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1P-LSD (1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide)
? I got bulk before the ban and before the price shoots up
Hi, sorry I know the thread is old, like many many other interesting, sadly.

What happened to you all guys (and Girls)?!

Is it the begining of the end of this great website or is it just me being lost because it's a long time since I didn't took a look hère...

Concerning this thread about 1P-LSD, Shulgin said it may not cross the blood brain barriere, but it seems it did.
The effects come fast, identical to LSD or even a bit faster..
A bit different, less visuals for all people I know who tried it, including myself.
CEV still decent.
Some high doses trips ( >300ug ) lasted somehow longer than usual LSD, always had a smooth flashback the next day, that happened sometimes with LSD to but not ALWAYS..

The most enjoyable : AL-LAD for sur (pleasure and Amazing visuals).

The better teatcher: LSD.

The dual edge, less "professionnal (some disturbing confusion sometimes) " but still decent teatcher: 1P-LSD.
Psychological fun, little visuals,nice for "boosting" your creativity, clear in your head, in peace with your soul...nice for painting, music (play or listen, it's just all peace) not much impaired, unless you go >400ug.->ALD-52.

The most "dark" one, with sometimes a big physical disconfort (this ch3m was almost like shrooms at times), lasting up to half a day 10-12h with doses ranging around 150-250ug, never wanted to try more or it. ->LSZ.

Can't speek about Eth-LAD, as I only tried half a tab ( I can take relatively "high" dosage, I used to consume they quit a lot, maybe a bit to much haha..
The time I tried it I was using other drugs, mostly hard downers..

Aller good, take care
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