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1P-ETH-LAD 'The happy overdose'
1P-ETH-LAD 3rd trial
Was planning of taking it outside for Mrs Xochs birthday trip but she hadn’t tried it at all (and went for 100ug) so took it at home – thank god we didn’t go out since it turned out to be an accidental “overdose” due to my poor blotter laying skills…
Took roughly what I thought was 160ug. The ETH-mouth starts soon and by one hour feeling a heaviness and my heart seems to pound slightly. We go upstairs to bed; it feels quite nice to stroke Mrs Xoch’s back and I’m fairly away with it with eyes closed. I am feeling a good deal body-wise but am just relaxing, having been here before.
It’s now crashing along; I feel sick and spangled and just trying to keep still and ride out the illness; with eyes closed I have the visual effect of the thin film interference you get with oil on water. Then there is brilliant white light and I keep checking my eyes haven’t fallen open but the argent blaze is inside. My mind and body are being pounded and there is an occasional element of existential concern; at some point I lay there looking at my arm laid out beside me displaying oddly square repeating patterning and feeling a roaring euphoria and amazement, I think ‘my goodness this might even be superior to LSD!’
Another load of heaviness hits and I vomit. It’s hitting harder and harder – far stronger than it should. I also feel very hot; I jump in a shallow bath; quickly this quells my dis-ease a little as I try to calculate what the limits of my overdose might be. At this point I am caught betwixt slight concern and getting ready should I lose contact with the surroundings altogether, and for this period I can’t really put any linear chain of events together and my notes go into disarray. I run about a bit, naked, trying to set myself up in the spare room before things go any more haywire. The scene is confusing to look at – the room closes in or space seems to compress and vision darkens. It’s probably not the most visual compound but now everything is overlaid with the odd quality of this drug; things are just a confused network and hard to make out in terms of their normal order. Eyes closed I whirl into some ego loss, bright light and poly-hued abstractions and then into a 2 dimensional wave structure like a crazy electric marble cake in black and white. I stagger out for another puke. I yoyo between barely knowing what’s going on, slight worry and a sort of good humoured totally functional rationality whenever I need to. I keep thinking if I can make it through another fifteen minutes I might be past the worst. What I am experiencing is at the same time amazing and non-ordinary even for psychedelics; the nature of the visuals is something new. It seems so strong but I can be pretty level headed and can pull the room together; it looks every shade on a display of Dulux paint sample cards; that quality of tone. Out to the toilet again, and in several powerful heaves disembogue my stomach contents to bilious completion; it’s like an Ayahuasca purge in domestic colour schemes. I lay back down – there are a few scribbles of notes but I have lost track and a lot of detail and can’t piece together half of what’s happened or the order of my memories of the past 30-60 minutes. Each vomit affords some relief and now it has possibly abated slightly I try to take in what has happened and what is happening.  As mentioned before there is a “squareness” where one would normally expect a more arabesque lean and I am thinking it has a very modern, Japanese, kind of aesthetic.  Also instead of wholesale fractals there seems to be overlaying micromeshes of activity on a very small level. There is a very fine, high speed, shimmy-shake, redolent of insect or butterfly wings and its all so delicate and full of fairy like magick. Things seem to shimmer and then shatter with these fine odd pixel points jiggering off in different directions with delicious preternatural grace and aliveness.
I kneel before the bog and start heaving and puke again. Thought it had levelled off but back down a wave hits and the overall feeling changes to something darker. The thin shaking gauze visual effect starts up again. I feel totally exhausted. It is uncomfortable with mildly foreboding imagery and sensation, which doesn't bother me too much; I just want some let up in the proceedings, since times been at near standstill throughout the onslaught.
About four and a half hours after ingestion we start to chat; Mrs Xoch’s experience has been extraordinarily bizarre and continues so; I am worried whether she is okay at one point.  I throw up heavily one last time (it’s been perhaps 6-7 rounds) but within half an hour we are chatting and giggling. I also wander out into the garden to study the hornets buzzing about. There’s a wiggly feeling and I still feel pretty gone but soon begin to get back to some degree, feeling more with it and less ill by around 6 hours. Go for a walk – Mrs Xoch somewhat paranoid and less integrated. There is an incredible poisonous yellow cloud overhead as we head home. I start on dinner and mull the day over. There had been doubts; It had felt like the last time I wanted to trip for a good while whilst in it but then seemed very good in retrospect.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
That's a cracking read. Bualadh Bos (Round of applause), Xoch
How much over do you feel you dosed the blotters?
All the other trips were at 150ug odd so I don’t really have any comparison other than this was certainly twice as strong but if that mean twice the dose I have no idea - it’s quite possible not - that would seem a lot to be out by and it’s likely strength isn’t linear. if I was happy to guess the amount I might have but I am not comfortable to do so. I am not sure what purpose guessing would serve since people are buying ready made  blotters, maybe more or less sensitive and should be using some caution in upping the dose. I experimented at fair bit before laying the blotters and tried to be logical but by hand on a small scale defeats logic on several fronts (droplet size/rate of soak/rounds needed/steadiness of hand)and further physical chracteristics of drying ment I wasn’t at all happy with the procedure. The implied extra 10ug was 1/5 of 1/3 of a blotter with nail scissors - not accurate in its self; I should have gone +/-50ug per blot not +/-150 although this added other complications and recalculations - I had concerns about leaving the material in solution but that is really the way to go
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

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