabinoids, seeing as too much of any cannabinoid can make me paranoid (regardless of sobriety or other drugs), and considering it was 11pm at this point (so 9 hrs since taking the tab) and the effects had mostly worn off. I don't blame this on the 25b but my own carelessness.
I basically got up after 5 minutes of "racing bad thoughts" and put some soothing music on. It was very short-lived and easy to talk myself out of it but can see the possibility, if one was unprepared, of becoming overwhelmed and perhaps fighting the experience and being dominated by a negative thought pattern, left with an uncomfortable state of tripping to deal with.
In spite of this, I was mostly surprised by how much a smoke brought the trip back on quite intensely. The visuals became a lot more apparent for a short period, as well as the cannabinoids mixing very well with the 25b's comfortable, cushiony body high.

A lot of people have described 25b as being a predominantly visual high without much change in headspace. However I noticed it's possible to get very introspective on this, but the experience feels very easy-going and easy to control in spite of this. I thought about a lot of my personal issues in quite an analytical way and understood a lot of things with a newfound clarity, but even when thinking about almost traumatic times in my life I felt constantly at peace. It's a very peaceful feeling drug.

With the two times I've properly tripped and after speaking to other members, the experience seems to follow a predictable timespan (only tried bucally however):
1 to 2hrs onset
Then following 2 to 3 solid hours of intense, heavily visual tripping (plateau)
Then a slow, steady decline in visual effects over the next 3-6 hours
After the initial plateau it doesnt feel too dissimilar to a 6-APB buzz in terms of mild stimulation, sociability and smooth euphoria.

Overall, in summary:
This is a very euphoric, enjoyable psychedelic. While the visuals can get very intense at times, it never feels overwhelming, in fact it feels very easy going and possible to control the direction of the trip. Body high is luscious, feels like a light dose of 6-APB in that sense, mildly stimulating but not forcibly so. Constant sense of peace and being at ease with everything in the world. Would probably be a good first-trip for someone, but still interesting enough for seasoned trippers (I'd guess)
Personally the duration of the peak left a little to be desired, but for others this might be ideal if you don't have a day to spend recovering.
There is a definite residual stimulation after the trip has worn off, but it doesn't feel so much of a crash like some stims do, just an inability to sleep. Despite this there's no hangover the following day(s). In fact I usually feel MORE refreshed the following day, which doesnt seem to disappear either. Since first taking 25b I've had a far more positive general attitude towards life and have felt more comfortable with myself and others, whereas before I was slightly depressed and severely unmotivated.

I hope this report is informative, and potentially even enjoyable to read. I apologise for the length but I am on 200mg of 6-APB while writing this which made it very satisfying to type, but in no means did it negatively affect the accuracy of my report. thumbup

25b = 25bangtidy
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Absolutely fantastic TR eyebrows i'm incredibly impressed (also a zero 7 lover) apart from their last album which mr b and I saw them perform live in the colston hall, anybody thats been there knows its a pretty intimate venue however the light show was worthy of Wembley stadium, also the large proliferation of over sixties who clearly also enjoyed the previous album didnt seem prepared for the eye shattering spectacle...i digress awesome TR thank you for taking the time to wrote it up rep forthcoming!
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Great report bud!!! 25b really does sound quite nice and visual...its the only one of the main ones I havnt tried yet..and I've found the others lack in the visual aspect..think ill order some next wk :) thanks for the report..and nice choice of music too!!
There's No Such Thing As Madness, Only Different Degree's Of Sanity...
Absolutely fantastic report! Good call on getting it done last night lol ;)

Zero 7 are superb and I totally love your dog.

Thats a triple winner.Woooooo!
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Lovely trip report. Tripping on NBOMEs sounds difficult around parents and I know that it's something that would probably ruin the trip for me and make me very paranoid. 2 weeks seems to be the perfect time for total return of tolerance IMO. Less than that and the experience is dimmed, as though my brain feels too tired.
An enjoyable read has me raring to go again this weekend
TR's with videos and pictures.. plus comprehensive written descriptions are always a winner in my book. Happy
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Great report. That's a cute dog but animals always freak me out when I'm tripping, it feels like they're changing when I stroke them. And there's absolutely no way I'd trip with my parents in the background, no fucking way at all!
..it's certainly an enjoyable tr to read Eyebrows..
Thanks for the positive feedback!

(04-05-2013, 07:53 AM)SteveBrule44 Wrote: animals always freak me out when I'm tripping, it feels like they're changing when I stroke them.
I found this particularly interesting actually, I was fixated on watching him stretch, like the way his skin moved around his muscles/bones (greyhound are notoriously skinny and have no fat) was strangely fascinating to my tripping eyes.

Also thought I'd add, about 5 or 6 days after this experience I tried repeating it with one 1mg tab and had an underwhelming experience, but still thought I'd document a few things.

The onset was a lot longer than before; I didn't notice any change in perception until about the 2h mark, at which point I got some mild visual morphing and a light increase in mood. Shamefully it didn't really progress much further than that, but I still had a fun time talking trash with fellow members on IRC (including lolcat who was also tripping at the same time (documented in his "trip report in pictures"), part of the reason I decided to throw patience and reason out the window and take a tab myself). Contrary to previous 25b trips managed to motivate myself to draw a few pictures, sending a few back-and-forth over IRC with lolcat:

The 'angry crayon'
[Image: CameraZOOM-20130429201315975.jpg]

and, as inspired by some of lolcat's 'balloonhead drawings':
[Image: Camera_ZOOM_20130429214655675.jpg]

However later on (say 5 hours after administering the tab), and just before watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones, I smoked a small amount of natural cannabinoids, which in turn left me in a great state of (enjoyable) mental confusion and kicked the trip up a great deal.
I struggled to follow the plot of Game of Thrones (having to actually rewind a few scenes) and spent a great deal fixated on benign patterns on the scenery of certain objects, or noticing patterns that were not there. Over the next few hours I played around with this mental confusion, struggling to maintain simple conversation in IRC, eventually "monging out" in my chair and falling asleep.

I slept well but the following day I felt particularly shitty and drained. I attributed this mainly to the fact I'd consumed a large amount of 6-APB 2 days previous (perhaps another factor which increased my NBOMe tolerance at the time) - but something that wouldn't alone normally give me any sort of come-down - yet having taken the 25b so soon after presumably drained my serotonin even further.
This is just an assumption as I'm unsure what effect 25b even has on serotonin (whether it 'drains' it like certain MDxx analogues), but the following 2 or 3 days I felt something which I could only describe as a come-down (depressed, lethargic and unmotivated). This eventually passed over the coming days and after consuming lots of tryptophan-rich foods.

I've since decided to leave a MINIMUM of 2 weeks (and preferably a month, although unlikely knowing my past patterns of use) between NBOMe trips. My next 25b experience will hopefully be in combination with 5/6-APB. I feel sufficiently comfortable enough with both substances alone to take a good dose of the APB and start with 2 tabs, presumably after the peak of the APB.
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