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25B experience - Transient mania
Male 80kg
Previous experiences - multiple
Set - In my home, alone throughout the night with others sleeping below and next door.
Setting - Excited as 25B is my favourite NBOME and I was in a good mood. No other substances were consumed directly before, although 5-HTP had been taken for 4 days at 100mg previously.

Dose - 1.5 AJ's 25B blotter stuck under my upper lip for 45 minutes. Did not swallow any saliva for 30 minutes and spat it out.

T+0= 22:36

T+30mins - First warning signs, this trip was going to be intense.

T+45 mins - Finding skyrim pretty intense. Accidentally killed Lydia and was upset. Decided music would help me through the come up. Quite jittery and writing was difficult. I was concerned over the ammount my writing hand cramped up after a few words. It was from this point that I decided to document the trip quite closely as I felt this was going to be quite a profound experience. Visualls were a strong +++ by this point with huge swirling and complex spiralling fractals. My head felt very lucid still.

T+1:10 - Felt a little bit out of my depth up till this point although I was getting into the swing of things. My heart was going quite fast causing a little anxiety but I knew really that I was safe. The head space started getting much larger around this point. My thoughts were becoming more powerful. Time was slowing down.

T+1:30 - I ponder the value of writing out my thoughts, wondering how it will read tomorrow. I realise that I am still coming up. The visuals are covering everything in intense detail, breaking out of the 4th wall and coming for me directly like a sapling plant growing in the dark searching for light. My perspective begins to pull back to a place where my entire nervous system is on display like a giant controller where I can feel all my nervous electrical energy.

T+1:35 (Cannabinoids smoked)

t+1:45 - "Profoundly psychedelic experience. Must document!" and "Two people would bond on this. Over fear..."reads the notes.

My arousal (non-erotic) levels were through the roof. Time was moving slower and slower until I was seeing the gaps of infinity between each moment. I notice at this point that I am slightly manic and the euphoria starts pouring in. It is feeling like a summer day.

"I am very quite. Impaired. Jimi good."

"Psychedelic is only a reflection of reality"

"There are so many things to think about"

T+1:50 - "At what point does my science break down?" - I reflect briefly on areas for self improvement but quickly move onto more important train of thoughts as I am already pretty awesome.

[Image: 0IlCG34l.jpg?1]

T+2:00 - Very happy to be alive. No longer afraid. I do note my fragile state of mind. I turn again to music and the beautiful guitar solo of Pink Floyds - Comfortably numb.

T+2:01 - Very stimulated and I think I like it.

T+2:02 - Realise I am writing quite a lot. I think these notes should probably not be shown to people as they are a little crazy. I decide I am here to document the mental changes I experience and recognise that I am temporarily insane. Too much time...

T+2:05 - Feel massively grandiose and want to wake everyone in the house up and share the euphoria and love I feel for living. Consider how these people are my friends and probably wouldn't mind hugely if I woke them up in the middle of the night for a high five.

"This is madness? Mania? ... Fuck it was mania"

Incredibably chuffed I have self diagnosed mania. Off to listen to rock and enjoy life.

T+2:35 - The note taking was scaring me a little bit at this point. I questioned again the sensibility of taking notes whilst I was insane. In the end I decide that the highly creative manic state would be best spent trying to describe the wonderful experience.

T+2:38 - I saw myself in the mirror and my beard was a collection of letters forming words. I tried to read them but it was nonsensical like a barcode. I felt as though my language function was through the roof. I was more descriptive and articulate than normal.

T+2:39 - "Mania only if persists. Fear returns"

I feel very constrained in my room. I want to run around outside and be creative. I foresee several situations which could end badly so decide to remain in the room. This was a good choice because I was still fucked up massively.

The mania is frustrating. Memory loss is occuring due to infinitely decreasing spaces of time.


I seem to fall of a mental cliff at this point and cannot remember what occured. The next entry was just "life".


I begin really enjoying the experience again from here. I gave the drug so far:

Psychedelic 10/10
Euphoria 5/10
Creativity 10/1

Ideas are exploding from every aspect of my mind.

T+2:50 - I get back into the note making hardcore at this point. I made a ton of graphs and was writing multiple notes in the same minute for hours. I will trim the fat and just post the good quotes:

"The need to document my experience is very strong. This might be a load of crap but this drug produces a high output mind"



"Feel righteous and furious. These drugs aren't even illegal yet. But they will be."

"Mania must be fucking awful"

[Image: Y7DdjaIl.jpg]

[Image: 0IlCG34l.jpg?1]

T+6:00 - Where the hell did the last 3 hours go? Saw my friend back from a night out when I got up to get some cereal and showed him my notes, not sure how much he will remember as he was smashed. Cat GIFs on the internet are funny as hell.

I got up, put on some psytrance and went for an early morning walk. There were a fair few police about but I was never seriously worried about getting stopped and could probably have held my shit together if I did. The walk was pretty draining and I felt a little short of breath afterwards.

t+10:30 - Sleep properly achieved (9AM). Had lain in bed for a good hour up till then.

T+15:00 - Wake up feeling pretty refreshed considering the tiny ammount of sleep I had. No residual effects.

I think the temporary mania could be due to the 5-HTP taken for four days prior. I don't know if that works out from a pharmacological perspective. Alternatively it could be due to the higher dose. I would recommend this dose to people only if experienced with psychedelics as it was pretty damn stimmy and I think that could give you the fear if you thought there was a chance you might die.
Skinner will be proud of what is basically your S-R piccie. Just needed more pigeons :D

Nice TR. Possible that the noids gave you a bumpy ride - a few reports of less than ideal outcomes mixing on NBOMes (no issues myself *touches wood*).
"It is simply this: do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent—lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It's as simple as that" Tove Jansson
nice tr indeed..
(03-05-2013, 01:14 AM)Ragenori Wrote: Incredibably chuffed I have self diagnosed mania. Off to listen to rock and enjoy life.

Lol. One of the best lines I've seen in a TR (which was excellent). +1 lol
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Cool TR! Seems like we had several experiences in common, particularly the "blackout" periods and the visualizations. Good to hear I'm not that crazy! Happy
Nice report!!!
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