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1p-lsd group buy anyone.
Be good if a vendor could do it, put out like 1000 once they have been reserved and paid for send them to us...safe way of doing it....need loads for summer.
Fromm LL its £2.50 a pop at 100 postage included where as £1.90 for 500 there is the small ammount of mark ups to be made but unless LL would do 1000 for £1800 then ayy theres margins but its not much, i mean ayy save 20% is a deal but in bulk its cheap enough anyway IMO
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
How long does liquid lysergic juice normally keep for?, presumably in the fridge would last longer and in those brown glass ear dropper bottle things.

Mates an I are thinking of chipping in to get 10mg but worried it will degrade fast.

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