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12.5mg 2C-B-FLY
As a first try run at this substance, I had surveyed the prior reports and elected to come in at one and a quarter pellets (10mg each, 12.5mg total). 10mg seemed to produce some effects in some people, but seemed to come with significant chance of only threshold effects. The next logical step was to add an extra quarter pellet, the smallest division I could reasonably make.

T: 00:00 to 00:30 (12 noon)
 I take then initial 5mg dose with water. Feel pretty good, not had breakfast. The pellet tastes terrible, bitter and acrid, and I wash it town with some green tea with honey. At T:00:15, I take 2.5mg, and finally at T:00:30 down the final 5mg. Then I sit back, and wait for the effects to come on.

I keep yawning, almost compulsively at this stage; whilst yawning is not an uncommon alert for me, this much is a little excessive. I confer in the chatbox with magick, who dropped 14mg at the same time I took my first dose, and they confirm they are getting alerts at this stage too, also yawning.

Some CEVs are present but not OEVs. CEVs are more fantasy images than geometric patterns, architecture, faces, and people. Nothing really meaningful comes up, just kind of playing around. There’s a tingling in the skin, but it isn’t overwhelming as some other 2C compounds.

This is all very benign and, though it lacks the sparkle of a good dose of 2C-B, it is a very comfortable experience. Perhaps this lack of sparkle is due to a low dose, but my compatriot on the higher dose seemed to be having the same kind of complaints without the comfort, due to increased body load. Minor tracers at this point, and pupil dilation is only now obvious. This stuff comes on slowly, and at this point I have still not reached the peak.

This stuff builds slowly, layer on layer, subtly. It’s very nice, at this dose maybe equivalent to 16-18mg of 2C-B supporting a 2/3rds dose equivalency. And hence I think 15mg would be a good next stop. I must admit, I was initially not greatly pleased with the way it was developing, but it’s becoming more and more apparent this is just a slow builder psychedelically, and it has a long come-up which is irritating and not massively comfortable.

Visual changes are minor but present with medium tracing and colour distortions, especially present when looking at my computer monitor to talk to people. Feel cold, yet objectively I’m warm. Maybe even a little flushed. Such it is with phenethylamines, I find. Body temperature holds pretty normal, but the perception of temperature is all over the place.
Still, I feel very good humoured. I could feel very at home with a few close friends on this dose, even if they were sober, or even if they were drinking. It has that kind of warm natured feeling to it.
This dose of 2C-B-FLY would not be a good idea for the inexperienced or as a first trip. Unlike with low doses of some psychedelics, the euphoria isn’t as apparent, the visuals and headspace are less overtly psychedelic and the come-up is long and irritating both physically and mentally. But for me, it’s quite nice, like a cup of green tea. Subtle but complicated, if you know what you’re looking at.

The opposite of my experience of 1P-ETH-LAD, instead of getting lost inside my own head, I get absorbed so completely in small things I’m doing that I forget to take any notes. It’s almost like a mild stimulant; it rewards focus and absorbance in a task with mild euphoric pay off.

The plateau of this drug is long, I’m objectively at about the level I was at T:02:30 and show no signs of really dropping off yet. That said, the high is not intense, but the visual distortions are still present along with the entactogenic mental and body high, including the tingling shivers through the skin.

By this point I am coming down, finally. The visuals have for the most part faded, but the skin is still sensitised. The euphoria and the mild mental stimulation too have faded. I feel hungry enough to eat, and have a full meal having not eaten for the best part of 24 hours. This said, I had not felt hungry before this point.

This dose was a fairly good proxy for a low dose of 2C-B, but with a drawn out chronology, with a much longer come up, plateau and come-down. It fades in and out rather than coming up sharply at any point. It builds up, layer upon layer, until you realise you’ve reached the peak and have levelled out. And then, it fades back out, just as slowly, layers falling away one by one. Even after I felt I was back at baseline, it wasn’t until T:12:00 that I could get to sleep. There was residual stimulation.
This dose was however, worth taking, a very good museum dose. At higher doses, I hope to find a true psychedelic domain for this substance. However, it seems possible that via the oral route, this may lead to significant GI upset, so insufflation may be the final solution to getting the best out of this substance, despite the likely pain this will involve.
Medicinal chemistry student, psychedelic explorer and collector of psychoactive substances ancient to novel.
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