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1P-LSD "Fun With Bubble Wands"
Okay, so not my first trip on 1P-LSD, but first trip report I've ever written.

In the 12 hours leading up to doing the 1P-LSD I had taken 1g of 5-IAI, which I have to take big doses for as it won't do anything for me in small/average doses.

At 1pm I took a 100ug blotter, my girlfriend shortly behind me as she was eating while I took mine on an empty stomach.

As we were on the up we listened to a bit of Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, one song in particular called "Songs For Acid Edward" after tab was swallowed, she had a 100mg bomb of N-M-2AI. It intensified her trip to a fraction not really worth while.

After an hour I started seeing trails and visuals started going wobbly. My gf came up in half an hour and became intensely interested in her trails. She felt an onset of nausea, while I had nausea the first time, this time didn't effect me.

We decided to put on progressive psytrance with visualizations. She started to swoosh a rainbow into the air in front of her and began painting with her hands in the sky.

I saw a beautiful butterfly in her face with the nose being the body, cheeks wings and eyes patterns. While she saw my face aging from young to old and back again.

I joined but soon found myself engulfed in the visuals where I felt like I was in a tunnel and saw so many shapes and objects in the walls and in front me. I also gained the ability to see everything at one point in 3D where I was moving around the objects and I could move my head to get a better view.

After awhile with the prog psy, we decided to put on some bright and strobey music videos of My Little Pony such as Double Rainbow Syndrome.

I went across the road to McCall's for coke and gum as she started gurning.

A couple hours later of being absorbed into the music videos, she started having a bad trip. She felt as though I was ignoring her and forgot about her when I didn't, and started wanting to claw at her veins as she looked at them pulsating oddly. 

After reassuring her things were okay, we started making out then having undescribable sex other than bloody amazing. But she still couldn't get the bad trip to disappear completely.

So we got in touch with our friend over fb to see if she had any ideas on how to get back on a happy trip. She suggested bubbles. So I gathered money up and went and bought us 2 pink bubble wands. Though not before getting completely confused with trousers.

We then started just making bubbles around us for an hour or two, passing bubbles from wand to wand to see how long we could keep a bubble going.

She then passed out, so I went outside making bubbles watching them float and move in odd ways. She came to half way through that and came looking for me.

I said I wanted to spread the joyous bubbles to everyone so I suggested going to the gate and send bubbles into the street. So I doned my Naruto Akatsuki cloak, with psytrance blaring out. She watched me from the window but eventually decided to come outside but collapsed in the hallway. I started to make sure she's alright. I got her back on the mattress and let her rest while I went back into a world of visuals and prog psy.

I decided to see how a 100mg bomb of 3-FPM would effect the trip, to my dismay it pretty much removed most of the effects of the 1P-LSD. So I decided after an hour to bomb 125g of N-M-2AI. It brought back some of the visuals that disappeared.

Ultimately my trip ended abruptly, but I was curious so I took the 3-FPM. Ah well. As of right now I'm on 250mg of N-M-2AI watching more prog psy. I can feel the happiness vibrating in my very being but mostly left me with a chilled happy mood to end the trip. I feel like I'll stay on this level til I sleep. My gf is taking a nap for the time being.

Overall my trip was great up until I ended it by accident. The gfs was very up and down but her mood became very happy after the bubbles.

Hopefully that was up to standards? :)

Gf woke up after passing out for about two hours, she was still tripping, the nausea hasn't gone away but she saw some of the psytrance video before she cuddled up to me, with her eyes closed saw her own psytrance with a faint flashing pikachu which wasn't really doing anything except flashing randomly but she seems happy so that's all good :)
I`m running the bubbles screensaver in your honour lol
Haha thank you, I feel honoured. Bubbles are just too much fun though.
Cool report. Ginger tea can help with the nausea, works for me always. It's nice to focus on a hot drink sometimes too.
(14-05-2016, 11:10 AM)ImaginayFortnight Wrote: Cool report. Ginger tea can help with the nausea, works for me always. It's nice to focus on a hot drink sometimes too.

 This is the gf talking:

Thanks for the advise i will definitely give it ago it would be nice to be able to not have to sleep it off and worry my bf about it.
I cap up 500mg dried ginger definately helps in most cases or you can add that much to mint or other tea
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