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(17-01-2017, 02:57 AM)rzasunshower Wrote: hello, hey guys i have some nboh but i don't no how exactly consume, someone help me please!

Hi there, thanks for asking a good question.

Dose is usually 500mcg or less for a introductory dose. I suggest 250mcg.

For your first time, be at home, comfortable and safe with friends. Do not take any other drugs while doing this your first time. A couple of drinks is ok, but always best to be completely clear. Have nothing on the next day so you can relax.

Turn down the lights, put on headphones or turn up some music.

Take your trip and safely enjoy the ride feeling like you can let go into the experience comfortably.

It is a good experience, like any psychedelic. Be safe,be comfortable and do a lower dose. 

If you have powder or vial, you will to professionally dissolve or dilute it. CAUTION. Be very careful when handling any chemicals. Wear gloves and mask.

There is a lot of common sense involved. But start cautiously and with respect, and these gifts will bring you joy and lessons to learn.

If you would like more specific advice do ask.
I found 25b-nboh and 25i-nboh underwhelming, to the point that I was actually aggravated with both. Might be just me. Who knows.
Tests were done at varying strengths with both substances.
I have somewhat of affinity with substances like this. Still, all in all; not massively impressed with either.

This is not advice, just personal opinion from one researcher to the next; I'm not saying jump in at the deep end. As always caution is advised as results vary from person to person.
Glad you enjoyed it though.
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.

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