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25D nbome
Dmitri, that's pretty much exactly what I found with my two trials, will be doing 2.4mg in tomorrow to see if third time's the charm. Higher dose last week was a bit too much for a while, not as a psychedelic but as a stimulant. Came up very strong and rushy about two hours in and stayed that way a good hour. Not the kind of body load that would be concerning, it was just the intensity of it. Very euphoric though. Not all that visual, still less than 25C and though the CEVs were brilliant detailed with a bit of a cannabinoid for boost they were hard to find, had to really focus to get into them and then only for an hour or so of the trip tops. OEV mainly just colour shifts, tints and vague patterns over things. It's the shallowest yet mentally of the four I've tried, or on a par with 25C maybe. Not nearly as emotional as 25B. Will TR properly tomorrow hoping for something a bit different.
yeah I think if I did have some cannabinoids handy it may have made a different visually but alas unfortunately I didnt. I still really enjoyed the experience even though I always prefer more visual trips. It was perfect for the time I was in the club though... Lots of energy for a very energetic live band so it suited quite well without any confusion. Strange really as it felt like I was tripping hard but without the trip haha if that makes sense to you. Maybe a combination with something else could be very interesting indeed. Will look forward to your trip report. Goodluck Bud!!!
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