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1P-ETH-LAD 2nd trial 200ug (old report)
Quote:Subject: male, 30s

Experience: not hugely experienced with psychedelics. Have previously sampled 1P-­LSD at 
50mcg and at 150mcg, 1P­-ETH-­LAD at 100ug. It is understood that the dose / response curve is steep; there are no set expectations but the chance of more than I bargained for is a known and accepted risk. 
Set: Good. Despite a variable few days, I’m in a positive mindset where I am quite looking forward to trying out 1P­-ETH-­LAD properly and determining whether I shall want any more of it. This also inclines my decision towards going for a decisive 200ug; reports on 150ug doses have varied from ‘too much’ to ‘not enough’; my view on 100ug suggests I might well be in the latter category.  
Setting: at home, alone, late night, little or nothing to do tomorrow 
Other substances and cautionary notes: 
T­-30h Flubromazepam had been used somewhat over 24h ago. Whilst no obvious impairment remains, 
and no great interactions are expected, I (somewhat unusually) will still have a fairly potent anxiolytic dose 
of flubromazepam floating around in my system. Use of benzodiazepenes while tripping (or vice versa) is 
not something that I have generally seen fit to do by intention; it just falls that way.
T­-2h A light meal (in the form of a ham and cheese panini).  
0425h 2 x 100ug blotters sublingually. I go to brew tea. 
0450h Tea is slowly consumed, blotters remaining put. Little is yet happening. 
0500h First signs of (mild) visual / perceptual disturbances, agreeable if perhaps hard to quantify. Pleasant, 
so far. Blotter is chewed up but becomes annoying sublingually so what remains is placed intrabuccally. 
Less nausea is (as of yet) experienced than previously, though there are slight hints, mitigated adequately 
by tea and cannabis. 
0510h Clear signs of mild perceptual distortions, along with feelings of bodily weirdness (nothing abnormal). 
Feelings of nausea increase, partially mitigated by cannabis. A fit of coughing provokes momentary 
retching, but this fails to proceed to anything serious, and feelings of nausea are ultimately reduced.  
0515h Clear trippiness is coming in hard and fast now, with mild body load (I suspect that absent residual 
flubromazepam, I might not find this so mild) and a mild increase in body temperature. Much as with 150ug 
of 1P­-LSD the psychedelic effects are beginning to win over awareness of minor physical weirdness. 
Colour perception is enhanced, mild OEVs. Still uncertain about any gastric upset or lack of it; not entirely 
out of the woods, but not sure either that it is inevitable. Remainder of blotters chewed to destruction and 
removed, the absorption of the active compounds being beyond debate. 
0530h Subjectively, this is more effective than 150mcg of 1P-­LSD, I want to lie down and enjoy it mainly. It 
doesn’t feel as tense, whether that’s the drug or the user I’m not sure. Possibility of vomiting is not yet 
exhaustively ruled in or out, which (on prior history) soon it should be. Psychedelica is in full evidence, 
visuals of all sorts, as is some loss of motor coordination / control. Some gastrointestinal discomfort 
persists. No nausea or vomiting ensues. 
0545h This is a whole new level.... bed? toilet? fuck knows?   
0550h Looking to go to bed, maybe. 
0807h Describe what went in between, ok and yet not ok and yet beauteous. 
[Not sure I can, actually. Much tossing and turning, some visuals [my vocabulary, memory and discernment 
are lacking, some bodily discomfort but nothing off putting.] 
0810h Ability to make tea, roll, visuals are fucking amazing! 
[Further notes were not kept. Mea culpa. Too busy ‘tripping balls’, perhaps for the first time in my life. The 
final verdict was that price per blotter be damned, repeat purchase is indicated. Can’t put a price on that. ] 

So, that was the one that sold me on 1P-ETH-LAD, both figuratively in the sense that it blew previous experiences out of the water and me with it, and literally in that I saw fit to buy some more of it in short order.

More recently, 200ug was consumed to extremely pleasant (but not utterly overwhelming) effect; that was in the presence of likely partial tolerance from some 2C-B-FLY about 12 hours before, under which circumstances it remained pleasantly euphoric and visual, but was not (as one might expect) the complete broadside described above. Neither was it a waste of material by any means. For a second time, any nausea was minimal and largely mitigated by cannabis, with no throwing up involved, so despite having experienced substantial nausea and vomiting at 100ug, this has twice not been reproduced at 200ug, and on balance, I would describe 200ug of 1P-ETH-LAD as producing some the most rewarding of the (handful of) psychedelic experiences I have had and possibly as a current personal favourite.

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