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25B-NBOMe Trip Report (500ug)
So the NBOMes are currently under a TCDO and it seems they will soon become class A... However no doubt they are still around in large numbers, so in the interest of harm reduction I'm gonna post this TR about a trip I had last summer, ironically just a few days before the ban was announced. Originally posted on another forum (in slightly modifed form), but I also think it will be useful here. Cheers :)

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Weight: 66kg / ~10.5 stone
Height: 180cm / 5"11
Dose: ~500μg (roughly half of a 1mg tab)
ROA: Buccal


My friend bought a few tabs of this a couple of weeks ago but we hadn't got round to trying them yet for various reasons. However we were all free on this particular day so we decided to go ahead with it. It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to do it on a big field on our uni campus.

At roughly 15.40, me and two friends placed half a tab each on our gums, and left them there for 25 minutes, trying our best not to swallow saliva. I could already feel something by the time I swallowed the tab, nothing major just a subtle 'different' feeling. Around this time another friend showed up who was to be watching us.

From around 16.05 to 16.35, the effects gradually grew. At first all I noticed was a minor 'stoned' sensation, and a few odd thoughts. I didn't exactly feel nauseous but there was a hint of an uncomfortable feeling that lingered for around 30 minutes. It wasn't unbearable but it wasn't exactly fun, I had to lie down on the grass until it passed. However after that was over I didn't experience any other negative physical side effects for the duration of the experience (no vasoconstriction or anything).

At around 16.35 the experience began to start for real, and I started getting visuals, although I still felt remarkably clearheaded considering I was on a psychedelic. We all got up and tried to kick around a football and toss around a frisbee, which we were all hilariously bad at as our sense of balance had gone (I always seemed to be walking downhill in whatever direction I went, even though we were on flat ground...). I noticed lots of obvious tracers. At one point another group of people playing football somewhat to the right of us hit their ball over towards us and asked us to return it, as I was still feeling relatively sober mentally I went up to it to kick it back, but as I approached it seemed to get further and further away and smaller and smaller, and everything seemed to slow down! I did manage somehow to get it back to them [Image: smiley1.gif]

It started to come on strong at this point (roughly 16.45-17.00). The visuals became so obvious they were everywhere wherever you looked, and my mind started to become a bit more cloudy, although without any of the mindfuck I associate with other psyches. I was however still able to hold down a somewhat normal conversation with my mates. I looked up at the sky and saw that the clouds were morphing and writhing ridiculously. Began to get some serious time dilation at this point as well. All in all I was having a lot of fun at this point.

However things started to go a bit pear shaped. My other friend who originally was just going to watch us went 'fuck it, I'm gonna try some' and stuck a tab in his mouth. This was alright at first but over the next 45 minutes I kind of lost my 'sober reference point'. The visuals were so strong at this stage I almost needed someone there to ask 'is that really happening or is just the visuals?' but I was quickly losing that person, so I began to get a little agitated. Of course now the seeds of worry had been planted in my mind I began to ruminate over all sorts of things. I started to get a bit paranoid that the other people on the field all knew we were high, that it was blatantly obvious, and they were gonna freak out and call security or the police or whatever. In addition, we had a set of speakers with us, and I couldn't tell how loud the music was playing out of them- it sounded ridiculously loud to me, and I was sure it was so loud we were going to draw attention to ourselves. Even though all my friends reassured me it was fine, the volume was low, I didn't believe them coz I knew they were tripping too.

From around 17.15 to 17.45 I slowly began to get more and more agitated and panic began to set in. To further worsen the situation my friends were all feeling quite energetic and wanted to go for a walk. This seemed like the worst idea ever to me, I really wanted to stay put. Even though they're all great friends I just didn't trust them at all at this moment in time, I thought they were deliberately trying to panic me. The anxiety kept growing and this left me confused and muddled my thoughts even more. The visuals suddenly took on a dark, sinister tone- I felt tiny and dwarfed by everything around me, and the colour saturated out of everything to leave it looking grey and lifeless. I needed to do something so I sent a series of increasingly desperate texts to my girlfriend (a feat in itself as my phone was dissolving at the time...) asking her to come to the field as quickly as possible. She said she was on the way but it felt like she was taking hours, I called her but was so confused and muddled I couldn't communicate what was wrong or what was going on, I just kept saying 'Please come now', which freaked her out a little bit. After what seemed like an age she did however eventually turn up and I cannot tell you how amazing the sense of relief I felt was- it was literally almost orgasmic. Suddenly the colour and life returned to everything and everything around me seemed a lot more 'real' again. From then on the trip was so much fun again but a cautionary tale about the importance of set and setting if you ever needed one... I'm a pretty mentally stable person and have always handled psychedelics well before, but I was pretty damn close to freaking out before my girlfriend arrived...

Nevetheless the visuals were still in full swing at this point and I was in a mood to enjoy them once more. I tried closing my eyes and had ridiculous CEVs. Morphing fractal patterns of crazy complexity, which also appeared overlaid on the grass and the sky when I looked at them. As I gazed at the buildings on campus they began to melt in an almost Salvador Dali-esque manner. The visuals had a very cliche 1970s style psychedelic imagery feel to them. And they were literally all-encompassing and constant, wherever and whenever you looked.

I stayed on the field for an hour longer, until roughly 19.00, when I headed back home with my gf leaving my other mates tripping on the field. I think I began to come down at this point but the walk home was so interesting it kept me at the same level for a while longer. I got home at around 19.20, and the comedown began for real here. The visuals still remained very prominent until about 20.00, after which they persisted in a less intrusive manner until about 21.00, only appearing occasionally overlaid on surfaces or behind closed eyes. Aside from a few somewhat vacant mental moments, I was 99% back to baseline by around 21.30/22.00, although residual stimulation kept me awake until 2am.

All in all I think this was an extremely interesting substance, perhaps not as mental as some other psyches, it was far more recreational which is not such a bad thing. A great experience apart from me having my little panic due to the setting!

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