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10 Things You Might Do While High On Bath Salts
This may become an occurrence...

damn that guy has some great moves

the only real experience i have lived to completely regret is 'coming round' after a night on the salts in the North Peckham estate [somewhat notorious for those who don't know..in a crack house..and standing by the door was a guy with a gun with some crackwhore hanging off his cock. He didn't see to bothered...I made my way out of there pretty damm fast. That was completely intense and the only real time I have got myself in potential shit on drugs.
???????? ? Can I help you at all ?

or to put the above into context...it's something you might not like to try on bath salts..
???????? ? Can I help you at all ?

A thing I like to do, instinctively it seems is wildly hallucinate means by which literally any experience can be quite easily be viewed from a different or counter perspective. Sounds to me that you must have run out of cash as you were ready to leave, but you scored yourself a free dose of adrenaline on your way out the door, top form.
All comprehension is temporary, understand nothing, try to understand everything.
Well, my actual memory is being there is about 5 minutes. Snapping out of whatever it was I had been on the night before...then pure terror. I still had plenty of cash..:)
???????? ? Can I help you at all ?


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