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25I Overdoses
(14-08-2013, 06:39 PM)Tempz Wrote: 25i certainly feels the most dangerous, my breathing would suddenly stop, nostrils clog up and I need to breathe through my mouth, my girlfriends legs would go dead cold, all kinds of weird side effects. I have no doubt in my mind that at least 90% of NBOMe deaths would have been 25i.

Actually the nbome snuff deaths were 25C which is very potent.

(14-08-2013, 01:27 PM)Fibonacci Wrote: http://datcs.com/kids-overdosing-on-new-drug-called-25i

Would they have had these bad symptoms from 650ug doses? Out of all the NBOMEs 25I sounds so dodgy. If people could give sources and more information about it that'd be great.

 Read the article, you will see that the Ambulance paramedics are calling this an nbome Overdose, only a coroner can call that. Not only that, but they give a 650ug dose information. As if every one of these unrelated incidents, the victim took 650ug every time. Was there any convictions as a result of the deaths? No?  Also nbome is off white to white in color the color of the nbome in that report is wrong.

During the 1960's there were a lot of LSD death stories, and plenty of reports of bodies and deaths to back them up. If you analyze the Nbome death reports you will find that they are hardly coming from an informed and expert opinion. Police and paramedics alike treat people tripping like it is an emergency situation, well that really fucks up the setting, so it is no wonder negative side effects like anxiety are being reported by official sources.

I know people that took very large doses, 1 person took 38 1mg tabs of 25I, and said that inanimate objects became animate, and were telling him about his life and reality. The other guy is a dealer, he took 30mg of 25C nbome, it was an accident, but he lived. He also said it was one of the most profound experiences of his life. He thought he was going to die, because that was what people were telling him, he was surprised when he didn't die. Good thing he didn't call an ambulance. The guy said if he was going  to die, he didn't want the anxiety and pressure of an emergency situation also. So he went to the mangroves to lay down and die, and lived instead.
Wow - this is a really old thread, but what the hell.

This is Erowid's curated list of 25i deaths.

25C deaths.

Other/unidentified NBOMe deaths.
Wow that is just so sad. I admit 25b nbome was the first psychedelic i had from the r.c community. I used to love 25b nbome in particular. Not as much as lsd but the visuals are very very intricate.
But nbomes popped up right before al lad was released followed by a flood of good lsd.
The only reason i ever took 25b was because idk 7 y
Or so years ago lsd was a ghost. Now i have seen more lsd thisbyear than in any of my other 30 years on this earth.
So as long as good lsd or lsd analouges are availabke there is no reason at all to take a nbome. Especially 25i that one is very dangerous.
love the world and it will love you back. chin
(25-12-2016, 01:29 AM)niamh Wrote: Wow - this is a really old thread, but what the hell.

This is Erowid's curated list of 25i deaths.

25C deaths.

Other/unidentified NBOMe deaths.

Yes it is an old thread, it is an old issue

I have been doing research

I have been doing research on the 2 issues with the Nbomes. 1. Is it a mescaline analogue and 2. What is the LD of the Nbomes. During this time I researched these death reports:

"I have some issues with these reports. A)
my3rdeye;11823580 Wrote:http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/2ci_...me_death.shtml B) http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/2cc_...me_death.shtml C) http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/nbome/nbome_death.shtml And this one not on there yet D) [url=<a][/url]http://www.londoncommunitynews.com/news-...like-drug/ URL Quote: A)Incident: Louis Folson, 22, March 5, 2014 in Mankato, Minnesota doesn't give dosage or an idea of how much she took. It appears to be too much. The substance found by toxicology was "25C1-Nbome, the "1" is significant, it "may" be stating a chemical dis-similarity to 25C-Nbome by the discovering chemist or a typo in the report(?). AND Incident: Chloe Moses, 17, March 7, 2014 in Mankato, Minnesota. Most of these are isolated to one area Mankato, Minnesota. Also these people were snorting 25C Nbome, Nbome Snuff's have a good chance of having "Hot Spots", in other words, because of the difference in density between the Nbome and the powder used to mix it with, the cut ( all Nbome snuff's are supposed to be a mix and are not ever supposed to be pure Nbome) the Nbome can settle making the snuff too concentrated and likely to lead to an overdose. This is why Nbome snuffs are no longer being sold on the streets.
25C Nbome is very strong, and is reported to have a Lethal dose at 4mg.
Further research is required on this one for lack of dosage..... B)Incident: Samnuel Herrera, 16, April 2013 oop's sniffing too much nbome. In 2013 people were not very familiar with Nbome, which may have an LD-50, should not be sniffed, the practice is too dangerous, there is no adequate control of dose concentration in the powder, and tabs that are to be used orally are not the same as Nbome snuff because they cannot concentrate during shipping, handeling and storage like powders can. C) All of these Erowid reports were made "BEFORE" any toxicology report was complete, And the last report of the "SLU student Indicted by a Grand Jury for Murder" Doesn't offer any "Conviction" information. The Grand Jury Indictment is the beginning of the legal process, when the Defendant is assumed innocent. If the defendant is innocent of murder, then so is the Nbome. An indictment is "NOT" a finding of Guilt and the conclusion of the legal process is where precedent is set, not at the Grand Jury stage of the process. D)Report prior to toxicology, the police are assuming that Nbome is responsible. OK here is a clue. The police are not qualified to say what killed anybody, only the coroner can do that. Police can make a educated guess, but that is all. No one is getting a ph.d. for reading the local opinion, considering nepotism , LOL "
Item found here: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/6905...aths/page5

Now most of the Nbome reported deaths above are from 25C and being Sniffed.
The reported deaths from 25I are less legit. Many of these  death reports came from newspapers and police. There was no Expert source that claimed the deaths to be directly related to Nbome which leaves specifically recognizable damage in autopsy reports.

Another question, is how many deaths came from the 25I Nbome (?) that was cooked by a bathtub chemist in North Dakota, USA. IDK what this guy cooked up. He attempted to Methoxylate 2C-I by himself at home. How much did he make, and where did it go? Because this guys stuff was "killer shit" so to speak.

I am finding that there is a lot of hysteria and either lacking reports or false reports that make Nbome appear to be more dangerous than it is.

I am not saying that it can't be dangerous in high doses, especially with low weight people. There are Expertly reported deaths. But the doses were kind of known, like, Krystal Wicklund, the girl in Virginia. who was snorting Pure, uncut, Nbome with her BF. That had to be an incredible amount of Nbome.

No doubt there have been Nbome overdoses, however there seems to be less then credible reports. Especially where Low dose deaths are concerned. I might add there is no way of knowing, how many people have taken NBOME successfully. I mean China provided several tons of the stuff to the entire world. In comparison  the deaths are scarce.

The reports that seem to hold credibility are the Snuff deaths, the Bathtub made 25I deaths, and any deaths related to sniffing pure uncut Nbome.

Now we know what safe dosing is with the Nbome.

It also appears that Nbome has been made to be a bigger monster than it really is. A lot of drugs have a LD50. We continue to utilize these drugs, however we know not to use a Lethal Dose, which in most cases is too much anyway.

Drug safety is an important issue, I like the visuals I get from Nbome especially the Nbome freebase. My friends and I have always enjoyed it, and we suspected that nbome may be the victim of Anti-Drug propaganda. However my research has found that the credible reports of NBOME deaths Are a significant minority of all the reports I have researched so far. For lack of a finding of the obvious physical indication of Nbome overdose by a credible expert, like a coroners report. Many reports are simply the opinion of Police, who's opinion doesn't count.
It appears definetly dangerous range maybe most dangerous of all. Are there any further information on the matter of these substances

I am desperate to try 25i-nbf
(29-12-2016, 01:47 AM)Sks3 Wrote: It appears definetly dangerous range maybe most dangerous of all. Are there any further information on the matter of these substances

Yes I found a page on Reddit about Nbome Dosage Drug Safety and some Chemical information The link is here:
I read the article. The OP is proving with technical chemical arguments that Nbome is:
a Mescaline analogue

That Nbome may be toxic in high doses, but most of the deaths were caused by Bathtub Made Nbome buy a guy in the Dakotas. Also the 25C deaths were snuff. 25C is supposed to be fatal at doses as low as 4mg. Apparently the snuff deaths happened when the 25C settled. So the 25C snuff powder had hot spots because of the difference in the density of the the Nbome compared to the powder it was in. So the Nbome settled from the powder into the bottom of the container, bag or whatever it was held in.
 The OP of that article explains it better than I can.
That reddit post is chemically illiterate nonsense. Mescaline is substituted in the 3,4,5 positions, but the 2C-X compounds and their derivatives, the 25X-NBOMe compounds are substituted in the 2,4,5 positions. All of these compounds are ring-substituted phenethylamines.

There's plenty of case studies around, as well.

Fatal Intoxications with 25B-NBOMe and 25I-NBOMe in Indiana During 2014

Here's one involving 25C-NBOMe (in combination with amphetamine):

A Fatal Poisoning Involving 25C-NBOMe
Treat them as something that can kill you is my advice. Not saying don't. Am saying know that. You'll probably shit yourself in a Rick and Morty kind of way first too. So you'll leave that as your moveable gravestone. Just saying.

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