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Put this in the wrong part of the forum, so relocating here.

First couple of experiences with Al-lad didn't go as well as expected.

I'm fairly experienced with psychedelics from my younger years. Not so much in recent times. Life gets in the way of inner space exploration, but every now and then the right opportunity will present itself. I don't touch anything illegal anymore. I don't even smoke cannabis (or tobacco for that matter). Hence this Al-lad seemed lovely.

My only flirtation with the psychedelic realms these days are yearly visits to ayahuasca ceremonies strictly in countries where Ayahuasca is not controlled. Of all psychedelic substances, Ayahuasca is by far my favourite in terms of personal healing and spiritual development. 

Ayahuasca is certainly the least appealing from a recreational standpoint, however can heal many an ailment both physically and mentally if taken under the right guidance with an experienced shaman. 

That being said, my personal favourites from a recreational perspective have always been a tie between LSD and mescaline (prefer LSD simply because it didn't involve drinking a pint of putrid cactus sludge), closely followed by Hawaiian mushies. Lovely stuff. 

As such, hearing about this Al-lad really excited me. A legal lysergamide said to mimic the effects of LSD only with shorter duration, no sinister push and a glowing recommendation from Alexander Shulgin? (Al's the lad right ;-), so where do I sign up? 

So ordered a few tabs from lizard labs, incredibly impressed by the fast delivery and feeling like a kid at Christmas with a long-awaited new toy sitting in his stocking. 

So the weekend before last, completely without warning, an unexpected moment of temporary liberation from my family responsibilities came to pass. Unfortunately I used the opportunity to knock back several glasses of red wind before stupidly deciding to consume 150ug of Al-lad.

In hindsight taking the Al-lad wasn't the stupid part, the dodgy Indian takeaway followed by copious levels of red wine were. We live and learn.

Dosed at 11:00pm, fell fast asleep by 11:45pm and awoke at around 2:30am with the worst nausea I've had in years. After an almighty purge that left my face looking as though it had been dragged across dry tarmac, I actually felt pretty good. 

Definite feeling of LSD, quite similar to the first time I ever tried it, but without the visuals (which is a shame). Highly euphoric feeling, mood enhanced and strong erotic elements. 

Music sounded great, body felt fantastic but no visuals at all leaving aside a few glimpses on the comedown, but only the sort of visuals one may normally experience between a half awake-half dream state, no fractals etc.

Woke up feeling great with a nice afterglow. Listening to Snatam Kaur's "liberation's door" was incredible. Slightly miffed at myself for drinking so much and wondered if I had slept entirely through the visual element. I was keen to try again.

Fast forward to this weekend, I had the house to myself, cleaned it from top to bottom, ate a light meal, lit some candles, burned some incense, turned on the lava lamp, set up a 6 hour music playlist, kept the guitar and other trip toys within reach and was all set for a lovely evening. 

Dosed at 11:30pm. 150ug, felt effects within 20 minutes of consuming. Very nice mood enhancer, gave a lovely feeling of warmth, euphoria and a slight erotic feeling to it, but not really psychedelic. 

It was like being stuck in a comeup on the edge of a psychedelic effect, but not quite there. Like paddling in the waves but never actually riding them. I enjoyed the feeling but really wanted more, contemplated taking another tab but decided to err on the side of caution and wait a little longer. I eventually fell asleep around 4:00am.

Quite disappointed really, I should have tried 2, don't know when I'll next have the opportunity to try again but it won't be anytime soon. 

I wonder if there is a tolerance from last week, or perhaps maybe uneven laying of tabs, degradation issues perhaps? (although the tabs are fairly well kept, no light, moisture or excessive heat besides the usual central heating for the winter months).

I really don't know what went wrong. According to most reports, 150ug is enough to create full blown psychedelia. It wasn't an unpleasant experience by far but still far from what I expected. Some have suggested that this batch of Al-lad is weaker than the last, any verification on this at all?

I want those beautiful LSD fractals, the moments of deep insight, ego loss, spiritual rebirth, out of body experiences etc. Moments of telepathy, connection to the universe and those strange synchronistic "coincidences" that lead to incredible real-life experiences.

The last time I took actual acid was a few years ago, and wow, it was like the universe specifically planned for it to happen. The timing was perfect. Several of us were sitting around a fire at a rainbow gathering, singing, sharing stories etc, creating a unique moment that has deeply imprinted itself into all of our minds. 

Then the heavens opened up and we were treated to a glorious meteor shower the likes of which I had never before nor have never since seen. 

Two meteors collided creating a cosmic fireworks display in the sky. It was so incredible that I had to check with the non-trippers in the group to confirm this was actually happening! Even those not tripping agreed it was one of the most magical nights of their lives. The timing was immaculately perfect. Oh what a night ;-)  

Another time years before this occasion I took 3 drops of proper acid and became so lost in deep, beautiful fractals that I completely lost body awareness and became totally immersed in a world of stunningly beautiful fractal geometry.

I eventually discovered that these fractals were merely a distraction. Once I realised this, my mind began to unlock the fractals allowing me to move through to deeper and deeper realms, until the fractals completely disappeared and I entered what I can only describe as the spirit realm. 

I now firmly believe these fractals are doorways to other dimensions. If you do not give into astonishment and do not allow the fractals to distract you, you can open them up and move through them like a doorway.

I became a point of awareness floating in a strange but very familiar world, somewhat reminiscent of our own but entirely different at the same time. I was able to see with what some term "spherical vision", in that I could see in every direction at once, up, down, left, right and every other angle in between. It is practically impossible to describe but was one of the most profoundly beautiful experiences of my life.

These are the sort of experiences I seek from psychedelic indulgence. Even the terrorising trips I would never want to go through again have all served to educate me in some way or another. 

This Al-lad induced a lovely feeling, but nothing profound or highly significant. 

Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect a deep visionary state with one tab, but just 100ug of LSD will induce beautiful fractals for me every time.

These were just not present with Al-lad and I do wonder why considering most reports state clearer visions than Lucy. 

Has left me feeling somewhat doubtful regarding even measures, could one tab have only 50ug on it whereas the one next to it may have 250ug? If so it would make accurate dosing somewhat difficult.

Not sure about Al-lad at present, but definitely has potential. It certainly made me feel good, but wasn't mind blowing at this level. I will try 300ug next time, but lord knows when that will be.

Oh Lucy how I do miss you, sigh...

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